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  1. Greetings Citizens! From Weapons we move onto Turrets, the next logical step on our tour of the New Ship Matrix. You may have recently seen our discussion on Around the Verse about improving the overall Turret Experience, and we’ve been hard at work on what we feel are significant improvements to their usability as part of ongoing advancements planned not just for Alpha 3.0, but beyond. In our next release, the way you control them is entirely refactored with better gyro-stabilization to help keep them on target, and hopefully giving you much more enjoyable and successful time when using them. Turrets can be found on ships of all sizes, from starters to capital ships, and the mounts they attach to can vary as dramatically in size as well. The largest found on some capital ships are as big as the smaller ships flying escort, wielding weapons capable of massive destruction. With this update to the New Ship Matrix, we now divide turrets in to two distinct categories: Manned and Remote. Both of these turret types support player, NPC or AI control via various methods detailed further below. All Turrets Turrets can only be attached to turret hardpoints, they cannot go on weapon or ordnance hardpoints. Turrets themselves have multiple itempoints of their own for attaching armament to. These are traditionally weapon hardpoints, but some turrets can also have ordnance and utility hardpoints as well. Turrets can only be swapped out for the same type of turret, and all turrets are “hull locked.” This means you can only swap a Manned Constellation Turret out for a different variant of a Manned Constellation Turret. You can not swap one out for a Manned Starfarer Turret, as example. Remote Turrets cannot be swapped for Manned Turrets, and vice versa due to hull requirements. As they are now “hull locked” turrets no longer have a size attributed to them. You can only swap out like for like. They no longer have a +2 to the sum size of the weapons calculation. Manned Turrets These turrets are controlled by a player or NPC acting as player within them, usually in a seat that moves from within the ship hull into the turret itself. All manned turrets have a consistent entrance tube diameter which means that upon destruction… they become a viable breach point. Remote Turrets These turrets are controlled from a station or seat elsewhere within the ship by a player or NPC acting as player. Their view is remotely sent back from the turret allowing them to control it and see what it sees while physically being elsewhere in the ship. Remote turrets have no physical path inside them for players to enter, so they’re a great way for us to add defense on ships where space is a premium, but will often pack lower size weapons. AI vs NPC vs Point Defense Turrets Any turret can be controlled via an NPC acting as player, but AI or Autonomous Control is a separate function requiring a blade to be added to your computer item (formerly Avionics Module). For each turret you wish to be AI controlled i.e. it engages and tracks independently of player or NPC input, you need to have a Blade equipped for that. Ships that come with these types of turrets either have these blades already installed or additional computer items to hold them in, as blade space is restricted. This is designed to force players into choosing between adding this feature or other blade features when customizing your ship. Point Defense Turrets are simply AI controlled turrets with the computer and blades necessary, and with a specific weapon loadout intended to make them effective at neutralizing incoming fast threats like missiles or torpedoes. Any turret can be equipped with these particular weapons and computer blades. PDTs just come ready to go out of the box. The Future of Turret Gameplay or: How We Want Turret Gameplay to Feel We’d like everyone who straps themselves into a turret to have a satisfying experience when doing so. To this end, we’ve been making improvements on the most important aspect of turret gameplay — aiming at, and hitting, your intended targets. Controlling the orientation of the turrets has become more responsive and intuitive in Alpha 3.0, and the additional staggered fire mode means that you are able to scatter shots along a line of fire for better total accuracy at the cost of per-instance damage. We think being at the controls of such a powerful arsenal of weapons should be a visceral experience. Camera shake, g-force effects, articulated directional controls, and an improved UI in which crew members can identify important targets to each other are all being worked on and should come in future 3.x patches. When this continuing work is completed, having a crew member manning every turret should prove to be a formidable force, with each turret being capable of firing salvo after salvo at enemy targets with pinpoint accuracy. Gather a squad of teammates, fill those once-empty turret seats, and watch ships like the Retaliator become the flying fortress it was always meant to be. Beware, you pesky Aurora pirates! Frequently Asked Questions or: Questions We Figured You Might Have Q: What ships had “twin-link” or two weapons on a single gimbal and are now converted to remote turrets? Mustang Series (Chin Turret) Hornet Series (Canard and Ball Turret) F8 (Rear Turret) 85X (Belly Turret) Ursa Rover (Top Turret) Reliant (Wing Turret) Terrapin (Nose Turret) Redeemer Hull Series (Nose Turret) Caterpillar (Command Module Turret) Source
