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  1. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Gamescom 2947 Details
    Gamescom 2947 is almost here, and Star Citizen’s presence will be felt throughout. This year, we have another booth on the show floor where anyone interested can see and try the latest Star Citizen Alpha. In addition, some of our favorite community streamers will be on hand to share the game with everyone who can’t make it to Cologne, and conduct their own interviews with CIG developers live from the showfloor. That’s all leading up to the main event on Friday night, where Chris Roberts will share the latest on Star Citizen’s development (and as always a surprise or two) with a backer-only crowd! As usual, Chris’ presentation will be livestreamed, so whether you’re attending the event or following from home, you won't have to miss out on a thing. All the details you need are available in this post. We look forward to showing you what’s next!
    Read more on it here.
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  2. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Happy Hour Gamedev - Making Star Citizen's Lore
    Writers Dave Haddock and Will Weissbaum discuss the process of creating memorable stories and characters for the massive Star Citizen universe, asking viewers for advice in crafting some lore that could appear in an upcoming post. 
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  3. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Around the Verse - Making mobiGlas Matter
    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this episode, which explores the mobiGlas. Plus, we debut “Burndown,” a segment featuring various bugs and blockers affecting 3.0.
    90 issues must be fixed prior to release to non CIG testers and are categorized as blocker, critical, high, moderate and trivialQA loves it when new features come online so they can tell the developers that their babies are ugly and make them cryA bugged up example that was created by the implementation of rotating planets was waking up backwards and passing through the geometry of Olisar when spawnedThere are 10 pages of checklists that need to be covered by QA for the 3.0 releaseQA has several reviews a week due to time zones being a thing and while having tech design very handy in the UK their discussion is usually on an hourly basisQA finds ways through difficult testing and bugs to have amazing experiences togetherThere's still a lot of rough edges that need to be smoothed out, like boxy Rover wheelsOne QA specialist thinks that their newly bought Rover might actually be quite usedA ship bug is commonly troubleshooted by testing all the ships in the same manner to resolve whether it's the individual ship, the manufacturer or etc, and a note is attached for easy access and follow up by other testersThe falling animation seems to be a particularly heavy bug at the momentQA is a lot like omelette making as it requires scrambled eggsSometimes fixing issues creates others, but so far 12 have been resolvedCheck-ins or changelist into Perforce represents the work of devs in the Revision Control System with 1,892 just this week through the companyThe numbers are high due to continued use of the game dev branch for 3.0 which currently has 3,676 open items which should dwindle over the coming weeks
    A UI team feature that has been overhauled is the mobiGlas to be more akin to a desktop OSRender to Texture made this much easier without having the need for writing tons of bespoke code and allows it to be viewed across many different kinds of ingame displays whether 2D or 3D and in a more realistic mannerThe UI will be designed to match environmental archetypes such as clothing, architecture, technology and culture as an example 3D holograms will be in higher tech areas whereas 2D flat displays will be more akin to the lower tech onesThe mobiGlas, like today's smartphones, serve as the primary access for game mechanics, transactions and player communicationmobiGlas home screen widgets manage mission contracts, customize player loadouts, view maps, etcmobiGlas also serves to keep you informed of your character and environmental statusSince they redesigned the function of the mobiGlas they went ahead and revamped the model as well going with two different much smaller and thinner models (military and civilian) that work better with the multiple components of clothing and armor while still always being viewableJeremiah Lee illuminated the 3D concept easily and quickly for the mobiGlas model redesignedThe redesign took into account the modular aspect of Star Citizen with widgets being customizable to your specific functionality, personality and for blingA diegetically projected UI is used so that not just the player can see it, but others around can as well with a visual connection that promotes immersion (not to be confused with Dianetics)A diegetically projected UI is a boon for creating a VR capable game, but does cause a little loss in flexibility and control by the designers especially when changes are neededmobiGlas differs from traditional UI in that they tried to make it as diegetic as possible, make it look like a real object in the world and