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  1. Ship needed for friend and me!

    Greeting's DutchKhaos. from a fellow return-ee
  2. Voice attack

    I will speak to him later, thanks Tac.
  3. Whats your Star Citizen number?

    # 279655
  4. UK Parliament and Westminster Bridge

    We are all good here pal-thanks for your concern but the knife wielding maniac failed to kill any terrorist's. ^^ We beat the Roman's, the Norman's, the Saxon's, the German's and Blair, tough as old boots we are
  5. getting back into it

    Heartfelt condolences friend. Very sad.
  6. What every doing at 7am?

    Or finish ;p
  7. New Beasty Flashy Digital Storm Rig

    And to pour salt on the wound, I've been about the rumour mill & wait for it..............2060's, 2070's & 2080's supposedly shipping before the end of the year ^^ Go figure
  8. My new setup

    Very nice indeed.
  9. Voice attack

    Anyone planning or presently using voice attack?.., and if so what voice pack do you use or recommend-what I don't want to use is any well known voices for example Kirk or Picard. I only plan to use whilst flying anyway.
  10. It is downloading the AC now!!

    PLEASE WAIT....................................................Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr "Fixed, just restart client"
  11. TNGS - 4 Horsemen

    I really hope this guy wins, the design is awesome, the way she sits when on the ground and her silhouette from all angle is pleasing to the eye even the (nut-cracker, plier, serrated scissors) engine's, I think they are rather unique and as for colour (how dare you tell me colour is spelt wrong you dumb-ass pc) variant the white is super cool but would I buy this ship, well it certainly fulfills its intended roll quite adequately by the look's at least.........probably. As for the interior, well that's miles ahead of any thing we've seen so far I mean c,mon have you looked down the inside of you're connie lately, some might say clean line's other's may say she look's a little...............................bland("sorry baby, you know I love you" ).
  12. OMFG, you sir have just gone straight to the top of my Christmas card list, I never even knew a program like this existed, paired up with the oculus rift this is going to put a whole new level of immersion into the game for me at least but tell me does it also work fine running ts3 in the background without conflict?
  13. The road so far!

    Another awesome find for the H.E............................mucho kudos............. 8-)
  14. Top DFM

    Thanks H.E, that was pure awesome sauce.
  15. Childhood cartoons

    Crickey, some memories there matey But lets not forget X-men Ulysses and of course my personal favorite Ren and stimpy that was one f***ed up cartoon.

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