  2. Greetings Citizens! Todays topic of discussion on the New Ship Matrix is all about thrusters and how we reflect their stats on the web page. Thrusters are obviously a key part of a spaceships and critical for getting you around and also a key area to manage in both fuel consumption and emissions. Thrusters come in a huge range of sizes and types from the smallest fixed maneuvering thruster on a Nox, the huge pivoting VTOL thrusters found on the Idris, and all the way to the humongous fixed main thrusters found on the Bengal. The first and most dramatic thing to notice with thrusters on the new matrix is the removal of TR values or Thrust Rating from the stats page and we’ve done this for a few reasons: With how ships are setup and tuned now we do not currently dictate independant thruster outputs, instead we allow thrust to be shunted around the thrusters as needed from a pool but within a total capped amount per thruster. With this its meant we have no “desired” or minimum thrust output values to generate TR values from or against. The value itself was always very confusing to explain and often did not match the art of the thrusters created by the talented art team which caused further confusion. How could a TR1 thruster on ship X be as powerful as a TR1 thruster on ship Y when its 1/10 the size? It was a un-intuitive and uninformative value to compare ships with given how complicated the flight model is, knowing that a ship had three TR2’s versus another with 2 TR3’s gave no useful information that couldn’t be better presented elsewhere, such as the values on the Technical Information panel we discussed yesterday. The second change to notice is the removal of Size attributes for the thrusters, these have been removed for much the same reason as TR was removed. As thrusters are unique to the ship and swappable in complete sets the size loses all meaning. Instead of the old Thrust Rating and Size values we now display the amount and more information on the type of thruster equipped to your ship between the two categories of thruster: Main Thrusters Main {M} The primary thrusters on the ship that are responsible for making it go forwards, these are the most important ones on traditionally constructed ships and provide the bulk of forward momentum. Retro {R} Having moved from the maneuvering section of the old matrix these are now counted in the Main Thruster category as they are a critical thruster set on the ship. There is little point having the biggest thruster around if you cant stop in time! Generally found in pairs some ships may have more or less depending on their roles and having a damage one can cause serious issues when trying to stop. VTOL {V} These thrusters provide lift in the Z+ axis and can either be fixed in one position to provide continuous upward thrust or can pivot when needed to provide that thrust. Cargo or particularly ships tend to have fixed VTOL thrusters on the underside if they are required to enter/exit planets or moons with gravity to aid them in leaving the atmosphere and to also slow their decent. If a ship does not have any dedicated VTOL thrusters it is not the end of the world, it just requires more forethought under those circumstances mentioned before. Maneuvering Thrusters Fixed {F} Fixed Maneuvering thrusters provide instant thrust output as they do not need to align to the desired vector first, this gives a quicker response leading to more agility. The downside is you need to have more of them, a minimum of 12 on a ship to provide the ability to move in any direction with 6DOF. Gimbal {G} Gimbal Maneuvering thrusters provide thrust on one or more axis as they pivot or rotate to align themselves to the desired vector before providing thrust. This allows less thrusters to be needed but at the cost of a slower response rate and a small amount of power required to move them into position, making them vulnerable to power management problems. The best way to theorycraft ship performance using these stats is to consider the types of thrusters in conjunction with the maneuvering stats on the Technical Information panel that we detailed in the last post. Frequently Asked Questions or: Questions We Figured You Might Have If Thrust Ratings (TR) are not displayed, will they ever come back? In some form yes, whilst we’ve removed them from the Ship Matrix for now due to the above reasons we have plans to bring back a more useful form of them with ongoing thruster and flight model updates in future patches, in part to deal with the somewhat overpowered maneuvering thrusters that have become commonplace with the changes to the flight model in 2.6. Can we swap out thrusters for ones with increased performance/other abilities? That is the goal but not possible in SC Alpha 3.0 and will be included in a future update. We plan to allow players to swap out their thrusters in sets, main and maneuvering together, for ones of alternate type such as Racing or Stealth styled ones. These would come with a visual difference to differentiate them from the stock loadout alongside adjusted stats in various systems to provide a different flight experience from normal. For example swapping out a Hornets default thruster set for a Stealth thruster set would seriously reduce its IR emissions over standard at the expense of performance and wear rate. Source