not just sitting on top of the game worldTried to stay to simple line art, shape language, basic colour schemes and compact information light layoutsThis takes the combination effort of not just the UI team but animation, audio, VFXAudio’s focus was not to break the immersion of the player so they created a soundscape whenever you bring the mobiGlas upThey wanted to give the player the feeling of using an actual electronic deviceYour character needs to be aware of the UI so it’s one of the reasons they opted to have the arm visible on screen as the connection between UI and characterStarmap will use the same display tech as radarThey’ve done more iteration on it for new effects and to make it more visually impressiveStarmap is first implementation of the world display system which allows them to preview different kinds of data from different kinds of sourcesBiggest code challenge has been trying to translate positional data of the worlds, get these big objects to fit into your small screenRevamp of mission manager which is now named the contract manager and manages all missions between mission givers and the PU as well as eventually player created missionsApp is split amongst a number of different screen flows: available contracts screen, pending screen, a screen that displays all contracts you’ve accepted, contract history screenLater down the line they’ll add a screen where you can create your own contracts and post it on available contracts boardsInventory manager will also be introduced where players can search using a specified filter or be sorted and searched amongst, this app will also allow you to transfer items from one cargo box to another or ship to ship as long as origin and destination are in same relative locationCourtesy of Relay
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  4. Akanoes added a post in a topic Around the Verse - Secondary Viewports   

    Keep in mind that people are already working on 3.1 and other ships, from what I understood this is the new way of doing things, not sure if it's until 3.0 goes live or if it's forever though.
  5. Akanoes added a post in a topic Around the Verse - Secondary Viewports   

    Makes me wonder if the number of subs are getting way low or if they just dont care about making good videos. They stopped making 10 for the Chairman and Reverse the 'Verse and  replaced them with something that might as well not exist.. and now they stripped half of Around the Verse...
  6. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Around the Verse - Secondary Viewports
    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this week’s episode featuring a segment on the tech behind rendering holograms and comms in real time.
    The new Secondary Viewport tech uses the new Render to Texture System to allow such things as comms calls and holographic volume rendering in the PU and Squadron 42The new system creates a more immersive experience as it makes UI and game holographics seem a part of the world instead of a simple overlay while also improving performanceThe same tech will be used for many additional different systems such as visors, comms calls and mirrors further down the lineThe Renter to Texture System starts at the engine level and accounts for such things as if objects are going to be streamed, the appropriate rendering size and of objects for the “screen” that they'll be displayed uponThe Rendering System has a fixed memory budget that uses a texture pool, similar to a shadow pool, rendering in powers of two to allow for the movement closer and further away and the adjustment of lower or higher resolution progressivelyOne benefit of render texture is that it can be reused on multiple objects with the only downside being that it requires a manager for mouse pointer interactivityThe Camera Calling System and the Facial Animation System communicates with the render texture manager to determine the exact size and level of details for the facial animations and character animationsThis real time rendering allows for changes in character ships, costumes and locations as well as it allows a character to view any projection, 2d or 3D from any angle while movingThis allows the rendering of any object without the need for the duplication of material set up, and with shaders allows for the fading, dissolving and tinting of objects as they reach borders without the usual clippingThis technology basically creates an immersive telepresence that plays well with player-to-player comms and for effective mission briefingsThough developed rather quickly they still aim to optimize performance further, like with using environ probes to avoid having to render background scenes inside of a video callBeyond performance, they want to stabilize it more and improve the finalized effects such as with flickering or interlacing lines when there is a poor signal or if the display is damagedCourtesy of Relay
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  7. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    July 2017 Subscriber's Town Hall w/ VFX Team
    Staffan Ahlstrom and Michal Piatek sit down with Jared Huckaby to answer questions directly from our development subscribers about their work on Star Citizen.
