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    You can find CIG's official response here.
    Basically, CIG asked the bank to provide an advance on their UK tax rebate. While I don't completely understand the situation, they say they did it because the conversion rates to pounds is rather expensive. When they finally receive their UK tax rebate they'll pay the bank back and the contract states that if they are in any way unable to pay the bank WON'T get ownership of Star Citizen.
    Someone also said that they can spend more now because of that loan which could increase the money they get back from the tax rebate, so it's a win-win
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    Redeemer back in store until July 10th
    They brought it back because they brought it back without giving us any notice. The reason for taking it down is that its the only Hangar Ready ship out there with no flyable hangar while still permanently available. From what I can tell they are going to clacify it as a Concept ship from now on since Hangar Ready died with the new ship pipeline. The ship will be reworked somewhere in 2018.
    If you are interested in reading the entire CIG response, you can find it here.
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    Main features of StarEngine
    Tiranasta on Spectrum asked what the difference between StarEngine and Cryengine is. Ali Brown answered the following: 
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    Nox Sale is now live! ($40)
    You lean forward, settle into the contoured form of the Nox. The articulated backplate gently clicks into place, binding you into position. The holographic display flickers to life. You can feel the entire body of the ship hum as the powerful engine spins to life. There’s so much power, gated, waiting to be released. You peer down the start line. Your competitors seem focused. You smile because they don’t know that they’ve already lost. Engines whine as the starter lights begin to cycle. You rev your engine, joining the roars of the other racers as you wait to be unleashed. 
    Your eyes narrow. 
    It’s time. 

    For a century, it has lived on the fringes of racetracks around the Empire. Open-canopy racing enthusiasts had to search far and wide simply to get their hands on a Nox — even an extensively damaged one — and then they’d spend thousands of Credits to rebuild and customize these notoriously fast racers for competition. Now, it’s finally here. Aopoa is proud to unveil the first model of the famed open-canopy racer designed specifically for a Human pilot. With the recent passage of the Human Xi’an Trade Initiative, Aopoa is now bringing the Nox to the UEE and giving racers from all corners of the Empire the opportunity to become one with speed.

    Having only been introduced in the late 28th century, the Nox represents one of the most recent additions to Aopoa’s lineup and was designed as a direct Xi’an response to Human open-canopy vehicles. Introduced into their culture via the Xi’an settlement on Oya III, the inhabitants there learned to love riding space bikes from their Human neighbors. With permission from Emperor Kr.ē, the Aopoa council crafted a sleek hull from lightweight composite materials that provide maximum speed and maneuverability in both atmospheric environments and vacuum. Unleashed, the Nox would bring new grace and elegance to the unadulterated thrills that only open-canopy racing can provide.
    You can buy it here as well as look at the brochure
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    Around the Verse - Building Solar Systems & Nox Preview
    Chris Roberts and Eric Kieron Davis host this week’s episode, which features a studio update from Frankfurt, a Ship Shape focused on the Nox and a deep dive into how we’re creating entire solar systems.
    Studio Update 
    Level Designfinished the main part of the work they needed to do for the surface outpostshad white boxes for both the modular hangars and garages approvedcurrently focusing on implementing the markup required for locations (room systems, interactions, etc.)Levski will have a combination of hangars and garages to spawn ships and ground vehicles respectivelymoving on to the remaining Stanton system landing zones: Area 18 and Lorville, then Orisin and New BabbageEngineworked on enabling seamlessly blending between global atmosphere and local cubemap based lightingimplemented an improved compression algorithm for the new pak file system to allow efficient data streamingworked on PlanEd to unify the code for marking up areas on a planet making it easier to reuse and extendAIworked on “buddy AI” where NPCs will intelligently follow a designated leader.made progress on ship AI, getting it one step closer to being fully controlled via Subsumption.spent time refining behaviours for first reactions to enemies seen and events hearddid additional work on friendly fire so friendlies are identified correctly in combat situationsVFXcontinued working on effects for various planet surface types including footsteps, weapon impacts, and vehicle tyre effectsexperimented with rigid body simulations and destruction/deformation animations for Squadron 42 cinematicsLightingbringing all surface outposts to their final lighting: fixtures, temperature charts, and rulesCreated a library of prefabs combining existing props with lighting elementsTech Artcontinued to create numerous Mannequin animation fragments for the Cinematic teamimplemented the game entity for the new KSAR Custodian SMG energy weaponadded features to our internal Playblast tool to make it easier to create clips for reviewmade great progress with the new weapon dynamics and secondary motions using both ingame physics and simulationEnvironment Artthe ecosystem ground materials