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  1. Vehicle Pipeline Director John Crewe and Art Director Paul Jones discuss the recently revealed Drake Vulture, the entry-level salvage ship for use in the persistent universe.
  2. This week we take a look at two more weapons hitting the Persistent Universe in 3.2, get a Star Citizen project update, and finally find out what Drake Interplanetary has been plotting.
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  4. Get a look at two of the new weapons hitting the Persistent Universe in 3.2, a Star Citizen project update, and a brutal bugsmashing courtesy of Mark Abent.
  5. Akanoes

    SLAINEuk has ruined me!

    Yea, if you have time, stellaris will nom it away xD
  6. Akanoes

    Immersion up the wazoo

    My only issue with using voice attack is being on teamspeak at the same time. I know it should only listen to certain commands, but it might accidently trigger plus I doubt people appreciate me yelling random commands while they are talking xD For solo play though, yea voice attack is quite awesome
  7. Don't scan so close to me! Designer Kirk Tome and engineer Mark Abent answer questions LIVE regarding our new scanning system, coming online in the upcoming Star Citizen Alpha 3.2.
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  10. Sean Tracy and Steve Bender, together again for the first time, serve up a feature on legacy armor and a new installment of Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  11. Akanoes

    Do we have a Discord Channel?

    No we decided to fully go for teamspeak, we got a bot going for it and everything
  12. Senior UI Programmer Hugo Silva stops by to discuss the continuing development of the Shop Item Kiosk system.
  13. This week, an in-depth look at Item Kiosk Shopping, and a new Ship Shape installment featuring the menacing Vanduul Blade.
  14. The entire Hercules family excels in numerous military, civilian, and humanitarian aid applications. Get yours here!
  15. Designer Rob Reininger and Engineers Chad McKinney and Michael Dillon discuss the continuing development of the Service Beacon system, integral to bringing players together in the Star Citizen persistent universe.