    One thing they impressed was the challenge of scaling VFX in the game. In previous projects they've worked on they only had to deal with a fixed camera angle and having to scale effects from close to very far is quite challenging.Flying through clouds and affecting the look of them by creating swirls in your wake isn't something that's planned for right now as it takes a lot of work to make something like that happen. If they did decide to do it, it more than likely would be a bit of "Magic".Sonic booms are planned, however they're working on implementing a tech that will allow not only for that to happen, but be used for other effects like shields and have them change dynamically based on the shape of the ship instead of the way they are now which is a static generic block shape of the ship.There will be a difference between effects in space and in atmosphere. They have a whole set of atmospheric VFX coming online soon and they're also taking gravity into account down the road when it comes to VFX.They showed off two gifs of the shouldered rail gun, but when asked about the Idris rail gun and if its been worked on they said it was a good question, with a smile.Footprints, impacts, and other things left behind by players won't last very long in the current game, but they're working on a tech which will allow for a much longer duration that can be affected dynamically. So they do want to have ship imprints, and of the likes last awhile, but for now it's only a short time.Courtesy of Relay
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  8. Akanoes added a topic in Ship and Equipment Discussion   

    Q&A: Tumbril Cyclone
    Greetings Citizens!
    Since the introduction of the Hull Series back in April 2015, every new concept ship reveal has had an accompanying Q&A post, where we spend a couple days collecting questions from you, pass those on to the relevant ship designer, and provide you the best answers we have available at that time.
    With the addition of Spectrum earlier this year, we can now allow you to add your vote to the questions you most want to see answered. The questions included below are a combination of those that received the most votes, similar questions that were merged into a single instance, and those we felt we could comfortably answer at this stage in the Tumbril Cyclone’s life.
    As the Cyclone is only in concept stage, there are still some unanswered questions we’re currently pursuing in development. As the game continues to be fleshed out, those missing answers will be determined and implemented. While it will still be some time before we see the Tumbril Cyclone in game, we hope you’re as excited as we are as the game expands with the addition of another ground-based vehicle to the Star Citizen universe.
    As always, a special thanks to Stephen Hosmer, Ben Lesnick and Steven Kam for their help in answering your questions.
    Let’s get to it. -DL
    What ships will the Tumbril Cyclone fit into?
    The concept model is currently sitting at 5.71m x 3.25m x 2.26m, but as with everything in Star Citizen, its size is subject to change as it is built out and implemented in game. At present, this makes the Cyclone smaller than an Ursa Rover but larger than a Dragonfly or Nox. Our current intention is that anything that fits an Ursa will fit the Cyclone, including the Constellation. For ships like the Cutlass and Freelancer, it may technically fit in their cargo bays, but because the ramps are tapered, a Cyclone would likely not be able to load up into it.
    Are the Cyclone variants “modular?” Can we just swap the boxes out on the base model to make the variants?
    While this system is not currently available in game, it is something we’re interested in exploring once that time comes. When the Cyclone is added to the game, we expect them to function as variants for the time being.
    How much cargo can it carry?
    Currently, the base version of the Cyclone is set to carry 1 SCU of cargo.
    What can be picked up by the Cyclone RN’s scanner? People? Buildings? Derelicts? Loot? Ships?
    As with all scanner systems in the game, it will pick up anything with a detectable signature, such as IR or EM. The difficulty of picking up that signal will depend on the item’s output and your equipment. It wouldn’t tell you if there’s a derelict or loot around the corner, but it should be able to tell you that there’s a large structure in the distance and it’s up to you to decide if you want to go check it out.
    That said, the RN’s upgraded radar system will have a longer range and better detection capabilities than the standard Cyclone, along with data banks to store a larger amount of scanned data to help with the mapping of a planet’s surface.
    How fast can the Cyclone and its variants go and how do they compare to the Ursa and Lynx rovers in terms of speed and acceleration?
    We don’t have specific numbers yet, as the Cyclone is still in concept, and this will come with game balance and tuning, but it should be faster in speed and acceleration than the Ursa. We’re aiming for it to be about twice as fast as an Ursa and the RC version will be even faster than that when boosting.
    Will it launch with 3.0?
    The Cyclone will not launch with 3.0. Backers with a Cyclone on their account will receive an Ursa loaner vehicle until the buggies are completed in a future 3.x patch.
