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    I can unbolt it.


    Dump that hunk of cr*p metal plate.

    Should PTU go live?

    I feel it is good, the improvements to the holotable alone are worth pushing it to live plus it seems stable even if there are still low frames at times.

    Around the Verse: Episode 2.13

    Thanks very much everyone. I was quite literally sitting on the couch after work with a coffee watching ATV... and BAM. My brain didn't even understand what was going on. So Awesome.

    Retaliator question

    You can always just melt the Tali, it sounds like you are going to have a ton of choices and may never have a reason to fly it. Would be a shame and a waste. You could transfer the credit to a friend who needs to buy a ship and get some money out of it.

    Retaliator question

    I love the fact that the Tali is strong in some aspects but that CIG has made it such that it is basically useless without a full crew. That is its best and worst thing. A Connie also needs a cull crew, but at least as a pilot, you have the ability to dish out some serious pain in the form of those 4x S4 Berings. It is the only thing that has stopped me from buying one.

    Freelancer vs Constellation view

    Its worse than a Greyhound bus or even an 18 Wheeler

    Freelancer vs Constellation view

    Only the Aquila breaks the trend of what I am about to post and it is specifically to make the view more "Pretty" for exploration. The front view will likely be common across the family of chassis. Like the hornet, mustang, and cutlass. This is not different, I can t see them making a special window just for the MIS..

    Alpha 2.0 Guide (Video)

    Nice Job Buzz. Super helpful and I linked it to some friends who are new backers to SC
  10. Just re spawn the ship and those bozos will get auto destructed.
  11. Everything looks really nice. I would like to say that unless you are (and even if you are) doing heavy loads with Photoshop or Adobe Premiere, That 32 Gb of ram is completely unnecessary. So far, SC1.3 will leave me 5.6 Gb Free and I am only running 16Gb. Why not install Windows 10 and get the use of DX12? Running Windows 7 on that seems a bit like buying a new Hyper sports car and putting 14" steel rims on it...
  12. The P52 is great fun, but I wan to see what it's bigger brother can do. Having 4xS1 vs 2xS1 and that ballistic.. Will be more effective after the Shield/Damage adjustment. Plus you cant run out of ammo between waves. I hope they are near the center of the fuselage and not easily shot off.

    What do you think about the Aegis Sabre?

    The 350's IR signature is probably going to be INSANE.

    What do you think about the Aegis Sabre?

    I believe that with the recent balance of shields and weapons (Time to Kill Extended) we will see ships that used to be really effective in combat such as the M50 and Gladius becoming decorations rather than totally effective as an escort. The Saber has Speed and Firepower.