have been improved on all three moonsclose to wrapping up work on the landing pads that will go with the surface outpostsDelamar: surface is getting a final polish with geometry and materials updated and an effects passLevski: final touches for the customs area, garages are close to done, and elevators models updated to fit the modular building setGame Programmingfinishing up the remaining weapon features for 3.0completed the first iteration of the doors and airlockstechnical design new weapons system's network code is being fleshed out; research phase is coming to an endCinematicstesting first pass of the brand new holographic projection volume entity techmade great progress across multiple chapters for Squadron 42QAcontinued testing the new CIG DataPatcher (started testing in May)CopyBuild 3 has also been rolled out to QA and is in its QA testing phaseSubsumption Editor testing continues to be a regular part of the weekly taskstesting multiplayer gameplay in the Stanton system Persistent UniverseSystem Designcontinued to expand the library of useables to be used for both the PU and Squadron 42Air Traffic Control is also making headwaystarted work on the FPS companion/buddy AI, including all orders and the behaviours needed affect themActor Status system is being internally tested right and getting final tweaking and balancingput some finishing touches to the conversation system to assist the cinematics teamWeaponsblocked out numerous universal grip and optics attachmentsconverting the older blocked out attachments to work with our new Attachments Rail systemcompleted initial blockout for the Klaus and Werner Demico laser light machinegunfinished Preacher Armaments Distortion (S4-6)initial blockout for Klaus and Werner Laser Repeater (S1-3), Neutron Repeater (S1-3), and Apocalypse Arms Ballistic Scattergun (S1-3) Ship Shape
    Nox is more geared towards racing or combat versus exploring and scouting for the DragonflyConcept was provided from England and they started with a 2D concept instead of their usual 3D   Tried to infuse Xi'An technology and use a mix of heavy metals and exotic materialsNathan Dearsley and Gary Sanchez assisted in concepting  Skin of the bike is going to be a more armoured type and it has these shells that come up above the rider’s back to protect a little more from behind   Nox will have more of a forward leaning stance like a racerGoing to use a holographic HUD system   Behind the Scenes: Building Solar Systems 
    An unsung hero of Star Citizen tech is the Solar System Ed or SolEd tool that simplifies all facets of solar system creation The old system for solar system creation in 2.0 was all based upon individual placement around a point of origin that didn't allow for scalability or later changes without basically redoing the whole piece of work Actual astronomers and astrophysicists were consulted to push the envelope on variety with feasibility in mind as well as gamer enjoyment in the creation of these different solar systems The final result was extremely detailed and realistic with a huge amount of data collected and used One concession was that a one-tenth scale was adopted for playability and feasibility purposes The SolEd will also allow the time dilation that is decided upon to be implemented easily Over the course of a year the numbers given from the consulted scientists were double checked against the lore provided for consistency Asteroids in the game will be much closer to one another in game than in reality as they would pose no gameplay challenge for players otherwise Many times the scientists offered many creative avenues for feasible and realistic differentiation within the solar systems to be created “Space be crazy” SolEd is being used for procedural planets, but not Crusader as it's a gas giant, and the tech for it is not fully developed yet Even at one-tenth scale the distances at quantum speed take a very long time to travel Quantum travel is always in a straight line as an antigrav bubble protects the players, but turning would negate this, and so is not possible It takes 15 hours to drive around a moon of Crusader They hope that the players realize the vast numbers and care taken into the creation of these systems along with the balancing of realism vs gameplay and of massive scale vs the crafted experience   Courtesy of Relay
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    Aopoa Nox Warbond Presale!

    Astro Armada is pleased to announce that Aopoa’s highly-anticipated new open-canopy racer, the Nox, is now available for sale. Long valued among open-canopy enthusiasts, the 2947 Nox is the first version of the venerable speedster to be especially designed for Human riders.
    Thanks to your recent efforts, our convoy of merchant vessels were able to reach the showroom floor in Prime, so we wanted to extend an exclusive offer to pre-purchase one of these dynamic speedsters for your own collection. Whether you’re planning on skimming the surface of Daymar or exploring the majesty of space, the Nox will take you there.
    You better act fast, like the Nox itself, this offer will disappear in the blink of an eye.
    About the Pre-Sale
    The Aopoa Nox pre-sale will run through Friday, June 23. Pre-sale Noxes include a limited edition Nox Racing Club forum badge which will not be available with the standard model. Credit models and additional multi-ship packs will be available in the full sale, as will a brochure, holoviewer model and additional concept material. The Nox Kue is a limited version available for sale during the concept phase.
    When Will the Nox be Flight Ready?
    The Nox is currently scheduled to be flight-ready with the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 alongside the Dragonfly. The Nox is expected to cost $45 once flight-ready.