    Can a Cyclone end up on its side or roof? If so, how do we right the vehicle post-accident?
    The Cyclone features jump-jet thrusters meant to stabilize the vehicle when it becomes airborne. These will attempt to correct any deviation in the vehicle and provide a softer landing. Despite this, it is possible that your Cyclone could find itself flipped, turned upside down. Should this happen, we recommend you take a minute to sit right there, tell everyone how you became the prince of a town called Bel-Air… and then get out and lift.
    Is more protection for the exposed driver being considered for the combat versions, or will a cockpit shot be a one-hit kill?
    The Cyclone is equipped with vehicle shields to protect the occupants from enemy fire. More info on these shields will come when the Cyclone is implemented in game.
    What are the pros and cons of the Cyclone compared to other land vehicles when it comes to terrain, handling, speed, utility, and combat?
    The Cyclone is meant to be in the middle of the road between the Ursa and the Nox. The Ursa is slow and sturdy, and the Nox is fast but less rugged. The Cyclone aims to strike a favorable balance with a tough vehicle that also can’t be discounted in the speed department.
    Additionally, it should handle most any terrain using its articulated treads to increase its grip. The Cyclone has four-wheel steering which gives it better stability while maneuvering at high speeds and a decreased turning radius at low speeds. Of course, its utility and combat effectiveness will depend on the skill of the driver, and the version you bring with you.
    Will the co-pilot of the cyclone be able to shoot their personal weapons while seated?
    This is functionality we intend to add to the game. We have no ETA for this feature at this time.
    Is the Cyclone protected by a shield?
    Yes. Details on the shield are included in a previous answer.
    Can the Cyclone pull a trailer?
    Currently there are no plans to implement trailers in the game. If this changes in the future, the Cyclone would be an appropriate candidate for hauling one around.
    Can we re-arm missiles in Anti-Aircraft variants in field conditions?
    The missile racks are the same racks already in use on ships and thus would need to be re-armed in the same way. We’ll have more details on how that functionality will work when the time comes.
    Can the hubs inside the wheels move from the bottom we’ve seen in pictures to the top to give more ground clearance?
    Unfortunately, no. At present, we have no plans to add any functionality like this, but the articulated treads can be deployed to increase traction at the cost of speed.
    The Cyclone being a wheeled vehicle and all, will it have less of a detectable sig vs. a hover bike like a Dragonfly or Nox?
    The Cyclone uses similar Vehicle-class parts as the Dragonfly and Nox, making its EM signature very similar, while it’s IR signature should be significantly reduced as it is not equipped with as many thrusters and Grav-Levs that can run hot if not managed properly. Then again, if you’re racing around and pushing the Cyclone to its limits, you may get noticed.
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  9. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Happy Hour Gamedev - Creating a Solar System
    Join Designer Gareth Bourn and Jared Huckaby as they create solar systems using the new SolEd tool with input from the community.
    SolED was designed to make the creation of solar systems much quicker and give developers a way to easily setup systems in 2D and 3D.The objects in the solar systems are all affected by physics so placement of planets within a system in relation to a star has an affect on the speed of the orbit and the gravity around them.In the first half of the show Gareth showed the creation of the Stanton system with the second half being the community created solar system. The community system was named "Nope" with it having three stars and four planets. The stars were named Jared, Gareth, and Red One with the planets being planet "Nope", Spider planet, Vanduul Dog planet, and Ctrl-S because Gareth forgot to save until he was deep into creating the system. Overall the show was a fantastic way to show off the capabilities of the SolED from being able to place the planets and moons and in real time zoom all the way down the surface of said places and look back up at the stars and planets and moons and stations in the system.Courtesy of Relay
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  10. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Around the Verse - Cyclone and Ship Persistence
    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this episode, which features a look at the Tumbril Cyclone and an exploration of the tech needed to get one ship to persist in another ship’s hangar. Plus, Austin and Turbulent provide updates.
