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  1. Yeah rumour mill has this one as a ground vehicle (not like a hoverbike or anything, but a tracked/wheeled vehicle - WOOP!) with variants ranging from basic cargo, to S&R, research, and even combat. Only a week to go!
  2. Well they did say that the BMM was underpriced and that it would be getting a price increase next time more information was released. Now that we have WIP concepts of the ship, it looks like there's some good progress being made, so it seems reasonable to up the price. I imagine that when it goes flight ready it'll be $400, given the fact that it's a fucking monster AND an alien ship. Also it's now enormous so yeah.
  3. I'm getting one just because I fucking love the visuals. Don't care if it flies like cr*p. Banu fanboi fo lyf.
  4. For BritizenCon? I can't do this weekend because I'm getting my car fixed. Again haha.
  5. It's this weekend? D'aww I always forget this kinda s**t. I'm gonna try and get my hands on Gamescom tickets and hit that up for a long weekend instead. Or CitizenCon. Gotta put my GCSE German to use.
  6. Isn't the Nox the codename for the Xi'An capital ship? If so... RAMP UP THOSE FRYERS BECAUSE I'M CRAVIN' SOME CRABBY PATTIES BOIIIIIIIII However, another Sabre seems odd.
  7. So in a surprisingly quick turnaround, CIG have released the long-awaited Alpha 3.0 Schedule. The schedule (and accompanying video) goes into detail regarding how they approach internal timelines, and gives a great amount of insight into the world of CIG's many studios. Perhaps most surprisingly, Alpha 3.0 appears to be more akin to the rumoured Alpha 2.7, as the promised MicroTech, Hurston, and Crusader landing areas will not be in the initial 3.0 release (these instead coming in 3.2, estimated for between Q4 this year and Q2 next year). This is due to Behaviour (the company tasked with creating the landing zones) has had to re-task its workforce to another project of their own making. On the downside, this means no planets in 3.0. On the upside, it means we're likely to get far more detailed versions if developed internally by CIG. Ultimately, for me, the overall schedule does three things to disappoint: 1) The Reclaimer, which appeared to be nearing completion, is anticipated to arrive in several months. 2) The Banu Merchantman and Anvil Carrack are not likely to be complete until Q1 2018. 3) There is no mention of mining in the schedule for 3.0 - although the MISC Prospector is noted as being targeted in 3.0.
  8. Move over, Titan X. There's a new king in town. With a higher clock speed than the Titan X, and 11GB of rather rapid VRAM, the 1080 Ti proves to be the best Ti card ever made - as if that wasn't already immediately obvious. Boasting a claimed 35% performance increase over the standard 1080, at just £699 ($699 pre-tax), the 1080 Ti seems like a dream card for anyone looking to upgrade. Plus, with a TDP of just 250W, gamers can look forward to some seriously meaty performance from a reasonable low power draw. Say hello to the new top dog.
  9. Get hyped lads, get hyped. https://twitter.com/NVIDIAGeForce/status/728222996138168320 With the GTX "1080" having 3D Mark scores leaked, the reference card is slightly more powerful than an SC 980 Ti. Imagine what a non-reference, SC "1080" will achieve. The event is rumoured to cover the unveiling of the GTX 980 and 970 successors. Can Pascal live up to the hype? Tune in on Friday to find out.
  10. Originally had little interest in mining as a profession, but with procedurally generated planets and a rumour that we'll see voxel-based mining, I couldn't resist. Love the idea of just chilling out on the surface of a barren rock world, listening to my tunes, and sipping on a cider. Taking a break from the shooting and scooting that comes with being a fighter pilot.
  11. CCU it into a free Merchantman, Redeemer or Blade
  12. This came as a real surprise last night. Flew the Karthu for a bit, seems to be missing sound effects but it's cool as s**t when it transforms. Haven't managed to see the Starfarer yet as I have the Gemini and there's a problem getting the base to load for Gemini owners, should be resolved Monday.
  13. Yah, they said in RtV 84 that the concepts for it had come in. I'm assuming that means it's concept ready.
  14. It won't be the Polaris as two weeks ago it hadn't even been assigned a concept team. The process takes longer than two weeks, so count it out. From the hints dropped by Lando, and the discussions in previous RtVs, I'd wager a substantial amount of money on the ship being the new small mining ship. That, or something else entirely.
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