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    Around the Verse - Serialized Variables
    Chris and Erin Roberts host this week’s episode, which focuses on how serialized variables make networking a game of this size and scope possible. Plus, Los Angeles provides a studio update.
    Studio Update
    EKD spent part of the month working in the Frankfurt & Wilmslow offices but is glad to be homeNarrativeKnocking out a massive amount of component descriptions needed for the 3.0 releaseWorking on NPC voice packs for 3.0: wrote and recorded roughly 2800 lines for generic NPCsCreated the Persistent Universe Character Tracking Sheet to recorded details of all dialogueReviewing locations and noting what's needed to make more immersive environmental storytellingCargoWrapped up developing the Cargo Grids to provide the visual element of transporting commoditiesThe number of commodities you have manifests as stacks of crates located within the ship's cargo holdYou can put vehicles and loose items into the cargo hold as well, but it will limit the amount of grid spaceEngineeringFinished up implementing the solar system content (aka object containers) into a hierarchyProvided object container editing so that content in an object container can be edited from within a normal levelReworked the handling of vehicle internal damage states so they are significantly easier to setup and debugThe IFCS update process has been converted to batch updates as it does not need to be in lockstep with physicsCompleted the new Quantum Drive 2.0: refactored the drive component and added new features; ready for Design, Art and UIShipsRSI Aurora has gone through a final art check; established 14 different skins for designersAnvil Terrapin is finalising its greybox phase and moving to final art; also in Tech Design greyboxWith the Item 2.0 conversion underway it was time to update update the ship stats page on the websiteTech Art & AnimationReviewing the release to identify code and content fixes that would dramatically improve performanceStatoscope produces, manages and plots graphs from the data logged on a per frame basisImproved the animations save format: scene load times reducedFemale transfer mesh created, male transfer mesh updatedIdentified and fixed an issue with eyelid vertex normals being flippedCharactersKnocking out countless costumes for Squadron 42 and Star CitizenA female character in-game assets is being finished ready for texturingOMC undersuits have finished in-game modelling and on their way to texturingLevski specific civilians and miners are currently being textured before being rigged and implementedReworking legacy UEE and Pirate armour to bring them up to the quality of our current modular assetsA select group of hairstyles and eye options coming in 3.0Male Marine BDU, Male Deck Crew, Female Light Armour and Female Explorer Flight Suit are all implementedBehind the Scenes: Serialized Variables
    Clive Johnson, Foundry 42 UK's lead network programmer was terrified at the prospect of networking Star Citizen, but soon took the impossible problem and broke it down into smaller impossible problemsAll the thousands of elements and entities in the game that might be used thousands of times with certain behaviors or uses has to be implemented in code for both Squadron 42 and Star CitizenThough there are 60 programming engineers and six networking engineers with only three dedicated to making the game work in multiplayer, all have to make sure individually that their code works in multiplayerApplication Programmer Interface (API) cushions the programmer from the problems they want to solve by allowing them to say exactly what it is they want to do, but without saying how to do itLike with assisted driving the API can take action to prevent programmer's mistakes from causing a crashAPIs simplify the programmer's jobs not unlike how driverless cars simply require a destinationMultiplayer games from the purview of programmers are simply many tables and values that correspond to different properties of an entityThese tables help track variables and how their values change over timeProgrammers write code that references multiple tables to produce what one sees in a game-playMultiplayer requires the servers after making changes to these tables to copy them and send them to all of the client machines so that everyone's in syncSince there are hundreds of these variables or properties that must be kept in sync over the network one can periodically send a state of all the tables out, but that can cause bandwidth related issues with higher numbers of entitiesAlternately and what is done now is to only send out a copy if the table is changed for an entityEntities are built by putting different components togetherProblem is with exponential growth of components they also had increase in networking work needed to cover all different entity types, this is when they came up with serialized variableNow programmers just need to write code as normal and item variables to their components as needed with the only extra step being marking variables they want networked in a special waySerialization being the process of packing up data in a form that’s more efficient and better suits being sent over the network or serialized to a fileProgram only needs to write the additional lines that are highlights and on the right and add them to their class definition, this tells the system which members of the structure to watch/updatePreviously they would have needed specific functions for each class and programmers would have had to manually look at the variables they wanted to serialize and write them out into the serialization stream, this leads to extra work and possible errors  Now programmers mark up which variables they want serialized and it’s handled automatically through one unified system, there is also now no need to group things into sections anymoreAPI detects when something’s been modified and let’s the netcode know, even writes the code to handle serialization for them  Update messages are now about as optimized as they’re going to getSerialized variables just don’t work for multiplayer and networking, instead of sending tables/values/variables between server and client they can now store them in the database or save them as a file  Serialized variables is also a cornerstone of building a persistent universe, it’ll require multiple servers communicating with each otherThis means several servers can be aware of an entity all at the same time, how they decide which one gets the final say is using tokensA token can only be held by one computer at a time, this means by linking serialized variables and tokens they’ll be able to transfer authority from one server to another as quickly as flicking a switchCourtesy of Relay
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    You don't have to choose mate, you can join multiple divisions  
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    You sure it's a mouse pad and not a carpet? xD
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    Well, tbh, I never bothered watching them.. when they switched from RtV to this garbage that no one asked for.. I kinda refused watching them xD
    I guess it makes sense to give info in them about sales and stuff.. Just wish they would do something useful in them besides play some SC (and sometimes not even that XD)
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    Oh wow, something useful was mentioned in a Happy Hour? xD
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    CitizenCon 2947 Tickets Inbound!