    Studio Update
    Refactoring of shopping code is now to the point where Austin Design team is now plugging items back into the shops, this include first pass at getting kiosks up/running for commodity tradingFocused on getting shops related to PU/landing zones functional first and will be making a pass of Area 18 shops as wellArmour can now be bought piece by pieceRemaining ships have been implemented into the price fixer toolsThis tool is also used as a way to gauge whether or not the ships they’re building are over/underpowered for their intended purposeProgress has been made on getting Miles Eckhart ready to go, lot of work on the feather blending system and got him working with a small subset of his animationsReceived additional code support to allow reputation to dictate his conversation past with the playerNow have the ability to assign specific missions with mission brief tagsJosh Coons finished images/videos of the Cutlass Black and moved onto create base material and whitebox meshes for Cutlass variantsHe will complete the first pass on exterior looks for the variants before moving on to the Constellation Phoenix to allow Design to flesh out some key gameplay system for CutlassesChris Smith working on bugs for Hornet/Constellation Andromeda and will move on the promo video for Constellation Aquila nextBackend Services team preparing for deployment of diffusion, game servers now have full access to diffusion API and they’ll start using it with the shopping service in 3.0Started converting the persistence cache and general instance manager into smaller stateless, full diffusionized servicesPU Animation team started research/development for how to implement their wild line(dialogue spoken by an NPC) systemFeather blending allows them to blend performance capture of the wild lines with a large number of useable animationsGoing through existing animations and filling in gaps missing from original performance capture with new transition animationsAustin Ship Animation team continue to refine the cockpit/turret experienceR+D phase of implementing button presses using Item 2.0 system, this helped finalize dashboard/cockpit metrics across different ships that use same cockpit typeUK Engineers refactored some backend systems allowing to fully implement blending of base G-force pose blend spacesDevOps team working on increasing capacity of build/deployment pipelines in preparation for 3.0Making additional change/bug fixes to support new delta patcherIT department upgraded Austin networkAudio team member Jason Cobb continued work on derelict crash site sound design for different moon environments/performed a variety of particle audio implementation experiments for revamped ship debris noises/playtested and mixed refinements for ship emergency state audio and captured sound effects for various props and materialsAustin QA has been testing new Cutlass BlackNew missions/wrecks/NPCs in StantonShip testing continued as more ships converted to Item 2.0 systemLarge scale playtests of Arena Commander, Star Marine and Stanton ongoing weeklyTesting more mobiGlas applications like Starmap, the personal manager, mission manager and mission boardTesting character gravity/free fall as well as cargo mechanicsEngine/editor testers are testing new tech like capsule based actor entity, entity component update scheduler and director/actor animation and controlNew stamina/oxygen breathing system are getting some balance changesFour new people joining the Player Relations teamTurbulent
    Updating ship specifications in the databaseGround vehicles can now be added to the ship matrix as well as anything that comes upNew sizing scheme for shipsResdesigned ship detail pageReworked ship matrix database to make it easier to updateSpectrum v0.3.6 with EvocatiNew features include new text editorNew tools like hyperlinks, hyperlink formatting, preview posts and draftsMini profile which include post count and karmaNew jump to track replyWorking on refreshing some UI elementsEngineering team working on getting most of the digital distribution channels ready for the Delta patching system.Ship Shape: Tumbril Cyclone
    CIG's entry into land vehicles with a new manufacturer has lore that's been around awhile associated with rugged military vehiclesThe Cyclone is a fun fast four-wheeled and steered land vehicle partial to jumping off ramps with marketing design aesthetics, though clearly from a military originIf the Ursa Rover is the tortoise and the Cyclone is the hare, then the Nox is, as with Goldylocks, just right and in the middleBesides it's being fast and super rugged, it's built with modularity similar to the real worldThe variants include one for cargo, infantry support, recon and exploration as well as racing and even an anti-air versionThe recon version can not only map terrain, but drop beaconsThe racing version basically has nitrous and will be similar to a Baja racerThe anti-air model will have two size two missile racks with a countermeasure package that includes not only chaff and flares, but smokescreens and a size one EMPIt's always a struggle to balance function with design with the feedback within the pipelineThe first one of any type of entity or asset is always the hardest due to the unknown, but the most challenging tends to be making the deadlines . . . but they always doBehind the Scenes: Ship in ship Persistence