  3. Sandi Gardiner and Forrest Stephan host an episode focused on improvements coming to legacy armor. Plus, watch what bugs were dealt with in this week’s “Burndown.” Highlights Soon™
  4. Engineering - Shipyard Post

    Connstelation being large and freelancer being medium confirmed :O This is by far the most useful they've shown us all year xD
  5. Lead Writer Dave Haddock delves into the Stanton System and provides an overview of its major planets. He even shares the system's initial concept and description from the game’s early days.
  6. Greetings Mercury Core, With 3.0 crawling ever closer and with it the first industry content. This means the time has finally come to start a weekly Industry event! We aren’t sure yet what day to hold it though. Currently it’s between 3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Let us know what is best for you and after a few weeks we’ll start a poll for the time. EDIT: Keep in mind that the event will most likely be hosted by someone in the european timezone. So if you think of picking Friday for example then the event would be hosted in the european evening which would be US late morning or early afternoon.
  7. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host an episode that dives into the enhancements coming to cockpits. Plus, catch the first “Burndown” since the Evocati got there hands on 3.0. Highlights Burndown Delta patcher has been getting positive feedback from community Another advantage of patcher is they can downgrade builds as quickly as they can upgrade them in case they missed problem in testing, roll back to an older version until they figure out what went wrong Main focus being performance pushes Hoping to get new builds out everyday if they can to Evocati because of the new Delta patcher Next steps is focusing on shopping/commodities feature to present to Evocati 23 must fix issues Cockpit Experience The Cockpit Experience Sprint was born from Chris' desire to make it more visceral and feel special Jake and John broke Chris' goals into sprints and partnered with Animation, Audio, Visual Effects and Engineering Included G-forces, hit reactions, visual effects and lighting states Started with one cockpit type "HOTAS CL" which is used by 7/8 ships including the Gladius Adjusted the position of the joystick, throttle, seat, main gun Added VFX (sparks, smoke, fire, debris) to indicate incoming damage and damage states (slight, medium, heavy) Hooked the Actor Status System into the G-force system: players consume more oxygen and use different breathing techniques Ensured the UI screens were very consistent and of sufficient size to be easily read without zoom Bringing back the combat visor interface support screens: by default will show player's and target's status Improved and reapplied the control templates to the HOTAS CL ships (with scope for future actions too) One goal is that a player should be able to work out everything a ship does through Interaction Mode Animators are tuning G-force experience so it feels correct, adding idles and fidgets Hit reactions are based on the direction you are getting hit, from all six axes, blended together When the player performs an action there should be physical reaction in the cockpit (and ultimately the character performing it to) Changed the enslavement process between seats and players which massively simplifies setup Cockpits are now being designed with redundancy for future functions that could be added. It was a global effort to make the cockpit redesign happen as it affects the core of the game’s code and without proper coordination, the game would cease to work. Courtesy of Relay
  8. Moved to general questions and chat, the news section is only for offical star citizen news (directly from CIG's mouth)
