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  1. Spydz

    Official Imperium Diplomatic Relations Communique

    Lots and lost of us mate. Estimate around 30 or so
  2. Spydz

    Tactical Advance Shirts

    Can we order a polo, I hate ordinary T's? I'm good to get a Huddie tho
  3. Spydz

    FFXIV - A New Phase

    lmao....I haven't been on swtor for an age. Wonder if my toons are still there lol.
  4. Spydz

    FFXIV - A New Phase

    After some research and some of the above posts I will not be joining FF. I have enough to be messing with until more SC content is available such as World of Tanks and Warships, Armoured Warfare, Ark, Assassins Creed Unity still to play, ARMA3, SWTOR and some others I can't remember so paying so much for FF is not practical.
  5. Spydz

    R9 390x release

    yeah major let down. Green have to be laughing all the way to the bank right now
  6. Spydz

    FFXIV - A New Phase

    I'm happy to role with this no problem. I quite fancy it tbh as I have never played a FF game before. But I thought we were discussing SWTOR to play too? So question.....is it FF in and SW out from here on? I'm good to do either but would like to know what sort of numbers we have on FF first. Can we have a maybe depending on numbers catagory to vote.
  7. Maybe my alt account can rob one and sell it on
  8. Spydz

    ARK: Survival FAQ

    best speaking to the guys in TeamspeTeamspTeamspeak for details and the password.
  9. Spydz


    We're also saving to take our daughter. I've been to Orlando twice but not to Disney. Still a few years away yet as she is only 2.5yrs. Hope you have an amazing time.
  10. Spydz

    Rosetta's lander Philae has awaken from hibernation

    I'm loving all the recent 'space science' which is hammering around twitter atm. International Space Station, Mars Rover, New Horizon to Pluto and now this has finally started working after worries they had landed too close to a cliff to capture enough solar rays to charge the probe. But it seems after a while it has now (last thursday) started running. They hope as the asteroid moves the probe will get more power to complete further tests one of which is to try to unfold the mysteries of how life began. Thanks for sharing bud o7
  11. Spydz

    Preview: Flying the Scythe

    I believe that picture is the hud you will be using in a Scythe. They wanted to keep the alien look but make it legible to humans.
  12. Spydz

    June 2015 Citizen Survey

    Good questionnaire thanks for making me aware of it.
  13. Spydz

    ARK: Survival FAQ

    Great post Delogic and I agree if anyone is on the fence about joining then do it. It's a great opportunity to mingle and work with other TA members not to mention great fun. p.s add me to central group plos
  14. Spydz

    more images

    Nice collection you have going. Ty foe sharing
  15. Spydz

    Official Void Bomber pics

    4 x S4 torpedo don't seem that much for a bomber like this. Bit underwhelmed tbh and I love this ship