    Gameplay Programmer Chad McKinney talks about how the technology involved with persistence will change in the upcoming 3.0 update.Persistence as it is now is a simple system that tracks player accounts, specifically loadouts and ships with their loadouts. While this works for the gameplay in 2.6, it limits the player to what they can do. They can't pick up items and store them on their ship, trade, etc because the server doesn't track those things.With 3.0 players will be able to start making changes to the world around them in subtle ways such as picking up cargo from an outpost they found or parking a Dragonfly in their Cutlass and having it remain there regardless of whether they log out or not.While it seems like a simple thing, it's actually fairly complicated and required a rework of the way persistence is handled in many backend systems.They've revamped the system to track legal ownership of entities and physical ownership. The difference between the two is physical ownership  is having the item in front of you and in your hands  or on your ship and in your possession at that moment, with legal ownership being your entitlement to a given entity like a ship for instance.Players can legally own a ship, an item, etc, but another player can physically take it and claim it as their own and it'll remain in that other players possession until someone else takes it from that player too. However it isn't without consequence, players can become wanted if they steal other players ships, cargo, items, and will be marked to the authorities as a criminal. This goes deeper as the gameplay for pirates can become very rewarding, but at a high cost. Players can steal cargo for instance and roll the dice by not including the cargo on their manifest when they come across authorities, or get creative by using secret compartments to store the cargo, or take the safest route to avoid authorities entirely.The technology doesn't stop there, with Diffusion, a service that allows for a new way of interacting with all the backend services at the same time will allow for more things in the world to become persistent. With 3.0 the amount of things that will persist in the world will still be fairly limited, but in the future it'll expand from affecting a small area in the world to having the entire world be affected by a variety of player actions from supply and demand, to wars, to NPC activity and so much more. A player will be able to take something from a planet and another player won't ever see what was taken, on the flipside a player can leave something and another player will find it. With 3.0 Player health, Stamina, Ship health and ammunition will become persistent so no longer will players be able to fire all their ammunition with no penalty, also if you fly your ship and a wing gets blown off, the next time you log in it will be still missing until you go and get it repaired or make an insurance claim.Courtesy of Relay
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  11. Akanoes added a post in a topic Ark server up again   

    OOOOH ragnarok  nice
    Indeed, that killed most of my annoyances.. fences are so infuriating without it xD
  12. Akanoes added a post in a topic [Unofficial] Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Trailer   

    Did a quick google, seems like CIG made one for atleast 2.0, 2.5 and 2.6 so I'm assuming they did it for every build  
    You're right though, it's made by PC gamer, still bothers me that they call it "3.0 trailer" though as it obviously isn't. It's just an ATV compilation.. TECHNICALITIES NGRAAAAAAAH!
  13. Akanoes added a topic in General Questions & Chat   

    [Unofficial] Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Trailer
    So, pretty neat trailer, but this is either the worst trailer ever or the best. You might notice some shots of the Idris and Reclaimer in there, if these are actually in 3.0 then this is the best trailer ever and get hyped. However, I doubt they'll put them in for 3.0 and that makes this just some hype trailer with footage of stuff that wont actually be in 3.0.. Kind of losing all meaning for a trailer  (atleast one for 3.0)
    Either way, it looks pretty neat, show it to some non-believers to convert them!
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    The proper post is out now
  15. Akanoes added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Around the Verse - Kiosks and Commodities
    Sandi Gardiner and Will Weissbaum host this week’s episode, which focuses on kiosks and commodities coming in 3.0 and beyond. Plus, Brian Chambers provides an update from F42 Frankfurt.
