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  1. around ther verse is feeling more like a calling all devs but with ingame shots.
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    012 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    013 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    010 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    011 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    008 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    009 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    006 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    007 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    004 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    005 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    002 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    003 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    001 Finding Jumptown.jpg

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    Arrow over Lorville

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    Flight of an Arrow

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    Savannah landing

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    Quantum Shadow

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    Quantum Arrow

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    How to Find JumpTown Crater on Yela

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    JumpTown Crater

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    hard lessons indeed; lesson 1, if you enter the upper atmosphere and turn off your engines to keep the skip still, you will hit the ground in under a minute.
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    So....what ship do you have?

    300i Prospector Medivac Phoenix 600i Starfarer
  24. StratoCrewzr has put a post up on spectrum, i would advise anyone who sees this to go read it, it's pretty long but it is well worth the read. go upvote his post if you agree with him too. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/65299/thread/a-personal-plea-to-cig-origin-890-jump-developers/102744
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    Immersion up the wazoo

    that's why push to take and push to mute are a thing, Push to talk in teamspeak and set the same key as a push to mute in voice attack so that it won't be listening when the button is pushed.