  9. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host an episode focused on the improvements made to manned turrets and featuring another installment of “Burndown.” Highlights EVOCATI TIME! Turrets Hitting targets with turrets was quite unsatisfactory in the past and improvement of that was their goal They imported the old system in for set designer freedom of control, to hook it into the new pipe system properly, and adapt it to a new aiming system Aiming improved by increasing turret rotation dependent upon distance to target and faster response to player movement as well as decreasing of freelook area Though they plan to eliminate the dash-pip, there are several that enable better aiming that also include the circle-pip and crosshair-pip. They also included IK to allow the player to see their body and G-forces along with gimbal ship compensation to increase fun along with accuracy Simultaneous turret seat movement and rotation was accomplished in animation and involved bones and timing in states One problem encountered made the player dizzy from the snapping of rotations and animations Another problem entailed the player starting out by facing the wrong direction once loaded into the turret solve by allowing rotations to be defined in DATAForge This also allowed for the player entering at odd angles The most challenging aspects dealt with converting what the player wanted to do as far as their aiming input Another fun feature added is alternate fire mode allowing for all guns blazing or sequential fire for better targeting Another issue was setting limits so that a player didn't shoot their own ship when an enemy target dove below them Though they lost some things in the Item 2.0 conversion for turrets they are working to retrieve them and add even more to the UI for better enemy awareness Some possible improvements include the sharing of target and radar information between multiple crewmembers Much of the most important improvements were made simply through trial and error Courtesy of Relay
  10. Cherie Heiberg visits the Pallas System, the location of first contact between Humanity and the Xi’an. Hear about its astronomy, history and even learn the Xi’an name for the system.
  11. WOW! Snow pic.

    Fixed it for ya, so it actually shows the picture
  12. When we sat down to begin work on the X1, we began with an exercise taught to me by the legendary ship designer I am pleased to call my mentor, Akira Yedomos. He believed that “only by attempting to reach beyond, could one build for the real world," so the entire team was encouraged to unshackle their imagination and build a vehicle that adhered to as many or as few 'established' rules as they wished. The result was a fast, maneuverable open-canopy racer that's as much of a work of art while at rest as it is in motion. With thrusters seemlessly integrated into the sleek hull, the X1 organically fuses function with form and continues Origin's proud legacy of luxury perfection If you’d like to add one to your fleet, they’re available in the pledge store until 20:00 UTC October 6, 2017. You can also view a detailed schematic of the X1 in the Holo Viewer in the Tech Overview of the ship page, and be sure to enjoy Origin Jumpworks' X1 brochure. As with every Concept Sale, we will also be doing a Q&A post. There will be a forum thread on Spectrum to take your questions. Make sure to vote for the questions you most want to see answered and we will be posting the dev’s responses next week. Look for the Comm-Link Schedule next week to find out when that post will go up. For the full post go here X1 BASELINE EDITION Built in collaboration with famed astroengineer Alberto Vara, Origin’s new X1 is a high-performance open-canopy ship designed for anyone who’s ever asked “can I go faster?” Normal <-> Warbond X1 VELOCITY EDITION Origin Jumpworks’ X1 VELOCITY takes speed to a whole new level. Constructed under the direction of Alberto Vara, the Velocity offers a lighter chassis to decrease overall ship weight, making the Velocity a dangerous new addition to the open-canopy racer lineup. Normal <-> Warbond X1 FORCE EDITION Travel in confidence with the X1 FORCE. Featuring additional defensive capabilities, this new open canopy ship from Origin Jumpworks is equally suited for ground-based exploration or even reconaissance and security operations. Normal <-> Warbond
  13. The Origin X1 will go on sale Friday, September 29, 2017. There will be three variants with prices ranging from $40 to $50. Source
  14. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this week’s episode. It features a deep dive into the usables system and another episode of “Burndown.” Highlights Usables system started life in the run up to CitizenCon 2016 They needed lightweight interactible seats but only had the (very complex) pilot seats Quickly grew to include other things: first case wasn't a seat at all but the hacking laptop The AI doesn't know how to sit in a chair so the chair has to tell them, step-by-step what to do Involved different disciplines to improve workflow e.g. replacing alignments with dynamic enters/exits Created a process for requesting usables and categorizing them between "can do" and "need tech" First test case for AI was the mess hall table: 8 actors can potentially use it at the same time Stacking behaviours: using a useable (e.g. glass) which is on a useable being used (e.g. table) Making usables feel real and natural comes down to having variation in the animations They approach the problem from what it takes to make it look good and feel alive, but that