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  1. Currently the new reboot of Master of Orion is in early access. Was wondering on the opinion of those who have already tried it if the early access is worth it so far? I'm kind of itching for a new 4x to try. And so far this is the most modern and modern looking one (in development) out there.
  2. Hmmm. I like all the new stuff like the gun rack at the front of the new Andromeda. The seating looks much better!. Still wonder where the toilet and shower went off to. As for the textures...as purely a personal preference, I kind of liked how the previous or in-hangar model is rough and darker on the inside. Gives off that used, rugged, Millenium Falcon-ish character. This one is too clean and bright.
  3. ​Yeah pretty much. I was hoping that for once, you could go on the offensive in an xcom game. But no, you keep on having to save the human race time and time again...for reasons yet unknown. On another note...whatever social life remains...will come to a screeching halt come November. XCOM, be it the original or any of the remakes, is my ATF. Hope this sequel is better and not worse. Also hope they bring back the mech suits and gene mods from Enemy Within.
  4. Maybe this time Hamill will lend his voice playing a wingman, callsign "Joker"!
  5. I play the game from time to time. Tried multiplayer once, only because theres barely anyone on it. Its fun playing against someone but the execution of the multiplayer module is pretty poor imo. MSG me if you want to play a multiplayer match.
  6. I heard VR is nausea inducing. Combine that with that crazy astronaut trainer of a spinning chair and you'll have a cleaning disaster on your hands of 360 degree epic proportions. You'll be cleaning out vomit from your floor, walls, light fixtures, and many other inconceivable places for days to come! And I don't see that as viable for a pedal and HOTAS. Its an interesting idea though. Though as long as you limit the movement to a couple of degrees in any direction, it might prove to be the next best thing for virtual immersion.
  7. How many people here play the World of Warships beta? (I do)
  8. ​Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I would pay for that theme park ride/adventure!! For everyone else, something like that isn't feasible. But combine the suit with VR props and that stand-in-one-spot-walking-thingy-made-for-VR and you have yourself a very immersive VR experience for your (living)room. I bet if anyone is going to actually implement something like that first, will be be Disney for one of their theme parks. Time to start organizing a trip down south
  9. Power Play is the next big update. If people here want to play together, they might want to all start deciding which faction they want to support.
  10. I just read some of one, in regards to offering LTI on the Starfarer variant. And it just wreaks of whiny entitlement and ego or supposed loss of. If you originally backed the Starfarer or any other LTI ship way long ago, you lose absolutely nothing (tangible and important). All you might lose is that *feeling* and ego boost of being perceived as *special*. You lose nothing within the game when it is released. Only other area where one might lose out is the grey market. But if you're out just to make a buck, something on the lines of a scalper, and very potentially take money away from the SC project, then I have no sympathy at all in your detriment.
  11. ​The (I'm assuming dry) mass of the Star G is likely larger due to increases in the mentioned areas. [Edit] Yeah I also upgraded my Starfarer to the Star G. Though I melted then bought the full LTI package. CIG should have just included LTI in this upgrade.
  12. Was there a Reverse the Verse afterwards? [EDIT] Nevermind. Its tomorrow @ 11am PDT
  13. I don't know about going for an MMO. You'd invest in it, then abandon it when SC goes live or hits a playable BETA. I would highly recommend World of Warships when it comes out. I bought into the closed beta, and its quite a lot of fun.
  14. Sneek Peek - "ugh"....would have preferred updates on revamped Cutlass,Avenger,Constellation or Idris or any other ship in progress....This sneek perk was utterly lame
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