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  1. Definitely need to start hopping onto TS more, and of course testing out new SC patches. Just as soon as finish passing these darn CPA exams . Looking forward to being a crewmate on a warship or doing huge trade runs with the group!
  2. Welcome Chimaera can't wait to see you in the verse!
  3. Is there anyone else who has bought Civ5 and would like to occasionally do some mutliplayer battles either against computer or teams of real players against another real player team? I have played with me cousin and we both enjoy playing team battles.
  4. Note to self, if u need to cripple a much better ship just fly into it at high speeds. If this actually works might be good for a org defense or attack. People can cripple the enemy ships.
  5. Only thing I have to say besides it looks amazing, is that the music was on POINT!
  6. Probably Skyrim and Mass Effect series(1,2 and 3). not sure exact hours but been playing both for about 5 years
  7. This was very well done! It's going to be tough to beat them especially alone. I'd say always take at least 3 ships with you do this doesn't happen even then it would be tough not to lose at least one ship
  8. I am still in high school but I am studying to become a data analyst. Basically that means I am really good at taking a lot of data organizing it and finding trends. I think this is useful against other orgs because I can track their patterns and see how they operate. It is also very useful in industry to find how prices are changing and what we should plan for. Other then that I have a some skill in planning and carrying out raids and organized attacks
  9. Sign me up this is really cool of you thank you :-D
  10. Okay thx for the help guys and I checked out what you said Venn and that is not the issue there is no GPU that I can see but I would not of thought of that as a possibility. I am just going to need a new computer so my dad can have his back. Do you guys have some links or suggestions on what I need to buy whether its buying a gaming computer already built or starting one from scratch? My budget is not huge but I am looking for a job currently(finished with marching season and tutoring kids so I have the time to get a job) so the cheaper the better but I want to be able to run SC at a decent
  11. I have Intel® HD Graphics according to my Device Manager. So do I need Nvidia or AMD to run SC?
  12. Intel® Pentium® CPU G2030T @ 2.6Hz; two of those Is this the information u guys need to help me?
  13. Yes I have a 64bit operating system and how do I see my gfx card?
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