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  1. I love it, but I don't have 23 friends hahaha
  2. Teller did a preview of this ship back during "the leak". Obviously don't watch if you don't want to see spoilers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VUYc3kzsLE
  3. Been playing the hell out of the beta and really enjoying it. Had some trouble squading with friends in different time zones (on xb1) but other than that, the graphics look great and the pvp is tense and really fun, even when getting ganked haha.
  4. Oops, didn't see this until after I made a new post for the Avenger footage, but yeah it looks like a SAR variant. Could mean the 3 Avenger variants are the 2 seater, SAR and EWAR versions.
  5. From today's ATV (full ep. here). Very cool! Showing it in action makes me think this ship (and the other 2 possibly) are maybe ready to be included in game and could have a 2.0 release. Also from today's ATV, Ben mentions the anniversary sale will have lot's of old and new ships.
  6. Gratz! I was hoping someone from the org would spring for the big guy!
  7. I love these! I'm sticking with my Warden but will definitely pick up the BFUKs in game. The variants are awesome, but are definitely seem more support oriented. The Warden still seems best suited for what I'm interested, advanced scouting and solo exploration in lawless areas.
  8. Outside of the guys mentioned here, the more combat oriented streamers I follow are: http://www.twitch.tv/hydrobigbang/profile http://www.twitch.tv/endyo/profile http://www.twitch.tv/tren93/profile http://www.twitch.tv/aphil_starcitizen/profile
  9. Is your Connie an alpha or LTI package? If not, it is worth melting to pick up the new LTI Tali and a couple modules. If it is, wait for the CCU option in the future. Keep in mind the modular Tali is a stand alone ship right now, so you'll need to have an actual game package on hand as well if you decide to melt and upgrade.
  10. Vanduul invading the race track.
  11. Took 3 tries (and 1 crash) queuing with randoms, but behold. Now it's time for some hot vanduul and vanduul action.
  12. I recently started streaming at http://twitch.tv/gh0sttype and I see @spaceisbig in and out of chat but I am not sure that he himself streams. We have probably 6 really active AC players, but I haven't seen anyone but space on twitch. Would be happy to host org AC events, but I'm in PDT so I stream pretty late, and we have a low population of AC players anyway, but if anyone is interested let me know.
  13. I know we are a lawful org, but I am going awol for a bit to aquire an F8 in the PU
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