requires thousands of usables, and so must be balanced with production demands and cost Instead they use a group of animations and then extract the movement from those animations to prevent conflicted use of usables or their use outside of the navigation mesh Variation is the key to making it look natural as well as constant movement such as fidgeting or glancing around As with all things this is an iterative process and they seem to learn the most from their failures One of the biggest breaks was in getting rid of the alignment slot allowing for more flexibility and natural use of usables with the aid of IKs Averaging out the correction and extending the time over which it occurs also helps to prevent snapping and make the animation appear more natural Two types of IK used are the animation driven IK which is more in the direct control of the animator and the design driven IK which is done as more of a layer on top of the animations The usable system has been a definite international example of the lending a hand Bryan Brewer is feeling quite flush from all the pickup shooting and toilet metrics he's done as well as creating transitions that do just that between animations culminating in hopefully an even more natural experience Usables can become quite complex, but finding the balance shouldn't be a problem as long as you can describe it in data for the code Courtesy of Relay
  15. Join Jared Huckaby as he sits down with the Directors and Engineers of our LA Studio to answer questions live from our development subscribers.
  16. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner take a look at the upcoming Air Traffic Controller system and bring you another installment of “Burndown.”
  17. Hello again Mercury Core! The results for the day are in and it's a tie between Friday and Saturday. We would like to run an event for both days but for now we will go with Saturday as we don't have enough people to run both. For the purpose of this poll all times are in GMT as we don't need the confusion Daylight Saving Time can bring. If you don't know what timezone you are in this map should help. Keep in mind that this is multiple choice, if you are good for multiple times don't be afraid to vote for more than 1 EDIT: I should probably mention why it jumps from 3 to 7, this is to avoid conflict with the meeting.
  18. Will Weissbaum ventures into Banu space to explore Gliese. This resource-rich system is home to a massive flotilla and a fair amount of mystery around why the Banu refuse to set foot on its most promising planet.
  19. Adam Wieser uncovers the many mysteries of the Chronos System. Learn about its astronomy and why the UEE decided to hold onto this system on the Empire’s edge.
  20. The Friday event would be at a different time, these times are for Saturday. Friday will probably be at a later time, a time better suited for Americans as Saturday is pretty much European times. P.S. You definitely did not fix it xD
  21. Sandi Gardiner and Josh Herman host this week’s episode of Around the Verse. This episode explores the upcoming mission system and includes another installment of “Burndown." Highlights 26 issues left before Evocati (down from 76, while some of these were fixed others were just removed from the list so Evocati can get it in their hands faster) Your actions have consequences, a criminal for example will have to deal with things such as security forces, bounties and reputation loss. They want a living and breathing world, one where key NPC’s have real backstories, well thought out motivations and reasons for being where they are. While they use a lot of procedural tech, it is only used as the canvas, something to build upon. Hopefully one day they can stack missions onto each other, for example you save a cargo ship from pirates but he got damaged and asks if you can transport the cargo in his stead. The mission designers have stepped way completely from flowgraphs and are now using subsumption. While this means they had to redo all the mission it does speed up the process and provide great features. For example spawning NPC’s in sensible places, so they don’t end up on top of a table or even on top of the ship. Subsumption also helps make the missions more procedural. Instead of telling a mission to spawn two pirates, it will generate ships based on the location. A wealthy system will spawn a bunch of security ships, a poverty-stricken system will spawn more pirates. Subsumption also helps with reusability, if we look at a pickup mission, they only have to design the mission once and can then reuse it as many times as they want, be it in space or at an outpost. Mobiglas will provide access to most missions based on your reputation, location, crime status and more. There are two types of missions, one will be more story focussed, where an NPC will personally update you on their situation (think Eckhart). The other come in the form of random encounters in space, these will appear on your radar and can be anything from a distress beacon to a spotted pirate patrol.
