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  1. Yeah we're not too bad, my family seems to have a thing for being in London when these things happen, my old man works for London underground and was at work during the 7/7 bombings and this so that made for and eventful day but he's all good which is more than can be said for other people from today, heart goes out to them all and their families.
  2. Well I basically only play arma atm cause I have no money to buy games and I have about 9 in my library so I'm more than Interested
  3. I just use Astro A40's with a neewer nw-700 mic it's cheap on amazon but you will need phantom power (only reason I got this is because my astro headset mic just stopped working with my PC)
  4. Looks great would love to get one but not got any money money at the moment Also Just to let you know check with HR if your allowed to advertise your email for orders, they are slightly picky with stuff about selling and buying just don't want you to get into any trouble mate but yeah looks great and I notice you have the X55 Rhino's not sure which is better value them or the warthog setup?
  5. As someone looking forward to paying as a marine I can't wait to board a ship this big with a team of marines cause it'll be epic, or even having to protect one against boarding will be great. One challenge will be learning the interior layouts off all the ships it with all things I'm sure it'll come in time ( and some studying).
  6. Would like to be part of the team, although I'm not any good at 3D modelling I was party of the initial discussion and thought this image might help that I found during last nights talk on this. I am Good at sketching and all that kinda of the design side as I have designed some products before but not the tech bit but i guess i could learn to do some of that.
  7. I'd be interested in being part of the team but can't lie I'm not any good at 3D modelling.
  8. Ooowww this makes my freelancer look tiny. Is pretty cool though
  9. This would be really cool If we could get enough people, for the wasteland server could you add me on steam my account is grebez_ Thanks
  10. my god its HUGE!!!!!!!! the gun and the vehicle!!!! (want one!)
  11. wow you got to love the look of the gladius nice pics :0
  12. very well done love to read them. I have a wild imagination however i'm unable to write like you lol.
  13. ​ery good point spydz thanks everyone for your input everyone you have helped me come to the conclusion to... *drum roll* get a FREELANCER!
  14. ok people here is the problem which ship to get im within a few weeks of getting one and im at a crossroads here. im torn between two quite diffrent ships and divisions one is the frelancer just the normal one or the hornet just the normal one with the pisibility of maybe getting the ghost so plz tell me what you think i should do as im partial to both play styles that come with the different ships and would value your input. thanks Grbez_
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