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  1. The Origin X1 will go on sale Friday, September 29, 2017. There will be three variants with prices ranging from $40 to $50. Source
  2. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner take a look at the upcoming Air Traffic Controller system and bring you another installment of “Burndown.” Highlights Soon™
  3. Will Weissbaum ventures into Banu space to explore Gliese. This resource-rich system is home to a massive flotilla and a fair amount of mystery around why the Banu refuse to set foot on its most promising planet.
  4. Adam Wieser uncovers the many mysteries of the Chronos System. Learn about its astronomy and why the UEE decided to hold onto this system on the Empire’s edge.
  5. The Friday event would be at a different time, these times are for Saturday. Friday will probably be at a later time, a time better suited for Americans as Saturday is pretty much European times. P.S. You definitely did not fix it xD
  6. Hello again Mercury Core! The results for the day are in and it's a tie between Friday and Saturday. We would like to run an event for both days but for now we will go with Saturday as we don't have enough people to run both. For the purpose of this poll all times are in GMT as we don't need the confusion Daylight Saving Time can bring. If you don't know what timezone you are in this map should help. Keep in mind that this is multiple choice, if you are good for multiple times don't be afraid to vote for more than 1 EDIT: I should probably mention why it jumps from 3 to 7, this is to avoid conflict with the meeting.
  7. Sandi Gardiner and Josh Herman host this week’s episode of Around the Verse. This episode explores the upcoming mission system and includes another installment of “Burndown." Highlights 26 issues left before Evocati (down from 76, while some of these were fixed others were just removed from the list so Evocati can get it in their hands faster) Your actions have consequences, a criminal for example will have to deal with things such as security forces, bounties and reputation loss. They want a living and breathing world, one where key NPC’s have real backstories, well thought out motivations and reasons for being where they are. While they use a lot of procedural tech, it is only used as the canvas, something to build upon. Hopefully one day they can stack missions onto each other, for example you save a cargo ship from pirates but he got damaged and asks if you can transport the cargo in his stead. The mission designers have stepped way completely from flowgraphs and are now using subsumption. While this means they had to redo all the mission it does speed up the process and provide great features. For example spawning NPC’s in sensible places, so they don’t end up on top of a table or even on top of the ship. Subsumption also helps make the missions more procedural. Instead of telling a mission to spawn two pirates, it will generate ships based on the location. A wealthy system will spawn a bunch of security ships, a poverty-stricken system will spawn more pirates. Subsumption also helps with reusability, if we look at a pickup mission, they only have to design the mission once and can then reuse it as many times as they want, be it in space or at an outpost. Mobiglas will provide access to most missions based on your reputation, location, crime status and more. There are two types of missions, one will be more story focussed, where an NPC will personally update you on their situation (think Eckhart). The other come in the form of random encounters in space, these will appear on your radar and can be anything from a distress beacon to a spotted pirate patrol.
  8. If I didn't know you austin, I would've thought you were a spambot xD But yea, here is the link to it =3
  9. New features - Spectrum will now track Karma when other members upvote your content within each community. - Spectrum will now track your post count when you create forum threads or replies within a community. - Threads which contain roles that are tracked (e.g. staff posts) will now contain buttons to jump directly to those special replies within a thread. Changed - Flagging posts in private orgs will no longer create misconduct reports - The RSI login page will now redirect you to your previous location in Spectrum - New Search UI to search for all, erased or nonerased content (nonerased being default) - Spectrum will now always display the member who soft-erased a reply or message - A new global permission can be given to roles to allow members to reveal and search soft-erased content - Member Profile Popup Cleaner, more space-efficient design Integrated message box to send a quick private message to the member without having to switch to the private message view Post Count and Karma display! - Removed 'content' from flag notifications sent to officers (redundant) - Added send button to mini profile popup on mobile Fixed bugs - Fixed long words in names breaking thread reply layout - Fixed tracked post links having 100% viewport height in Safari - Fixed broken channels filter in the thread creation view - Fixed large vote counts spilling out of vote button - Fixed broken 'continue this thread' link in nested mode - Fixed permalink modal on mobile incorrectly stating link had been copied to clipboard (now just selects text so user can copy it themselves) - Fixed nested reply collapse buttons only targeting and collapsing the last reply in a chain - Fixed bizarre behavior for renamed bookmarks when an entity referenced by a bookmark had been deleted. - Fixed thread reply actions button overlapping list navigator due to creation of new stacking context - Fixed long community monikers and handles breaking chat lobby layout - Fixed duplicate emoticon for emoji     - Fixed issue where "Convert emoticons to emoji" setting was not respected when editing a message - Fixed a bug where certain thread replies would not get updated in the search index - Fixed an issue where a link would stay active when removing a url from a message - Fixed issue with empty code blocks - Deleted messages will now properly show who deleted them - Member profile popup no longer swaps users due to lobby activity - Fixed message edit input not gaining focus when pressing up arrow in chat lobbies - Fixed Lobby getting into bad state when pressing up arrow to edit a message immediately after having sent one to the server and before the server response arrives - Fixed your own newly created chat message from visually jumping if another was received before the server responds to your message creation request - Fixed thread reply moderation menu appearing behind subsequent replies - Private community officers should now receive notifications about flagged content in their own communities - Fixed issue with URL containing @ - Fixed infinite loop when crash in render and willMount contains async call - Fixed errors being thrown when a message list contains null values - Fixed thread reply mod actions menu behind hidden behind other posts - Fixed redundant thread tag hiding behind tracked reply button in threads - Fixed some alignment and color issues in thread and message items - Fixed chat messages being editable after deletion - No longer displaying broken bookmarks to entities for which users have lost permissions - Fixed missing member displayname in role update notifications - Fixed issue where underline and strike-through could not be use together - Member profile no longer throws error when opened from private lobby - Fixed issue with images not displayed on mobile in classic threads - Fixed a bug where a notification would be sent when being mentioned in a org you are not a member of. - Fixed a bug where an incorrect size was returned in OpenGraph tags for certain threads with uploaded images. Known issues - The default filter (Non-erased) in the advanced search is not returning any results. - Post count and karma is not returned if you open the mini-profile from the "Last Activity" column in the forums. Source
