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  1. There is a reason they stopped with the funding goals xD
  2. Soooooo A Rift without the freedom of the PC? So you can't play any of the fun games with it.. Just the gimicky full VR games.. No space sims whatsoever xD
  3. RTV is back in LA with another Gamedev special! Designer Calix Reneau will build a game system prototype for potential research mechanics and answer questions LIVE.
  4. The return of asteroid mining and scramble races, focused audio, and building out the Stanton system in this week's update.
  5. LIVE from Wilmslow, UK. Engineers, programmers and QA testers sit down and discuss the nature of Object Container Streaming and what it means for the continuing development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.
  6. Lighting habs, a first look at ArcCorp’s moons, lockers, ships, and Con42 in this week’s update.
  7. LIVE from Frankfurt, Germany! Director of Star Citizen Live Todd Papy answers questions from backers with host Jared Huckaby.
  8. Run like hell, FOIP n’ VOIP, the thrilling return of mining improvements, contractual obligation, and 88 keys in this week’s update.
  9. Join Lead Vehicle Artist Elwin Bachiller Jr as we explore the current progress of all five variants LIVE in engine and have your questions answered LIVE.
  10. Hostages on Daymar, extra deadly Scramble Races, and more progress on Hurston’s moons and wilderness in this week’s update.
  11. Senior Character Concept Artist Jeremiah Lee has been trolling Jared for weeks with amusing concepts and shark costumes, but today will be a reckoning...
  12. Filthy Rovers on Daymar, improving Group system UI, and turret fever drives us crazy in this week’s update.
  13. Game Director for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 Chris Roberts stops by to hang out and answer questions LIVE from backers.
  14. Party down with the Spanish and French Star Citizen communities, Squadron 42 tech, and fun with Foley in this week’s update.
  15. It's the end of the week, so we're going to kick back, hang out and play Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 with the Lore Team.
  16. 3.6.. A full year after the supposed release of the Banu Merchantman... Still nowhere in sight =( Edit:... Wow.. Repair and salvage are now planned for 3.5.. Fucking hell.. Thats a full year delay.. Note to self: Do not ever look at the roadmap again xD
  17. Scramble Races, Marauding miners, and a Ship Shape pipeline report in this week's update.
  18. Actually no, the bad reviews were from people who were lied to by the head of the studio. The trailers showed things that weren't in the game and he made huge (and false) promises about multiplayer and other stuff It was a bare game at launch and seems like they've improved on it a bit but yea, people were mad they were lied to and paid full price for what was basically an early access game.
  19. Ship Shape breaks out on it's own! Host Jared Huckaby takes us on a tour of the ship making their way to the development pipeline with updates on the 890 Jump, the 300 series and an introduction to the new RSI Apollo medical ship.
  20. Fucking finally! I have been sitting on a Panther laser repeater for like 3 years now xD
  21. Aegis has redesigned the entire Avenger line for 2948. Be like Dez and enjoy the silence in the revamped Warlock model, or explore your options with three other distinct variants.
  22. Turn the enemy’s greatest assets against them – speed, aggression, and dogged persistence. The Blade embodies these and more, the warrior spirit of the Vanduul themselves.
  23. Pummel your enemies with a relentless storm of aggression in the Anvil Hurricane, a light, nimble ship packing a deceptively deadly punch.
  24. Aegis Dynamics is sending a message to outlaws and desperadoes, to the criminal scum that strike from the shadows and prey on the weakness of others. The shadows aren’t safe anymore. There’s a new predator in town, and nowhere to hide from the Aegis Eclipse.
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