    Greetings Citizens
    We would like to invite you, our fantastic backers, to CitizenCon 2947! This is our opportunity to celebrate another year with our community, look back on all that has been accomplished, as well as looking forward to upcoming game content. This year we will be celebrating in Frankfurt, home of our German Studio. For backers who are already in town on the Thursday we look forward to meeting you at the Champion’s Bar in the Marriott Frankfurt from 6pm.
    Ticket Details
    CitizenCon 2947 will be held on Friday 27th October at Capitol Theater in Frankfurt: Kaiserstraße 106, 63065 Offenbach am Main. Doors will open in the evening with exact timings to be confirmed closer to the date.
    Come along to see Chris Roberts’ live presentation, meet the team from the Frankfurt office, as well as visiting staff from other studios.
    Grab a ticket to ensure your seat at the show. The 650 tickets for Capitol Theater are €50 each and will go on sale with the following format:
    Saturday 1st July 7PM CEST: 150 Tickets available to Concierge and Subscribers only.Saturday 1st July 11PM CEST: 150 Tickets available to Concierge and Subscribers only.Sunday 2nd July 7PM CEST: 150 Tickets, now available to all backers.Sunday 2nd July 11PM CEST: The remaining 200 Tickets available to all backers.There will be snack food available for purchase at the venue, though attendees are encouraged to meet up and enjoy a meal together before the event.
    Tickets will be available here
    Frequently Asked Questions
    There is a nearby ParkPlatz: Speyerstraße 30, 63065 Offenbach am Main
    Should you find a parking spot on the street nearby, please be aware that this may be chargeable at all hours.
    What to Bring
    PLEASE remember to bring your printed ticket or a digital copy stored on your phone in addition to your photo ID. If you have a Citizen Card or any Star Citizen clothing, bring it (cosplay encouraged).
    There is a bar at the venue for drinks, as well as snack food (sandwiches, wurst and pizza). Attendees are highly encouraged to meet up and enjoy a meal prior to the show.
    Each year, fans have kindly offered gifts for the team. Unfortunately, since many of us will be flying out the next day we are unable to accept anything at the event. We truly appreciate the thought though!
    Is the Capitol Theater wheelchair accessible?
    Yes. There is wheelchair access to most of the venue, including toilets.
    Can I bring my own food and drink?
    No, this is not allowed for the venue – Please stop by one of the traditional German restaurants nearby before the event, or purchase food and drinks at Capitol.
    Will there be seating available?
    Yes, this is a seated event.
    Is there an age restriction for the venue?
    Yes, the event is 18+
    Can people bring their own seating for the wait?
    You may bring a small foldable seat to use while outside the theater, however use of them inside the premises is prohibited, so you would need to use the coat check once inside. Please only bring what you’ll need with you to the event, as well as your Star Citizen merchandise!
    Is there a Coat Check?
    Attendees will be encouraged to store their belongings in the visitor’s cloakroom. Coats, jackets, bags, umbrellas etc., may be asked to be checked if they are large; with deference to everyone’s safety and ease of access. This facility is included in your ticket price, but be sure not to lose your coat check ticket!
    What do I do before the show?
    Rather than queuing up for hours beforehand, we encourage backers to meet up nearby. Keep an eye on Spectrum for posts on this topic closer to the event date.
    If there are unsold tickets from Saturday 1st, will they be available to all backers when tickets are added on the 2nd?
    Yes. On Sunday 2nd the ability to purchase tickets will be unlocked to all backers, which will include any previously unsold tickets.
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    Better question, will this fit in a Caterpillar? Because this looks way better than the dragonfly, I NEED ME 2 OF THESE!
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    Andromeda was made by a different Bioware studio though, probably cause the proper one was working on this garbage.. sad times =<
  16. Akanoes added a post in a topic ANTHEM? What do you think?   

    If they'd shown more I might be interested but they showed very little. It is very pretty and it could be the new destiny maybe, but so far it looked rather boring.
