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  1. Maintenance & Costings

    Drake Interplanetary ships are known for being cheap to maintain, this is why pirates use them so much. I can imagine Misc being more expensive cause it uses Xi'an tech but that is just my personal speculation. Don't know about the rest though.
  2. See what it took to get our procedural city tech ready for CitizenCon. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this episode, which also includes another installment of “Burndown.”
  3. Will Weissbaum takes you on a tour of the 13-planet Ellis System, which is home to the Murray Cup. Watch this episode to learn more about its history and astronomical properties.
  4. At CitizenCon 2947, we met one of Star Citizen’s early stretch goals and debuted the Xi’an language. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the warm reception it’s been given. Our xenolinguist Britton Watkins has continued to develop the language since its debut. Many members of the community have already contributed to the evolution of the language by suggesting ideas about Xi’an culture as well as words to be added to the dictionary. We’ve already added 98 more words! Britton and the Lore team would like to invite you to help us name these three Xi’an animals, recently designed by the art team. We’ve provided descriptions of the animals below to help you in the naming process. The winners of the contest will have the names of the animals featured in this week’s Xi’an Language Lesson video. You can find the rules below the descriptions. Please comment on this page with your suggestions. Entries are due November 16th at 12:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM GMT. Happy naming! Wool-Yielding Animal A domesticated animal bred for its fur, which is used in textiles. The cloth it produces is soft, smooth, durable, and takes well to colors; like a cross between vicunña and silk. Native to rocky, high-altitude biomes, its unusual hooves are well-suited to navigate among craggy terrain. The Xi’an have effectively propagated this species throughout their entire empire. Apex Predator An apex predator. Native to Xi (Rihlah V), this species is an arboreal animal that can glide from tree to tree in pursuit of its prey. It generally feeds on other arboreal creatures, but has been known to go after land-dwelling creatures if they’re the right size. It mainly preys upon vegetarian animals, but it’s been known to defend its territory from other predators when threatened. Heavily endangered on its native world, but has a stable population on the preserve world Koli (Eealus III). A Popular Pet A common pet. It domesticated itself as the Xi’an developed farming, helping itself to the plagues of pests that would break into fermentation houses and make off with valuable food. It loves swimming and water, as its ancestors used to live in the streams and lakes that supported early Xi’an villages. Consequently, Xi’an find beavers and otters to be the most adorable Earth animals. It comes in many different coat patterns, but unkuth (a series of yellows; pictured here) is preferred. Rules: Names must follow Proper Xian phonology. All non-native combinations of sounds will be rejected. See the 2nd Chapter in the video series for reminders. It is fine to use “sound symbolism” that is evocative of the creatures’ physical presence or to name them referencing sounds you imagine they make, etc., but these resulting names must conform to the phonological rules of the language. If you need to use “root syllables” that are not currently listed in the dictionary (new tai), please explain that you want to invent the new tai as a part of the name. As a theoretical example: if you want a tai for “hair; fur” and you can’t find one in the dictionary, you can propose that it be created and added because you need it to create a descriptive name. (As an example, North American raccoons are called “washing bears” (アライグマ (洗熊) in Japanese because of their behavior when eating.) Hint: the Xi’an would likely have shorter names (one to two syllables) for more common animals that are more familiar to them in their daily lives or cultural experience. You are naming the species (type of animal) as the Xi’an would commonly know and call it. You are not giving it a personal (pet) name for this exercise. The names will be evaluated based on how well they fit into the Xi’an linguistic aesthetic and how creatively they evoke the animals based on appearance, description, and imagined behavior. Bonus points will be given for additional information provided about how the name was conceived and how it might be used in idioms, etc. in Xi’an cultural contexts. The more concrete your examples, the better. You should also feel free to include the Human name for the animal. This could be an alternate spelling of the Xi’an filtered through human phonology or entirely unrelated to the Xi’an conceptualization of the species name.