  22. If I didn't know you austin, I would've thought you were a spambot xD But yea, here is the link to it =3
  23. New features - Spectrum will now track Karma when other members upvote your content within each community. - Spectrum will now track your post count when you create forum threads or replies within a community. - Threads which contain roles that are tracked (e.g. staff posts) will now contain buttons to jump directly to those special replies within a thread. Changed - Flagging posts in private orgs will no longer create misconduct reports - The RSI login page will now redirect you to your previous location in Spectrum - New Search UI to search for all, erased or nonerased content (nonerased being default) - Spectrum will now always display the member who soft-erased a reply or message - A new global permission can be given to roles to allow members to reveal and search soft-erased content - Member Profile Popup Cleaner, more space-efficient design Integrated message box to send a quick private message to the member without having to switch to the private message view Post Count and Karma display! - Removed 'content' from flag notifications sent to officers (redundant) - Added send button to mini profile popup on mobile Fixed bugs - Fixed long words in names breaking thread reply layout - Fixed tracked post links having 100% viewport height in Safari - Fixed broken channels filter in the thread creation view - Fixed large vote counts spilling out of vote button - Fixed broken 'continue this thread' link in nested mode - Fixed permalink modal on mobile incorrectly stating link had been copied to clipboard (now just selects text so user can copy it themselves) - Fixed nested reply collapse buttons only targeting and collapsing the last reply in a chain - Fixed bizarre behavior for renamed bookmarks when an entity referenced by a bookmark had been deleted. - Fixed thread reply actions button overlapping list navigator due to creation of new stacking context - Fixed long community monikers and handles breaking chat lobby layout - Fixed duplicate emoticon for emoji     - Fixed issue where "Convert emoticons to emoji" setting was not respected when editing a message - Fixed a bug where certain thread replies would not get updated in the search index - Fixed an issue where a link would stay active when removing a url from a message - Fixed issue with empty code blocks - Deleted messages will now properly show who deleted them - Member profile popup no longer swaps users due to lobby activity - Fixed message edit input not gaining focus when pressing up arrow in chat lobbies - Fixed Lobby getting into bad state when pressing up arrow to edit a message immediately after having sent one to the server and before the server response arrives - Fixed your own newly created chat message from visually jumping if another was received before the server responds to your message creation request - Fixed thread reply moderation menu appearing behind subsequent replies - Private community officers should now receive notifications about flagged content in their own communities - Fixed issue with URL containing @ - Fixed infinite loop when crash in render and willMount contains async call - Fixed errors being thrown when a message list contains null values - Fixed thread reply mod actions menu behind hidden behind other posts - Fixed redundant thread tag hiding behind tracked reply button in threads - Fixed some alignment and color issues in thread and message items - Fixed chat messages being editable after deletion - No longer displaying broken bookmarks to entities for which users have lost permissions - Fixed missing member displayname in role update notifications - Fixed issue where underline and strike-through could not be use together - Member profile no longer throws error when opened from private lobby - Fixed issue with images not displayed on mobile in classic threads - Fixed a bug where a notification would be sent when being mentioned in a org you are not a member of. - Fixed a bug where an incorrect size was returned in OpenGraph tags for certain threads with uploaded images. Known issues - The default filter (Non-erased) in the advanced search is not returning any results. - Post count and karma is not returned if you open the mini-profile from the "Last Activity" column in the forums. Source