    Studio Update Frankfurt
    working on improving existing systems for 3.0: ensuring existing vehicles and systems still work as intended and doing a polish passremade the old airlock effects for both the “high tech” and “low tech” airlocksstarted shifting more focus towards Squadron 42 cinematic scenesFPS Weapons
    completed passes on the last two legacy weapons: Geminii L86 ballistic pistol & Behring P4AR ballistic riflefinished Klaus and Werner laser laser repeater (S1-3) & Apocalypse Arms ballistic scattergun (S1-3)started on Klaus and Werner laser laser repeater (S4-6)Worked on general tasks for 3.0 including polishing, optimising, and bug fixingTech Art Team
    finished multiple animation implementation tasks for the useables sprint & cinematicscontinued to debug weapon animation issuesadjustments a few weapon rigs to make them more realistic and believablework on a VFX Exporter primarily to support exporting simulated objects from Mayacontinued to support the animation code with ground alignment R&DGame Programming
    spent time fixing outstanding issues and polishing up existing code.identified and began fixing game code vs. engine code issues with the new airlocks and elevatorsadded the ability to hide a weapon from first person view in ADS modecompleted the technology to easily apply weapons skinsworking on the Weapons System 2.0 and additional elevator and airlock feature polish for 3.0AI
    working on more mission broker and mission system features for PU 3.0 and S42adapted mission broker  to support multiple players accepting the same mission & asymmetrical missions for multiple playeradded support for takeoff and landing of AI ships: landing pads, ship hangars, other ships and celestial surfacesadding quantum travel functionality for the new non-Kythera AIfocusing on adding more Subsumption AI support: using nav splines and entering/exiting AI behaviourfinished the second Buddy AI sprint: a step towards having companion AI that will intelligently follow and assist the player in combatEngine
    refined the handling of GPU crashes and proper reporting via the Public Crash Handlerworked on performance analysis and engine optimisations for 3.0started to work on was a new Roads System and toolset to work in conjunction with the planetary terrainLevel Design
    making a pass on the Room System for Levski to ensure the player won't suffocate in random placesperformed general polish and bug fixes for 3.0.started taking a look at the Lorville: the next flagship landing zoneQA
    handled multiple test requests from the Engine team including a change to the Entity Component Update Schedulerhandled test request for area optimisations: improvements to door and elevator codecontinued to support Subsumption and Subsumption tools testingperformance testing is underway for the PUtesting various gravity conditions on the new moonsSystem Design
    experimenting with Levski having a full AI population and tweaking behaviours to avoid overcrowding areasstress testing servers to determine the AI populations that can be supported without degrading performanceCinematics
    continued to work on scenes across all chapters of Squadron 42continued work on the two dimensional render-to-texture display screen and holographic volume renderingLighting
    focused solely on applying some of the final touches for 3.0: colour grading for moons, integrating outposts and moon lighting, Levski bug fixes and polishEnvironment
    polishing and bug fixing existing content for the PUadded new areas and locations to Levski, a new shop and an admin office, and performed a final pass on garagesStarted post-3.0 R&D: ArcCorp, procedural cities, and the planet HustonBehind the Scenes: Kiosks and Commodities
    The kiosk is an important step in allowing players to buy and sell goods and commodities in game.Not only does the kiosk support buying and selling, but placement of cargo within ships and is the foundation for interaction with future panels such as elevators, doors, etc.With the kiosks you'll be able to sort, filter, and compare within the interface and choose where you want the items to go. It could be either to your character, your ships cargo, or a designated area.The kiosk is what most players will see, but underneath the kiosk is an array of systems unified together in order to bring the first stages of the economy to life by having price, quantity, location all have an effect on the global economy that can be manipulated by players in real time.Factories, shops, and more all have needs that players can meet or affect depending on their goal. A trader can bring supplies desperately needed by a factory producing a certain weapon or players could pillage the supply chain in order to drive prices even further up.The kiosk also expands player persistence to not only what's on them, but their ships as well. Players will be able to store items on their ship and have them remain there the next time they log in.The kiosks won't all look the same as they've designed the UI and console to be modular to allow the many shops and manufacturers in the game to have their own look and feel with some UI's being either basic or advanced.With 3.0 players will start to get a good feel at how Star Citizen as it's been talked about in the past, is now becoming playable in front of their eyes.Courtesy of Relay
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