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  1. Why do they have to make things complicated.. I've never had to redo my PTU account before.. welp, too late, I won't have time before I go on holiday anyway xD
  2. Joke or not, my PTU launcher didn't have a play/update button and my live launcher just disappeared earlier this week, so no Star Citizen for me... I'll just wait until 3.1 goes live I guess..
  3. Character Art Director Josh Herman, Concept Artist Jeremiah Lee and Technical Artist Gaige Hallman discuss their work on the characters of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.
  4. This week, Sean Tracy and Eric Kieron Davis host our latest Squadron 42 special, where we get a detailed project update and a look into the intricacies of Ship AI.
  5. This limited version of Aopoa's Xi'an open-canopy racer features a stunning brushed-silver finish and was specifically created to celebrate the inaugural sale of the first Nox for Human riders.
  6. Aegis Dynamics' heavy industrial salvage ship is equipped with a reinforced cargo bay, a long-range jump drive and launch pods for unmanned drones, making Reclaimer an ideal ship for reaping the valuable resources from deep space wrecks.
  7. Newly Flyable Ships Ready for Takeoff With Alpha 3.1 on the horizon, and the Persistent Universe continuing to develop, we're introducing newly flyable ships, as well as bringing back some older favorites. When we initially release ship concepts to backers, we offer them at the lowest price, with the understanding that the prices will go up when the ships become flyable. To commemorate the incoming 3.1 patch, we are offering a War Bond option to give you all one final chance to pledge for this selection of flyable ships at their original concept prices. Not only does your War Bond pledge secure the lower price, but you'll also get a one year insurance policy, assuring you peace of mind while venturing boldly into the Star Citizen universe. Go here to find out more!
  8. Akanoes

    3.1 ships are now on sale!

    Prices will always go up when they become flight ready.
  9. Scream past the finish line in this advanced racer from MISC. With a composite frame that puts pure speed ahead of everything else, you'll leave your competition sucking fumes.
  10. With this much adventure in the universe, who has time for roads? With a potent combination of speed, maneuverability, and rugged durability, the Cyclone is unmatched as a short-range all-terrain ground vehicle.
  11. The universe is full of distant horizons, uncharted spaceways, and fathomless mysteries. Go forth and seek the in your Anvil Terrapin, the obvious choice for trailblazers intent on barreling headlong into the countless dangers of untamed space.
  12. Founder and CEO Chris Roberts discusses a new initiative that will let Star Citizen backers help decide what features are prioritized for the upcoming Alpha 3.2. Backers can take the survey here.
  13. This week on Around the Verse, we check in with LA Studio Director Eric Kieron Davis for a Star Citizen project update, and get a detailed look at how sound factors into the immersion and storytelling of the Persistent Universe.
  14. This week sees a new installment of Ship Shape, where Jared gives us a look at the Aegis Reclaimer and the Tumbril Cyclone, with a little help from last week's studio audience.
  15. Production Illustrator Jim Martin (Star Trek, Starship Troopers, Matrix & Alien film series and more) stops by to chat his work for Star Citizen.
  16. Lead Network Programmer Clive Johnson and Lead Gameplay Programmer Rob Johnson join us to discuss all things performance and optimization following this week's episode of Around the Verse.
  17. Akanoes

    Sea Of Thieves public beta open for 2 days

    But.. I just uninstalled it T.T Didn't expect another beta :P This would be the last time I'd play it though, the game is WAY too overpriced and I'm really skeptical about the windows store (after "Games for Windows Live" and all )
  18. On a very special episode, Sandi Gardiner and Sean Tracy welcome a live studio audience to the ATV set for the first time ever. Our guests are treated to this month's Star Citizen Project Update, an in-depth look into the ongoing optimization process, and a few choice "jokes".
  19. AMD has been losing the fight for a while now, their latest CPU's are getting there, but only in the multitasking segment not gaming. If you wanna go budget though, I think AMD might have the upper hand, but not too sure since I don't really pay attention to budget too much :P If you wanna game, always go Intel =3
  20. Join Cherie Heiberg on a tour of the Kayfa system, spiritual center of the Xi'An empire and a popular tourist destination to many in the UEE.
  21. Dear Concierge Member, The Chairman's Club is pleased to announce VIP Early Bird special access to Aegis Dynamics' Vulcan. As a Concierge member you can add the latest concept ship to your fleet before anyone else. This versatile utility ship will let you become a one-person support crew, supplying aid to pilots on the fly. Whether pinned down under heavy fire and in need of ammunition, low on quantum fuel after an ill-planned jump, or stranded in unknown space with a busted thruster, a pilot in distress can always count on a Vulcan and its quartet of BARD drones to lend speedy, efficient assistance. You also get early access to the Aegis Dynamics Wrecking Crew ship pack. Providing the Vulcan with an elite cadre of Aegis ships to repair, refuel and rearm, this intimidating assemblage is designed to work in formidable harmony. These Early Bird pledges include LTI, two alternate Vulcan ship skins, as well as a wearable United Wayfarers Club service uniform exclusive to Concierge. On February 22nd, VIP special access will end and the offers will no longer include the exclusive outfit, so grab yours here today. For more details on the Vulcan, tune into today's episode of Around the Verse, where the latest edition of Ship Shape features a segment on the ship's design and functions. Fideles Quoad Decedemus, Board of Trustees
  22. tudio Director Eric Keiron Davis and Senior Producer Dennis Crow join us this week to discuss all things production-related and their work on the RSI Roadmap for 2018.
  23. This week, Sandi and Dave Haddock check in with Los Angeles Studio Director Eric Kieron Davis to get the scoop on what's been going down in LA since last we checked in.
  24. Designers Will Maiden and John Crewe discuss the recently revealed Aegis Vulcan and the future of refueling, repairing and rearming gameplay mechanics.