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  1. I got a ccu from the Reliant to a Hull B, waiting for a buy back token to my Reliant for 50 dollars so gonna save a little on the Hull
  2. Hello Citizens, We are pleased to present the schedule for the 2947 Star Citizen Anniversary Special. Throughout the special we’ll have fun activities, bring back some of your favorite ships, and include a couple of new ones. Tune in for our daily AtV videos at 12:00 PM Pacific where we’ll highlight a different manufacturer each day, kicking off a new sale. November 24th – Anvil Aerospace November 25th – Aegis Dynamics November 26th – Ground Vehicles and Alien Ships November 27th – Origin Jumpworks November 28th – Consolidated Outland November 29th – Roberts Space Industries November 30th – MISC (Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern) December 1st – Drake Interplanetary December 2nd-4th – All Manufacturers On Sale
  3. Only problem with the starfarer is the maze inside that why I upgraded mine to a Carrack
  4. Waiting for the cutlass to go up in prize then I can ccu it to a freelancer max, I have a ccu waiting from the max to a mis, hope I can save a little that way
  5. Yodel

    Meet the Sabre Raven

    This is from another post on spectrum, can't link it from my phone, and I just keep my m.2 can use two on my board in raid U.2 is M.2 via cable. You need a multi-PCVe-lanes interface to make use of high speeds, basically not SATA. Optane are U.2, Samsung is offering M.2. They're adaptable. Let's compare: Samsung 250 GB: 3.2 GB/s read, 1.5 GB/s write, 330k/300k IOPS Optane 280 GB: 2.4 GB/s read, 2.0 GB/s write, 550k/500k IOPS ... for 4-5x the price of the Samsung " "
  6. Yodel

    Meet the Sabre Raven

    Why do we need a fast HD for a game with no loading ingame?, only need to load the game and there is no more loading, a standard ssd should be enough
  7. Welcome to Science and Exploration 


    I am running the the Cellin moon landing and if you havent already it would to see you join the club to keep updated.

    Hope to see you at the next S+E meeting.


    :) Boojuice

  8. Think I upgrade my Aurora LX to a Beta
  9. Yodel

    What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    Love them all My first space serie was Monebase Alpha
  10. Yodel

    Q&A: Origin 600i

    Some info here from Ben about the 600i q&a Bensday
  11. Yodel

    Q&A: Origin 600i

    I will keep mine so no melt here, oh got it for a good price did ccu my bmm witch I did pay 250 for
  12. Yodel

    The 600 Series concept Sale August 25

    Got the explorer it will be perfect together with my Carrack and 315p
  13. Yodel

    Aopoa Nox Warbond Presale!

    I might upgrade my aurora LN game package to it. Think it will fit in my Carrack