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  1. I am still dreaming about alien 2 Probably not going to happen but I can dream and hope 😁
  2. I just fallen over some leaks. The Pisces Scout is not what I thought it would be, if the leak is right it`s way better I can post link if it`is allowed, but beware there is also spoiler from CitizenCon 2949
  3. Think I upgrade my 2600 to a 3700x was looking at the 3900x but don't really need 12core 24 threads
  4. I am just sad it took long time to team up, when we was ready I had to leave to drive the wife to work So better luck to me next time
  5. Doesn't matter with brand is the fastest just want them to optimize so both brand run at there best, that is what they need to do with all games.
  6. I hope that Star Citizen is going to be optimize for vulkan just like World War Z, then I think 2K on my Vega 64 is very good, and maybe 4K too AMD RX Vega 64 Outperforms NVIDIA RTX 2080 by up to 20% in Vulkan Enabled World War Z
  7. Just got a upgrade for my sound system on my gaming rig A pair of Dynaudio Xeo 4, was using them in the living room but there was not enough bass for 36m2, so now the are for my gaming rig. Going to get some floore speaker for the living room instead. Looking at Dynaudio Focus 220 or Focus 260 or maybe get the big brother Xeo 6. decision decision decision
  8. Another change to mine ships Did try the Reliant Sen and didn't like it, keep crashing it And was looking at my Freelancer DUR and not sure I would use it when I have the Carrack So got two new ships. This is what I have now, hope I don't get tempted by another ship in the future
  9. I have just melted all my ships and the brought the UEE Exploration 2948 Pack again I did upgrade it to this. - Carrack - Star Runner - Freelancer DUR - Freelancer MIS - Reliant Sen I did try patch 3.5 then decided to upgrade my ships to medium size, they can jump faster and don`t overheat all the time Only one small left with I maybe upgrade later.
  10. I almost got a ccu from my 325A to Reliant Zen for $ 5, but didn't have time, and when I come back an hour later, the price was up $ 10, so no zen now, won't pay that much for a reliant
  11. I wait to its ou on the pu, then there is less bugs :)
  12. It's a oversize freelancer max with wings 😁
  13. Now I just wait for a Ryzen 3k, the rest looks good
  14. Got my card and 16GB mem today In 3D mark timespy I get 7772 (graphics score) Running around in port olisar I get up to 65fps in 1440p, still need to take a ship out to try some more. I did undervolt the card with -150mv and oc core to 1675 and mem to 1100mhz
  15. Just ordered a Sapphire NITRO+ RX Vega64 The prize is good on it, around 300 USD less than the cheapest RTX 2080 And if I stay at 2k for now it should be fine for that,. Maybe in a few years there will be a card, at a good price that can handle 4k With 25% tax everything is expensive here
  16. 2080Ti is too expensive for me here in Denmark The price is between 1460 and 1870 USD But 2K is fine, a good upgrade from 1080
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