    So far though, I'd say I hate it. This doesn't look like a Bioware game at all. Instead of an amazing story RPG, we get some generic multiplayer garbage.. Although tbf, Bioware completely destroyed their latest Dragon Age game. So maybe a switch was necessary?
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    This is EA we are talking about, even if it is $20 they'll have like a $60 season pass or some bullshit xD
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    Anthem, The new Bioware game
    I'm still not sure what to make of this game, graphics are good and I like the idea of these exosuits but the gameplay was very lacking. Also worried this kind of game wastes Biowares true potential, they are so good at stories and this just feels like a destiny/division-like game that focuses more on multiplayer and less on epic story.
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    Around the Verse - Upgrading Ships to Item 2.0, Part 2
    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host today's episode, which features a UK studio update and part two of our feature on how Item 2.0 affects ships.
    Studio Update
    Air traffic controller sprint: Initial groundwork complete and now moving on to more functionality including communication with ATCIntroducing a new hint system to make initial learning curve lower for new playersChanging how a player spawns into a level (Ex: if a component is added to a bed it will be assumed the player will need to be attached correctly to it and play the normal lie down/idle animation correctly), this removes a large amount of FlowGraph data and simplifies setup for the level  Continuing work for missions in 3.0 with progress on implementation of Mission Broker and Mission ManagerThese determine how a mission and all objectives are presented to/given to the player to complete and also be tracking what missions a player already has/how far through objectives they areAI locomotion: Refining the way Ai walks/runs around a levelImplemented a new path smoothing algorithm which makes AI traversal around corners more naturalCurrently working on making reaching that point and going into whatever animation required seamless as possibleGraphics team: Wrapping up/bug fixing major features mentioned in last update such as lit fog, real time environment probes for planet lightings, etcTweaks to lighting model to improve appearance of ground reflections of the sun on planets at sunset/sunriseUK Animation team: Continued work on FPS weapons with previous complete for Gemini L86 ballistic pistolArrowhead now close to final with some minor polish work left for reload statesTakedowns gone from implementation pass to more refined animation passAI animation work ongoing with improvement to posing of enemy patrol states and reactions to sight/soundTeam helping to export remaining gameplay story cinematic scenes so Design can implement and better visualize the story within levels they're working onDerby Animation team: Finishing off facial animations for 3.0 mission givers and Eckhart's body animation is being polished/implementedSome of the team attended a PU audio/facial shoot in LondonVFX team: Continued tests of new lightning entity focusing on smaller scale interior electrical effectsTesting features in new particle system as provided by Graphics team including better trail options and depth buffer based collisionsFirst Levski exterior VFX pass underwayCutlass flight ready VFX including interior damage and thruster effects now doneContinued work on atmospheric flight effects with focus on play testing/bug fixing/testing new features provided by Graphics/Engineering teamsOngoing polish for VFX for new weapons and reworked version is continuing up to 3.0 releaseArt side: Origin 600i concept process now finishedNext ground vehicle moving along and about to kick off a whole new round of shipsShip weapons they've take Klaus and Werner styling from FPS weapons and used it to influence worn on Klaus and Werner laser repeaterLooking at some cool looking MaxOx neutron repeatersArt team: Working away at further Shubin Mining Station interiorsContinued work on providing infrastructure to habitation pods including comms arrays/water collectors/small deployable communication unitsSpace scenes getting facelift for 3.0 release, adding texture and visual interest to space overworld big priority for 3.0 releaseReworked some of the distant nebula in Stanton systemWorking on large scale nebula rendering techniques using Pyro system as a test case, techniques will help create interstellar scale nebulaSQ42: Exploring the look/feel of the Coil using powerful fluid simulations to help achieve this lookOngoing work for Truck Stop Stations materialsWork on solar panelsRest of Truck Stop team are finalizing main hull pieces before proceeding to front/back sections of stationsSpecial consideration being made to ensure to nothing looks visually repetitiveDetailing areas around landing pad ongoing including adding more visual complexity to back of landing pad/around the borders on edge of the padSurface Outposts: More archetypal outposts have had a dressing and lighting pass including emergency shelterAs well as illegal drug lab which may/may not be on one of the moonsPlanet integration materials for outpost exterior tested/tweaked for sand/ice biomesBranding prototyping explored for procedural locations with Rayari brand as test case including main logos/text along with secondary logos, indents, etcThis would procedurally swap brands depending on ownership of the outpostShip