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  1. While I am not entirely enthused about the price for this buggy, it will be needed to help us explore planets and moons in Stanton. For me, much hinges on whether this will fit in a Cutlass or not. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16014-Behold-The-Cyclone
  2. I would certainly expect so. Otherwise it wouldn't make any logical sense.
  3. Confirmed at 6:20 So get your Prospectors ready!
  4. Why is it odd? It makes sense to make the small ship that goes inside the larger ship, first, otherwise you may have to rework both to make it fit. Make the small ship first and then make the larger ship around it. I think CIG learned this process the hard way, as they have had to redesign a multitude of their ships because things just wouldn't fit inside them, including pilots, which is still an issue with several of the first wave of ships that they haven't revamped yet, like the Mustang and Avenger series.
  5. Sounds like a good thing to me. I like all my logitech gear. Remote M&K, 7.1 speaker system. Their laptop mice are great! I see good things coming from this.
  6. Media isn't my thing, though I am a good critic and am good with making names. Star News The Tactical Citizen Advance The Verse Advance News Podcast Tactical Community News Tao of the Verse The Tao of TA Stardust Tactically Advanced News The Tactical Spectrum Where's the Verse? Maybe I will think of more, over night.
  7. That's cool! Might have to pick me up some.
  8. So awesome to see other orgs saying hi. Feel free to browse and come chat with us on TS. To the future, gentlemen!
  9. Somebody finally did it? Impressive determination. Now tell me how useful it is, now that you have it in there? Is getting it out, just as hard?
  10. This has been the dream of many, many Caterpillar owners, but I haven't heard CIG make any comments about doing this, yet. Probably snub fighters, but Drake ships are supposed to work together, so maybe.
  11. Now that's scary. Just what are they putting in those noodles? It ain't natural!
  12. I ran across this video last night and wondered what yall think of these types of actions by other orgs, in the PTU.
  13. The PTU is now live for everyone. These are the only livestreams that I have at the moment for the PTU. http://www.twitch.tv/grakees http://www.twitch.tv/badnewsbaron Enjoy!
  14. I hope your getting a couple good crews together. One salvage crew and one repair crew, so while one crew is repairing, the other can be searching for scrap and breaking down materials to recycle. Once started, I think this will be a full time job.
  15. Anyone planning on buying the Crucible? So just how many people are interested in being a full time star ship mechanic?
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