  24. Greetings Citizens! Since the introduction of the Hull Series back in April 2015, every new concept ship reveal has had an accompanying Q&A post, where we spend a couple days collecting questions from you, pass those on to the relevant ship designer, and provide you the best answers we have available at that time. With the recent addition of Spectrum, we can now allow you to add your vote to the questions you most want to see answered. The questions included below are a combination of those that received the most votes, similar questions that were merged into a single instance, and those we felt we could comfortably answer at this stage in the Origin 600i’s development. Now that the ship is concept complete, it will enter our development pipeline where many of the answers you see below will be fleshed out, and those missing will be determined and implemented. While it will still be some time before we see the Origin 600i in game, we hope you’re as excited as we are as the game expands with the further development of Origin ships in the Star Citizen universe. As always, a special thanks to Steve Turberfield, John Crewe, and Todd Papy for their help in answering your questions. Let’s get to it. -DL How are the 600i w/ Exploration Module capabilities compared to those of the Carrack or Aquila? The 600i exploration module features two manned scanning stations, a deployable ramp for an exploratory ground vehicle, an Origin-created Rover and SCU storage for any artifacts needing to be stored once discovered, so it is a solid option for explorers looking to purchase a stylish alternative to the Aquila, while the Carrack should provide a much longer term exploration base and facilities. Is the 600i w/ Exploration Module’s 36 SCU of cargo space when carrying the rover or when not carrying the rover? The figures are based on the ship cargo capacity while not including the Rover. The exploration module not only has the lift for the rover, but also space for the additional SCUs. Will there be more modules and if so, which can we expect? No further modules are currently in the pipeline, but the beauty of a modular ship means that nothing is off the table in terms of expanding the 600i’s options down the line. Why are there no Point Defense Systems similar to other high-end luxury ships like the Phoenix and 890 Jump? The 600i features 2x remote turrets, so in the instance that the ship is fully crewed, and your gunners are up to it, they will be able to ensure your ship stays protected from threats. If required, you can equip them to be set up with an AI module, which you can choose to leave enabled. Can the Touring and Explorer modules be swapped in and out of a single 600i? That is indeed the eventual plan, yes. Modules will be purchasable separately and will be swappable in game after that functionality exists. The 600i is a supremely expensive ship for its size and role, especially against the larger Carrack and cheaper Constellation. Why is this? What benefits are worth the increased expense? We are building a universe, and part of that means we can consider aspects that a standard game does not, such as value and desirability. When we look at vehicles in the real world, its apparent that more functionality does not always mean something is more expensive, and vice versa. In the Star Citizen universe, a sleek, luxury ship created by Origin will bring certain connotations with it, in the same way most people would find a sports coupé more desirable than a family sedan, despite the fact it has less seats and cup-holders. How does the range of the 600i compare to the other exploration ships? As stated above, the extra scanning stations and rover storage mean the 600i is a fully capable exploration ship with that module in that size range. The Carrack should provide more robust and longer term exploration option. Can the 600i be flown effectively solo? The 600i is, fundamentally, a multi-crew ship. However, for its size is probably one of the most solo-friendly ships out of the box. By utilizing unmanned remote turrets and capable shields, a skilled pilot should be able to effectively pilot the 600i solo in most regards. The Origin Rover is listed as a separate item in the standalone versions of the 600i Explorer but is the rover also going to be included if you upgrade (CCU) another ship to a 600i Explorer? Yes, upgrading to the 600i Explorer Edition will indeed grant you an included Rover. What agility can we expect from this ship versus the Constellations considering that the 600i has more than twice the mass of RSI’s ship? This is especially important since the 600i comes with fixed guns and no gimbals. Whilst the 600i may be faster than the Constellation in a straight line (more on Thruster ratings in a later answer) it will suffer in its maneuvering due its bulk and size. The fixed weapons that come default can be swapped out to gimbals like other ships. Will it have room enough to carry an 85x instead of the Origin-branded rover? Until the ship is fully built and implemented this is difficult to say with complete certainty, but the 85x has a much larger footprint than a Rover so we consider this unlikely to fit. While ships smaller than the Rover may technically “fit,” the lift is designed purely for a ground vehicle, so maneuvering a ship in there might