team: Reclaimer work completed on drone room with focus on drone deployment/storage mechanismEngine room also been completed making use of repurposed assets from IdrisExterior damage setup nearing completion with internal geometry being built to be exposed when ship takes damageWork on derelict ship/wreckage elements coming to end for initial batchSupport now in place for Design to create mission scenarios based on derelict ships in space/on planetsMaterial variations of each ship created so ships will look embedded to the surface typeAll that's remaining are technical elements such as LODs, vis areas, collisionsGladius cockpit revamped/relit for new cockpit experienceArt side it's been achieved by clearing a channel between top support screens to reveal Gatling gun on the nose, making a range of interactive buttons, remodeling throttle for improved functionalityCockpit canopy extended for better clarity and new interior lighting addedHull C exterior work on finishing landing gear mechanisms and detailing inner bay areas while creating initial animations and work towards final artFront section of interior now modelling complete and getting a detailed lighting passOnce complete tunnel section/rear engine room will be modelled and lit in same fashionLive Design team: Moving ahead with content for PU, giving needed attention to existing Arena Commander and Star Marine mapsDying Star had procedural asteroids addedStar Marine maps received balancing changesEcho 11 some adjustments to capture pointsLast Stand and Demien added a new EVA route from Marine spawn zone to Landing Pad BUI front: New features making their way into mobiGlasProgress on home screen functionality and displaying elements of actor status, atmospheric readouts, suit status readouts, personal overviewPlayer loadout management working as an app in mobiGlas, should easily carry over to handle ship loadout customization as well as is currently in Arena Commander frontend menuWorking to get mobiGlas UI in general to be projected using new render to texture techWork on designing/implementing upcoming character customization menu on frontend which will be included in 3.0Players will be able to create/customize various characters in PUAudio team: Features for 3.0 release including Procedural Planet Ambience systemRefining approach on how to produce ship armaments and first person audioProducing sound schemes for different kinds of diegetic user interfaces that will feature in 3.0Preparation begun for foley session to ensure audio coverage for character clothing/armour and content to extend footsteps system furtherProgress on foundational audio tech such as dynamic bank loading/actor status system/audio propagation system/music logic system/content production for derelict ships/bespoke 3.0 location sound design/ship damage effects/audio support/ship improvements/etcShip Migration, Part 2
    Seatsthe original seats were part of the vehicle system and controlled enters, exits, etc.1.0 seats turned them into a more generic system but they couldn't play animations on the vehicleended up with two systems vehicle seats for single seaters and 1.0 seats for multi-crew2.0 seats solved this by creating seat, seat dashboard and a seat access items2.0 seats required them to break out all the assets into different items and animations into different stateshad to do it ship by ship: all ships are very special snowflakesUI1.0 seats used an ISeatHost structure which many systems, including UI, hooked intothe UI was listening to all these crazy events and had to rely on the seat hostif the seat host disappeared but didn't unregister it could crash or cause all sorts of problems2.0 infrastructure relies on the item components rather than the seat or vehiclecurrently have to maintain 1.0 and 2.0 system until they can switch off the old systemEventsthe original events system sent an event to the vehicle which dispatched it to every itemthe issues were every item got every event, they got them immediately and it ran the main threadreplaced it with a multi-threaded event system: items have their own event system and can link to each otheritems process pull down and process events during their batch update then dispatch events to other itemsControllerswith the old system each item would handle it's own full set of logic2.0 introduced the new concept of a control manager, controllers and subitemsplayer connects to the control manager (e.g. ship) which connects to controllers (e.g. power) which connects to itemsnow items have very specific logic and the controller takes the input from the user and translates it for the itemscall it a control hierarchyCourtesy of Relay 
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    Pretty sure it is as they said in the last ATV that they finished it  
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    Monthly Studio Report: May 2017
    Welcome to the Monthly Report for May 2017, a detailed list of what the developers in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Austin, and the UK have been up to for the past four weeks in both written and video form.
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    Get Payday 2 for free!

    They are giving away 5 milion free copies! Click on the image to get it =3
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    Subscriber's Town Hall w/ UK Props Team
    Ben Curtis and Cory Bamford of the UK Props Team chat with Jared Huckaby as they answer questions exclusively from our development subscribers about their work on Star Citizen and Squadron 42.