  10. Join Ben Lesnick, Jared Huckaby, Tylers Witkin and Nolan, and Ulf Kurschner as they discuss the topics of the week with the Star Citizen community. Highlights Today's Happy was all Community Managers featuring Tyler Witkin, Tyler Nolin, Jared Huckaby, new to CIG, Ulf from Frankfurt, and Ben Lesnick. The helmet O2 and Oxygen O2 tank are the same, they've simply configured helmets to act like the room system and take O2 from the Oxygen tank. Space suits in 3.0 will be the same capacity wise, but they'll differentiate them later. There will be AI in the other landing zones for 3.0 (Grim Hex, Port Olisar) The new ships for 3.0 have been locked down which are: Aurora Rework, Cutlass Black Rework, Dragonfly, Nox, Ursa Rover, Aquila, and Prospector. The Reclaimer isn't complete. There was confusion a little while back that the Reclaimer only had three rooms left, what they said is three rooms in the art phase so the Reclaimer still has further steps in the pipeline to go. Cutlass Blue and Red are in production by Josh Coons After they're finished, he'll work on the Phoenix. 300i rework is scheduled for December, but not guaranteed to start then. BMM and Carrack haven't started work yet. More information about the Origin X1 will come out in a few weeks Ben said. The next episode of Happy Hour will be a Gamedev with Josh Herman. Courtesy of Relay
  11. Be sure to catch your breath before checking out this episode. Sandi Gardiner and Jeremiah Lee host and bring you an in-depth look at the new stamina system as well as another installment of “Burndown.” Highlights 76 bugs before release (down from 94) Stamina The Actor Status System started life as a system to determine how to breathe/suffocate in space The Room System (a necessary precursor) defines a room's volume, its atmospheric composition and how air travels between rooms All doors, airlocks and elevators had to be refactored to work with the Room System The Stamina Component defines default stamina, default stamina regeneration and optimal regeneration requirements The Stamina Component queries the Room System on every breathe and determines regeneration based on atmospheric composition The player's helmet is considered a room: it has a purifier and is connected to the suit's air tanks Without a helmet you breathe whatever atmosphere is available or suffocate Movement and actions consume stamina and the rate is affected by stance, equipment, weight and slope Think tactically: sprinting into combat means poor aiming, bad recoil and an inability to run away Player's status is shown using various post effects, like brightness, that had to be made to stack nicely The Buff System/Actor Buff Component allows virtually anything to modify the player’s status using a simple interface Actor Status System = buffs + stamina + health + breathing + g-force Many tricks used to keep the player aware of their status: VFX on screen, additive animations, UI work, and audio The Audio Component controls the breathing audio and drives (and syncs with) animations Three main sonic elements: breathing styles, grunts/vocalisations and SFX support Two breathing suites (FPS and piloting) consisting of 13/14 breathing styles including AGSM Breathing rates from 20 to 190 bpm were recorded Procedural breathing animations were developed, driven by data from Maya (imported DataForge) to stay in sync with the audio Animations are applied on top of the current aim pose so the player breathes correctly wherever they are looking The new G-force solutions monitors accumulated velocities of an entity and each nested physics grids it may be in The UI indicates the player's stamina as an ECG both on the mobiGlas and the visor The mobiGlas also shows the atmospheric composition and pressure of the player's immediate surroundings It may be possible to find/access better equipment in game that lets players know the atmosphere in adjoining rooms The Actor Status System will continue to develop: poison, inebriation, sickness, disease, alien races, etc. Courtesy of Relay
  12. The Walking Dead is a five-part game series set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series. Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead. With corpses returning to life and survivors stopping at nothing to maintain their own safety, protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine may offer him redemption in a world gone to hell. Get your free copy of The Walking Dead Season 1 here!
  13. Mirage: Arcane Warfare will be Free for a Day on Steam starting tomorrow, September 6th at 10am PT. For 24 hours only, add Mirage to your library - and keep it forever. After 10am PT on September 7th, the free promotion will end - but the Standard Edition price will drop to $9.99 USD permanently. Get your Free Copy HERE The Special Edition - including a free copy of Chivalry - will remain a $9.99 USD upgrade. Mirage launch sales were poor. That sucked, and we know it. Our company's doing fine, and we'll be able to continue to make awesome games in the future. More than anything, we're disappointed for the players who stuck by us and did buy Mirage - but who have struggled to find people to play against. We just want people to play the game we spent years making. We have faith that Mirage can find a larger audience still, so we’re being aggressive about getting it into people’s hands. We think Mirage is a great game, but don’t take our word for it - we encourage you to check out press reviews before you commit to trying or buying Since launch, we’ve added new maps, new character abilities, new features like bots, more class customization options - and we have set various patches live to continue to improve performance and player experience. Give it a shot while it’s free! We hope to see you on the battlefield soon. Torn Banner Studios
  14. Meet the Drake Dragonfly

    They hanged the link tot he video so I updated it for you =3
  15. star wars stamps

    Stamps still exist?

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