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  1. Hey guys if you awnt to see me playing mostly wildstar pvp but can be anything check my stream at http://www.twitch.tv/starbucktopgun .
  2. just poke me on ts i will get online
  3. may the fourth be with you

  4. TA Headquarters At the pic Cal, Gloin, Starbuck, Zwa, Innocence
  5. ARE YOU READY !!! after a long week of vote about what mmo we want to play how we want to do at etc we are in SWTOR Server: Harbinger NA Side: empire Star Wars Day is an unofficial secular holiday in May which celebrates the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas. in 24h we are lunching the TA guild in star wars the old repablic and in the best day to do so . why ? STAR WARS DAY !!!! X12 XP BOOST for every class mission that you complete you get 12 time the xp, (under 24h to cap a toon ) you think that epic ?? you also get a spical pet that never was at the shop and even better we are there for some sweet event that will kick in at 20:00 utc . so what you need to do ? download SWTOR , sub if you like to get the x12 boost , level up to level 10 and be ready for the fun what we going to do ?? Guild first pic Datacron hunt 1st world boss Maybe some pvp just to kick some fun . see you at Star Wars day Starbuck
  6. 22 i agree but we will lose some of are main players if we will . and in swtor you can do open world pvp in pve servers like tatooine .
  7. i know that everyone waiting to know if they can carrie ship on there ships so there you go
  8. this is a cinematic work form the dude the do the facial rigs for sc
  9. The Sith Inquisitor Sinister, Deceptive, Prodigy of Force Power Class Video: The Sith Inquisitor offical page: http://www.swtor.com/holonet/classes/sith-inquisitor assassin & sorcerer guides: assassin: Hatred Assassin DD Guide: http://dulfy.net/2014/12/25/swtor-3-0-hatred-assassin-dps-guide-by-aelanis/Deception Assassin DD Guide: http://dulfy.net/2014/12/23/swtor-3-0-deception-assassin-dps-guide-by-evolixe/ Darkness Assassin Tanking Guide: http://dulfy.net/2015/01/19/swtor-3-0-darkness-assassin-tanking-guide-by-aelanis/ sorcerer: Lightning Sorcerer DD Guide: http://dulfy.net/2014/12/18/swtor-3-0-lightning-sorcerer-dps-guide-by-ktap/ Madness Sorcerer DD Guide: http://dulfy.net/2015/01/06/swtor-3-0-madness-sorcerer-guide-by-milas/Corruption Sorcerer Healing Guide: http://dulfy.net/2015/01/05/swtor-3-0-corruption-sorcerer-healing-guide-by-orderken/ See you at the verse Starbuck
  10. The Imperial Agent Assassin, Saboteur, the Empire’s Secret WeaponClass Video: The Imperial Agent offical page:http://www.swtor.com/holonet/classes/imperial-agent Operative & Sniper guides: Operative: Pve DD guide:http://dulfy.net/2015/01/10/swtor-3-0-operative-dps-guide-raulos-2/ Pve Healer guide:http://dulfy.net/2015/02/02/swtor-3-0-operative-medicine-healing-guide-by-orderken/ Sniper: Engineering DD Guide:http://dulfy.net/2014/12/28/swtor-3-0-engineering-sniper-dps-guide-by-camel/ Virulence DD Guide:http://dulfy.net/2015/01/09/swtor-3-0-virulence-sniper-dps-guide-by-yolo/ Marksmanship DD Guide:http://dulfy.net/2014/12/21/swtor-3-0-marksmanship-sniper-guide-by-shulk/ See you at the verse Starbuck
  11. The Sith WarriorUltimately, the destiny of any Sith Warrior is his own to choose… and woe to those who would stand in his way. Class Video: The Sith Warrior offical page: http://www.swtor.com/holonet/classes/sith-warrior juggernaut & marauder guides : juggernaut Pve Tank guide: http://dulfy.net/2014/12/11/swtor-3-0-immortal-juggernaut-tanking-guide-by-artorias/ Pve DD guide: http://dulfy.net/2014/01/20/swtor-vengeance-and-rage-juggernaut-dps-class-guide/ marauder Annihilation DD Guide: http://dulfy.net/2015/01/23/swtor-3-0-annihilation-marauder-guide-by-stippling/ Carnage DD Guide: http://dulfy.net/2014/12/28/swtor-3-0-carnage-marauder-dps-guide-by-aria/ See you at the verse Starbuck
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