    Today's Happy Hour featured two members of the Foundry 42 U.K. Props team: Corey Banford and Ben Curtis.The props team is responsible for all the things you see that aren't bolted down or ships and weapons. This ranges from things as small as a pen, bottles, and cups to crates, shipping containers, and the weather antenna on certain surface outposts.The props team also makes ship components! They're responsible for making the components that we in the ships and soon be able to admire they're work more closely with the ability to swap out modules in the ships post 3.0. For 5 of the basic component types, they've estimated that they have been working on between 20-25 for each component type.Consistency is a big deal to them because not only do they want the components to fit properly, but they're also designing the components to have a unique look and feel to them based off their manufacturer so that you can look at a component and know who built it at a glance.The prop team's long term goal is to allow props in the world to be manipulated by players if they choose to do so and interact with them in such a way that creates new gameplay for them if they so desire such as shooting out lights or breaking glass etc. They will be implementing damage states for many more props over time with  wear and tear so finding things in the universe will be different as the elements and time will play a part in the condition of something.There was a big debate over whether a sink should have one faucet or two with Corey stating that two faucets, hot and cold are superior due to the ability to use both, but Ben redid his bathroom and added only one faucet stating the convenience for his children's sake. When someone asked about the Crusader Industries B419 Tactical Stealth Utility Tarp they were very hush hush about it.Courtesy of Relay
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    Happy Hour Interview: Item 2.0 Discussion
    Host Jared Huckaby sits down with Lead Technical Designer Kirk Tome, Senior Gameplay Engineer Mark Abent and Gameplay Engineer Chad McKinney to discuss the new gameplay possibilities presented by the continuing upgrades to Item System 2.0.
    Today's Happy Hour featured guests Mark Abent, Kirk Tome, and Chad McKinney talking about Item system 2.0 and what it means to 3.0 and beyond.Item system 2.0 isn't a single entity, but the technology that allows them to customize objects infinitely more than before. CryEngine before used Logic blocks which worked well, until you wanted something different from them. Item System 2.0 removes the logic from the blocks and allows developers to put in whatever they'd like. So instead of getting into a ship and having it automatically turning on, now you can get into the ship and sit there. From there you can turn on individual systems or turn them off at any given time. You can also have a co-pilot manipulate the shields in specific ways such as how much power is diverted to them or the direction the shields can be focused. Power can be diverted from weapons to engines to give a better chance of escape, etc.Locking your ship likely won't be in 3.0 as it's more involved than just a simple lock, but designing a security system to allow for passage of certain players and the system can be adapted to more than just doors.All ships have to be converted to Item system 2.0 for 3.0.For the first release there won't be restrictions on ship components as they want to test to system to make sure it works, down the line they'll tweak it to have certain ships only allow certain components.They posted a sneak peek of the ship stats page revamp and said that anytime a ship changes, they'll update it right away. Courtesy of Relay
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    Around the Verse - Upgrading Ships to Item 2.0
    Learn how the implementation of Item 2.0 will affect your ship. Sandi Gardiner and Eric Kieron Davis host this week’s episode, which also features studio updates from Austin and Turbulent.
    Studio Update
    Some core tasks they've been focused on are state machines for the first NPCs being implemented and state machines for organization of animation assets for Mission Givers as well as the navigation beacon system.State machines are used for visualizing how the NPCs will behave, but tell animators when and where animations need to transition between each other.The navigation beacon system will allow players to create their own roads so to speak within a star system. These beacons can also be shared for others to use. Beacons can also be hacked or destroyed allowing a variety of gameplay options to occur such as selling points of interest, hacking a beacon and selling the location to pirates for an ambush, or disrupt the ability to travel.Miles Eckhart is getting polish along with other mission givers by the Derby office.Miles will be unlockable through reputation earned by completing other quests and once unlocked will give a variety of mission encounters.PU
    Tony Zurovec has completed the conversion of the subsumption tech to Linux for integration into the backend system and also completed the shopping service for game mode to hook it up.Review and directed mission scenarios for 3.0.Ship Art
    Josh Coons has been busy with LODs for the Cutlass black in order to optimize the performance at varying distances. This process takes awhile due to the LODs being mainly crafted by hand.Engineering
    Providing support for the shopping service.Engineers created a Diffusion gateway service that allows external and non Diffusion services to communicate with the game as if they were internal Diffusion services.Diffusion also had a focus on integration into the primary game development stream.A new tool is being developed for the creation of services via a simple UI for engineers to add, remove, or modify components and give resource management control. This saves a massive amount of time for engineers.Ooze has had Star Citizen specific extensions added to it which gives Diffusion greater access to services to provide more intricate support for gameplay features.Work on the router mesh functionality which distributes services over multiple router endpoints and created improvised redundant communication paths between other services. The goal for the router mesh is to provide a high level service availability and performance.PU Animation Team