prove risky in terms of causing damage to both vessels. How many beds, toilets and save seats for passengers does a 600i Touring have? The 600i bridge has 3 seats for the pilot and crew members. The exploration module gives you a further 2 seats for the manned scanning stations. There is a dedicated captain’s quarters and beds for the remaining crew members in their quarters. Exact number of toilets is still to be determined, but you can probably expect at least 2 in the crew washroom and one in the captains quarters. Can both the Origin X1 & Rover dock securely inside an Origin 600 at the same time? This should certainly be possible yes. The lift platform itself is the perfect fit for the Rover, but there is nothing to stop you storing the X1 in the cargo storage area of the exploration module. Bear in mind that if you choose to do this then it wont be a quickly accessible option and as such we’d recommend a Rover or X1, rather than both. How many missiles can the Origin 600i carry? In the brochure the 600i is stated to carry 16 S3 missiles yet the website states 4x S3 pylons with 16 missiles each (total of 64). Or was this just a misunderstanding and it can carry either 16xS3, 32xS2 or 64xS1 missiles? The perils of active development! To clarify, the 600i has 4 missile racks that can hold 4x S3 missiles each, giving a grand total of 16 S3 missiles for the ship. What parts of the ship change between the touring and exploration variants? Is it just the rear window section and rover bay area depicted in concept? The swappable module is in the core of the ship itself. The rear window is present on the standard 600i hull, and is a viewing gallery of sorts. The brochure states its faster than most ships of its size and it states it has 4 TR2 thrusters. How is that achieved, compared to the constellations TR5 thrusters (according to ship stats) and the way lower weight of the constellation class? This is a flaw of the current stats page and matrix, and will be remedied with the update coming online with the release of SC Alpha 3.0. The thrusters of both ships will most likely be in the same power band alongside updates to their mass. The current stats page does not support the internal design for a lot of items at present. Is the 600i Touring variant intended to be a money-maker in the realm of VIP passenger transport, similarly to the 890 Jump and Genesis Starliner? The 600i is not intended as such to be a commercial vehicle. Where the 890 Jump and the Starliner are the luxury private superyacht and commercial people carrier, the 600i is on the compact end of the private yacht scale. Why only 16 and 36 SCU for such a large ship? One of the unique selling points of the 600i is that it is a luxury ship. So the answer to this is really the same as to why you can fit more cargo in a minivan, than you could a Lamborghini; cargo storage practicality takes a back seat to aesthetic and comfort. Will the 600i Explorer have a medical area? The 600i does not have a medical area no, due to it not holding a huge crew, this would be a room that ended up potentially being used rarely. Why is the Series named different from the 300/800 Series? Explorer should be the 615p and not the 600i Exploration Module. The reason for this is that the 600i is modular, meaning that the swappable modules are what make the ship suit the desired role. Regardless of what module you have installed, the ship is a 600i. Source
  25. Join Ben Lesnick, Jared Huckaby, Tylers Witkin and Nolan, and Ulf Kurschner as they discuss the topics of the week with the Star Citizen community. Highlights Today's Happy was all Community Managers featuring Tyler Witkin, Tyler Nolin, Jared Huckaby, new to CIG, Ulf from Frankfurt, and Ben Lesnick. The helmet O2 and Oxygen O2 tank are the same, they've simply configured helmets to act like the room system and take O2 from the Oxygen tank. Space suits in 3.0 will be the same capacity wise, but they'll differentiate them later. There will be AI in the other landing zones for 3.0 (Grim Hex, Port Olisar) The new ships for 3.0 have been locked down which are: Aurora Rework, Cutlass Black Rework, Dragonfly, Nox, Ursa Rover, Aquila, and Prospector. The Reclaimer isn't complete. There was confusion a little while back that the Reclaimer only had three rooms left, what they said is three rooms in the art phase so the Reclaimer still has further steps in the pipeline to go. Cutlass Blue and Red are in production by Josh Coons After they're finished, he'll work on the Phoenix. 300i rework is scheduled for December, but not guaranteed to start then. BMM and Carrack haven't started work yet. More information about the Origin X1 will come out in a few weeks Ben said. The next episode of Happy Hour will be a Gamedev with Josh Herman. Courtesy of Relay

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