  5. It's certainly pretty, looks like a fighter or snub yea (cause we didn't have enough fighters already xD) Someone made a quick 3d mockup for it too
  6. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host an episode featuring a look at the quantum travel system and another installment of “Burndown.” Highlights Burndown Shopping/Cargo 30 bugs currently. Kiosks are getting some tweaks after receiving feedback from testers. Missions 22 bugs currently, 91 tasks remaining. Miles Eckhart is getting some more animations to flesh out his animation set. There was a bug where spawning a second ship would make everything go black for everyone on the server and no one could move. mobiGlas 18 bugs currently, 48 tasks remaining. Working on 2D radar for ships as well as integration of radar into Starmap Making the Starmap easier to use and more intuitive Overhauling the mission app to allow for more details such as where it’s from, who it’s from, time remaining, payout. Will allow you to see what missions are around you in space and track which ones you want to focus on. Traversal 2 Bugs currently, 18 tasks remain. Working on space to atmospheric flight characteristic transition, second stage afterburner, gravlev polish. Tuning normal flight velocity control to afterburner control to prevent instant transition. Performance/Stability Performance isn’t a single patch to make everything smooth, but constant tweaks over time. Studying Evocati performance captures carefully to find entities eating up performance. Quantum Travel Part 1 Anything over something like a hundred feet and quantum travel is probably involved. Quantum drive now is quite linear, but Chris Roberts wanted a ramping up especially with the larger maps involved By using one higher than acceleration – the proverbial 11 – one gets a constant jerk and the desired curve and by then basing the quantum special effects off of speed, it gave the desired curved effect Converting quantum travel to 2.0 required changing old code to get to use the native Item 2.0 advantages Original effects for quantum travel consisted of more of a tunneling effect, now a residue appears from the front of the ship and moves to the back for a more Star Treky sort of effect Chris wanted more colour mixed in to effects Tags and triggers are provided by game code like spooling, entry, the traveling effect and flash effect Five ‘phases’ of Quantum Drive Initial ramp from current speed to afterburner Ramp up phase to figure out where your maximum speed is Middle phase is cruise, hitting maximum speed of your drive Last two phases of ramp down and speed down The math it took to create the five phases and have it calculated accurately to be able to track the ship throughout all the phases and know where it will ended up was a huge challenge, but they pulled it off by using something called a Quantum Snapshot which while has no performance impact, is able to know where you’re going, how fast it will take, how fast you will be going in all the phases, and where you will be throughout the phases. The formula scales well with multiple players, and cinematics. Courtesy of Relay
  7. Maybe include the size class of the ships as well, the Freelancer can carry only half of what a Constellation can but it is smaller too, Medium compared to the Constellations large. This will also make the Hull B look a lot better, carries a lot of cargo for its size =3
  8. Greetings Citizens! Since the introduction of the Hull Series back in April 2015, every new concept ship reveal has had an accompanying Q&A post, where we spend a couple days collecting questions from you, pass those on to the relevant ship designer, and provide you the best answers we have available at that time. With the recent addition of Spectrum, we can now allow you to add your vote to the questions you most want to see answered. The questions included below are a combination of those that received the most votes, similar questions that were merged into a single instance, and those we felt we could comfortably answer at this stage in the Pioneer’s development. In addition to the usual text Q&A, the design team responsible for the Pioneer also held a panel at last week’s CitizenCon 2947 event where they spent an hour discussing the ship and its functionality. You can review that panel in the video embedded below. Now that the ship is concept complete, it will enter our development pipeline where many of the answers you see below will be fleshed out, and those missing will be determined and implemented. While it will still be some time before we see the Pioneer in game, we hope you’re as excited as we are as the game expands with the further development of Consolidated Outland ships in the Star Citizen universe. As always, a special thanks to John Crewe, Todd Papy, Kirk Tome, Ben Lesnick and Steven Kam for their help in answering your questions. Let’s get to it. -DL How large can an outpost be? An outpost will have around the same footprint we have currently shown in the game, which is 48x x 48d x 5h (meters). We view this as starting a small location for colonization, very similar to constructing a small research facility in Antarctica. Can the Pioneer build hangars to store ships in our bases? Currently we are looking at the player’s building basic landing pads for ships. At this point in time it’s probably way too early to be expecting your outposts to work anything like Port Olisar or a Revel & York or Self-Land facility. While you can land and leave a ship on an outpost landing pad, the broader question of persistent “ship storage” is a nuanced and complex technical affair, as you have already seen from everything that’s already involved in requesting, replacing, spawning, despawning, and landing ships in places like Port Olisar. Doing even any subset of these things at a player outpost location, where available layout, structures, and systems are up to the player instead of a design team, would be very tricky to say the least. Should we come up with a good way to handle it someday, we’ll let you know. Can we use the Pioneer to build outposts on asteroids? We are not opposed to the idea. However it will depend on a few different factors that still need to be decided: the size of the asteroid, what we do with the voxel tech and if the surface area of the asteroid is smooth enough to build. Can placed outposts be moved by the Pioneer? Yes, however they need to be disassembled