    Finished the two handed carry animations which include standing, crouching, and zero g.Players when standing can pick 25, 50, and 75cm crates which is the new standard metric for crates.Crouching players can pickup 25, and 50cm crates.Zero g players can pick 25, 50, and 75cm crates and move them around in space.Players will be able to pick objects off the floor and lift them onto a shelf that's 175cm high if deisred.a mocap shoot was done by Steve Bender  for FPS starts and stops for the stock rifle animation set and captured Sandi Gardiner doing female exercises for the exercise usable.Also captured animations for other various things such as going into a bar, ordering and receiving a drink, or buying things from a shopkeeper.Ship Animation Team
    Continued work on cockpit experience.Updating Gforce blend space poses, utilizing a low pass filter for smoother, smarter camera motion and adjusting geometry to allow for button presses.Also adding the ability to make com calls within a ship during flight.DevOps
    Optimizing the build and publishing systems.Ahmed and his team have been collecting feedback from three network locations to compare to internal data and have found ways to improve performance.QA
    Focus on figuring out which bugs are relevant and not as the new tech has rendered many bugs obsolete and not requiring fixing by developers because of the new systems coming online saving a lot of developer time on inquiries.New vehicles, ships, and FPS items came online with the Behring P8SC SMG as an example of one of them.Testing the new procedural breathing and stamina system as well as the air traffic controller.Bug fixes and quality of life fixes for the launcher.Support for the animation team with mocap file clean up, setup and take down of shoots, and editor bug testing.Player Relations
    Focused on preparing for 3.0 and the new player experience which will be going up on the site to match the content that's in the game.Evocati ranks are growing in the coming weeks and more folks are being added to Austin, Manchester, and Frankfurt QA.Turbulent
    The RSI website is undergoing a redesign in order to consolidate everything that's currently playable and give new players and existing players a good idea of what Star Citizen has to offer and allow newcomers to understand what Star Citizen is all about.They've taken inspiration from many websites that they've liked which have fit this approach they're going for and were inspired by the many community contributions that have helped new players and created immersive content for many to view.A new module will be implemented to guide new players into the right direction of how to play Star Citizen. This a guide on how to master Star Citizen, but to get your feet wet and let you figure out what you're doing and go from there.This module is being designed as modular as it can be to allow it to adapt to the changes and new features the game will release in the coming months and years.Spectrum 0.3.5 should be released by now and if not will be in the coming days.  One of the features available in 0.3.5 is the ability for the viewer to choose whether to view the thread in chronological or nested and have the setting persist across all clients and sessions.Another feature is the read state and allowing users to know which threads or replies they haven't seen as indicated with a yellow dot in multiple areas on Spectrum.Tags are also being changed to allow for better customisation of them and the ability to manipulate bookmarks to whatever you'd like to call them.Search is being upgraded to allow for search filtering of author or role and mobile now has the search function available.0.3.5 will also come with several performance improvements with thread listing being 10 times faster than before.0.3.6 will feature a revamp of the mini profiles and have actions available on them as new builds release such as the friends system.0.3.6 will also allow for custom roles and be able to add and assign roles to members through the mini profile.0.3.6 is also going to have endline images, linked formatting and more formatting options.Private group messaging is slated for 0.3.6, but may not make it will 0.3.7.Voice and game integration is still ongoing as well.Ship Migration Part 1
    To support the long term features we wanted in the game we're currently converting all of our ships to the new Item 2.0 FrameworkComponents need updating to fit the new architecture so they will work with the new Interaction SystemEvery single team at CIG is working towards this due to the level of and demands of the features wantedThe old 1.0 infrastructure worked well for it's time, but with the level of complexity and features we wanted it would soon lead to chaos as far as controls and callbacks were concerned not to mention if something needed to be augmented or added at a later date, and in the process increasing variety as wellThe Item 2.0 System is actually allowing components to affect game-play in a logical and intuitive manner as with quantum fuel tanks on bigger ships allowing more fuel and thus longer distances before refuelingThe new Interaction System now ties interactions with certain interaction points enabling more contextual and logical control behaviorEvery team literally is having to revisit all of our animations, damage materials, the UV2s and even propsWhere lights are concerned they now have things called light groups that designate where these lights are and when exporting the level it creates item ports where the lights attach to, now the control manager is aware of them and they can get power and controlThey took it a step further and have something called the light controller which registers to the control manager and the lights register to that now there’s, for example, a button to turn lights on and offEach ship requires an entire retrofit from step oneInteractions that used to occur automatically, some of that control has been given over to the playerIn some cases they took old assets and updated the code to implement them, in other cases they updated the assets to adhere to the new codeBalance tweaks which will give the player incentive to explore upgraded itemsThey need to maintain game play that the community loves with the balance and hard work done by the designersA lot more capacity for multicrew ships with Item 2.0Each component (Ex: physics, geometry, etc) can have their own update or they can update in a batch updateOne of the biggest improvements they hope is going to be with the IFCSJust recently moved it from a main thread physics to one of these batch updatesCourtesy of Relay
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