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  1. Hey Bambooza! Good to see you're curious about other Divisions. Personally on the Military side, we're planning on having a very fluid membership. If you're curious about it, we're having a military meeting tomorrow at 11am (-6 gmt) and we're able to answer any questions. If you can't make it I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have if you catch me on TS.
  2. I hope you all can whistle the mining song from Snow White!
  3. Hey guys, A few of you have been interested in Ark lately and I just wanted to mention that I've been playing on the Scorched Earth map on PvE Official 801 if anyone wants to join me. It does require the DLC but it's a challenging and fun map. ^^
  4. Hoo boy. That is a lot of hate and crusading coming out of that guy. Really, $250 isn't much to loose your mind over so he must have some axe to grind.
  5. Just a quick thought that came to me this afternoon: Do you guys think it'll be possible to stow away on a ship in the universe? The smaller ships wouldn't be likely but say on the Javelin, Idris, or Reclaimer.
  6. The Connie has more versatility for a wide span of situations while the Redeemer has much more combat situation versatility. It comes down to where you want to be focused. If combat isn't your bigger focus I'd stay with the Connie.
  7. Sure! Hit me up with an invite too. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tac/
  8. Jack

    Arma 2

    I've been looking to get back into Day Z for a while now and wouldn't mind teaming up with any of the Org's players.
  9. I think Malogos has it right. The ghost would be used when you don't want any hostile targets knowing you're scouting them. The Tracker on the other hand would be used when it's impractical to mask your presence or you just want people to know you're looking for them.
  10. I bet that's what happens five seconds after the camera cuts out. :p
  11. Personally I don't mind having something like showering or eating being in the game, as long as Roberts is right and they keep it to small impacts. I mean, come on, the shower is right there in nearly every ship. Heck, I'd probably shower every once and a while in game just for the novelty of it. (The previous statement does not in any way reflect the views of the author towards showering in real life.)
  12. Anyone pick this game up? It just hit the steam store today.
  13. Hey, not sure if this is the place for it but I've been wanting to pick up a HOTAS for arena commander but I'm not sure which to go for or even if I should wait for the official Star Citizen version. Any ideas?
  14. No no no, the question is: Do you WANT to fly a kick ass desperate attack mission to blow up a moon-like space station?
  15. Very nicely done on the survey, it even pointed out some things that I wasn't aware of myself. Best part about it though was how many people put 'Meat Popsicle' as a response to the Male/Female question. ;)
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