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  1. ​Venn is correct - your Representative (in this case, Deathrises) will be your greatest advocate. It's the easiest and cleanest way to condense PACT's combined 6,000+ players. Once private forums are added to RSI, you'll be able to meet and converse with other PACT members across all eleven of our member organizations. This is a very exciting time for us - as Star Citizen continues to take shape, more and more features of PACT will also come online.
  2. Thank you very much, gentlemen, for the warm welcome!
  3. I've had an account here for a couple months, but I've neglected to introduce myself! I apologize for the walls of text, but as you'll see us SUN folk love to write! The Systems United Navy I currently serve as Vice Admiral, or global second-in-command, of the Systems United Navy (SUN). SUN was formed very early into the original Kickstarter campaign, and we've slowly grown from our initial 20 members to our current ~400 over the course of the past 2.5 years. It's been a wild ride, and I'm excited to see what the following years hold! SUN places a strong emphasis on organization and structure, as we have many members from the armed services in Australia, Europe and North America. This effort started with a document named the Operations Manual, or OPMAN, which was first written when our organization was founded and is regularly expanded and updated as we progress. The OPMAN is publicly available on our website, so if you're really interested in how SUN is structured then you're welcome to it. While the OPMAN details our philosophy and internal structure, it's been supplemented by several area-specific manuals - the combination of which resulted in the 154-page Consolidated Operations Codex that was recently featured on 10 for the Chairman. As an organization, SUN is a private military contractor. We do have smaller groups dedicated to exploration, trading, mining, etc. but they are all supplemental to our combat operations. We're also decidedly pro-UEE, being at the moment the highest form of 'order' in-game - sometimes this gives us a reputation of being "white knightish", but we value a strong sense of duty and honor in both our internal and external dealings. We plan on operating mostly on the fringes of 'lawful space', so we can tap into both the more lucrative areas in 'lawless space' while still having the capacity to help new players and others who prefer the safer areas. Personally, I champion our Capital Command operational division. I have a huge soft spot for capital ships and built this division more-or-less from the ground up. We have a really great corps of officers, and I can't wait to finally see my Idris in SC 2.0 - or whenever CIG decides to add it in! Powers Against Common Threats (PACT) It's also my honor to serve as the current Administrator for Powers Against Common Threats (PACT), of which your organization just became a Signatory. SUN is one of the four original Founding Signatories and I'm the longest-serving Representative on our governing Council (from its creation just over two years ago now). PACT is somewhat unique as an alliance, placing a strong emphasis on voluntarism - we believe strongly that you get more participation out of encouragement than enforcement. We attract organizations that want to work and fight alongside each other, and I'm very proud of our current group of Representatives - yourselves included! As Administrator, I have no added privileges compared to any other Representative, but I do have some added responsibilities. I host and maintain the PACT Website, schedule our meetings, take minutes for future reference, interview and introduce candidate organizations, and generally serve as the point of contact for any interest from the greater Star Citizen community. I can't say that it's a terribly easy job, but I enjoy doing what I can to help make PACT a wonderful place for its Signatories. If there's anyway I can be of use, or any questions that you may have that need answering, feel free to reach out. I'll do my best not to talk quite so much as I already have!
  4. I don't want to butt into your conversation, but I couldn't resist. If PACT mutates into a true "hard alliance" structure - permanently combining structures and assets under one large umbrella - SUN will be the first to leave. We place great value on maintaining our own autonomy, as do most (if not all) of the other Signatories. PACT is there for the times when we can't stand alone, and we're glad to stand with others in similar situations.
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