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  1. I heard with the Freelancer MIS You Pilot gets a new jacket to wear :-)
  2. I know what you mean. I can see me cashing in my 3 ships and taking a closer look at whats avaiable in 12 months. Regards
  3. Hi Guys Check out the fully in-engine commercial for the MISC Freelancer from the RSI web site. Awesome :-)
  4. Voyger


    They look great. Both teans very talented. :-)
  5. Voyger


  6. Voyger


    Hi Citizens I managed to download the update this evening about 5pm GMT. It crashed out after about 3 mins with Network Connection Error. Reading the forum its an issue lots of us are having. I guess they are working on it. I did manage to load into the hanger for about 3 mins. The Graphics looked awesome. Regards
  7. Voyger


    Sounds reasonable. If you played EVE you have 1st hand knowledge. Regards
  8. Voyger


    Excellent information, Sounds as though its being thought through thoroughly. Blimey those last three words took it out of me............... Regards
  9. Voyger

    A couple of vids I like

    Nice Vids Cheers :-)
  10. Voyger


    Hi all I see the " Xplor" organization has over 6k members, twice as many as anyone else. I'm wondering how they will get on . It would take some management or do you think people are just joining for the heck of it and it going to be one big free for all. I hear that our organization is toning membership down. Are we thinking of having a cap on the membership total? To keep it manageable I think its a good Idea. We can always grow later on if we need to. Regards
  11. Voyger

    Your theme song!

    Guys This is the beginning. It's where it all started. :-) 6ifS2nP53Zs
  12. Voyger

    The New Police Commander

    Well Done Citizen
  13. Voyger


    Must do my hanger as well :-)
  14. This project for Chris Roberts is well funded by us all, he should be careful not to waste funds though. :)
  15. Voyger


    I sure will :D