and then rebuilt in the new location rather than being picked up and moved whole. The Pioneer can manage this process (though collecting additional resources may be necessary.) Can the Pioneer build space stations? No, this ship was built with the purpose of colonizing planets. Terrestrial construction and terrestrial structures have different needs from space stations. What size is the Pioneer claim license included in the package? It will depend on the texel density of our resource map, we want to make sure the claim is at least 1×1 pixel on that map. The initial educated guess is somewhere between 4×4km to 8×8km. Pretty large chunk of land that will give players multiple construction sites. The land claim system will be important beyond Pioneer construction. Land claims will prevent other players from building in your territory and will offer different options relevant to gameplay (such as giving you surface rights, for pure construction, versus mineral rights that would include mining.) We know that there are concerns that land claims could theoretically be abused (situations such as buying up the area outside a major city or using outposts to block important areas); rest assured that the claim system is being developed to prevent these situations from being possible. Will we need to move the Pioneer each time we want to put a new module? When the manufacturing process is complete the ship moves the outpost forward and places it in the specified location. If that location can’t have any other items placed there safely, then the pilot will need to move the Pioneer’s position. Can the Pioneer build anti-air structures that have weapons such as missiles to defend our bases? The Pioneer performs fully contained modular outpost construction on-site. It creates modular structures, foundation, things like that. As Silas Koerner points out, this is pretty revolutionary as far as ship capabilities go. The Pioneer isn’t a weapons manufacturing plant, repair shop, or furniture store, however – External improvements like static defenses are among the concepts we are developing for outpost add-ons. Any external add-on structures will be bought at a store rather like ship or personal equipment and then can be placed when you put down the outpost or added on later. Can Pioneer build structures larger than its internal space? The most obvious example of this right now is the landing pads. We have yet to decide exactly how we will allow the player to build the landing pads, but it will probably be in sections. If a player wants to build an outpost and use it only for storage, that is their choice but it will not be bigger than the structure’s footprint stated above. What happens to outposts built with the Pioneer when the player who created them is logged out of the game? Let’s just say this direct and up front for those of you who worry about these things: Yes, the outpost and their contents are persistent, so they can be attacked and looted. Offline security will have a lot to do with your “neighborhood”, just as you would depend on local authorities to varying degrees to protect your house, apartment, trailer, etc. in real life when you are not home. Among other things, that means that while other actors in the game universe, including local law enforcement, militia, UEE, or whoever else is tasked with general security in that region, will react to attacks on privately-held outposts, it will depend on AI location and travel time to outpost. Sometimes there will be a quick response and other times it will be delayed, so the players are highly encouraged to protect their outpost/investment by placing defenses and hiring personal security. The less hospitable an area in which you set up your outpost, the more responsibility you will have for your own safety. Can the Pioneer use the refined material made by the Orion (or any other ship)? Yes, as long as what you are building uses that particular resource. Remember that there are different types of ores, metals and other substances used in construction. Will the Pioneer have any other functionality/career options beside outpost manufacturing? No, this will be updated to list as Heavy Construction to reflect the actual role of the Pioneer. Can the Pioneer make the ‘add ons’ like solar panels, landing pads, generators and the like or do they have to be purchased separately? These would be purchased already fabricated and added to the outpost. See also our answer regarding static defenses above. Is it possible for Pioneer to build outposts on rough terrain like slopes or does the ground have to be flat? The ground will need to be flat enough to land the ship safely, it doesn’t need to be perfectly flat but you will not be able to place an outpost on particularly rough terrain. Will the Pioneer be able to build tall buildings or stackable modules? There are no plans for double decker outposts. That said, we’re drawing up enough options for the modular outposts and various add-ons that we think you’ll have a lot of fun with them even without crazy module stacking. How much time does it take to deploy an outpost? No specific time estimate right now, but we do view it as a major time investment. You’re setting up a persistent, maintainable installation that can be as big or bigger than most ships. The amount of time will scale with the size of the outpost. Will we be able to spawn ships at our outpost? There are no plans for this right now; ships available at an outpost must be brought there first. See also our answer regarding ship storage above. The Pioneer contains 3 utility slots. Can it serve any other purpose than building planetary bases? If yes, what can it do? These were listed in error. The Pioneer is not equipped with utility slots, instead being focused solely on the very dedicated task of outpost construction. Source
  9. Sandi Gardiner and Sean Tracy host this week’s episode that features a look behind-the-scenes at CitizenCon and another installment of “Burndown.”
  10. Cherie Heiberg explores Gurzil, a system in the midst of being formed. Learn about how this protoplanetary disc was both a major scientific discovery and a center of contention during the cold war with the Xi’an.
  11. What happened to the Banu Merchantman?

    Most likely the made space for the banu defender on the ship. Not a crazy thought

  12. Suddenly, I find myself wanting one!

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