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  1. What happened to the Banu Merchantman?

    Most likely the made space for the banu defender on the ship. Not a crazy thought

  2. Thinking of ending the game

    Negative answer? Men did you got the account in the Black Market?
  3. Ships, Careers, Roles - RSI

    Further Reading Ship Technical information. Good luck to all with thee nerf/buff lottery.
  4. What is this?!

    Clearly does not look inexpensive. STLYoungblood speculation make sense to me. Outpost construction ship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi9z8Nz4GPA
  5. Ground vehicles required.

    I have the Aquila from the Carrack and a dragonfly and I'm going to buy a Nox when be available. and all the freelancers except the max, Cutlass and a Starfarer.
  6. Space out with planets in Google Maps

  7. Signature generator??

    not working for me too, call me daft
  8. The 600 Series concept Sale August 25

    Modularity o yeah, don't take me wrong I really dislike the 600 series but I have a 890J to unmelt.
  9. Ark server up again

    got 250 ms. I will research around the building tools of the game I'm an Architect, if they are good for me . I'm in.
  10. New PC build

    a 1080 should be enough to SC aiming to a beta beeing arround 2 years in the future, depends on your monitor of course thinking in volta or navi cos amd realy didn't delivered for the gaming community with vega. I havent used a radenon in ages.
  11. Ark server up again

    Question. How much ping matters on Ark. I have 160ms to Chicago blizzard serves and 200 to L.A.
  12. Houston. Human nature. Must share Imho.

    And if you are unable to help on site, don't throw sympathy words to the vacuum off the internet, donate to an institution that you trust. In my country the nature hits us hard and often, freeaking shity geography, but is a small country and you can be on site. very cheap an quickly. I have seen an move dead people. not fun but happens.
  13. New PC build

    very nice, the 250 ssd is from your prebius build? I would go for a bigger one.
  14. Don't care if anyone finds political content on this vid. I personally think that there's isn't.
  15. getting back into it

    Men, I'm really really sorry. Me myself beeing a member of a huge family. It's almost imposible to step in your shoes. Force men and, best of wishes.

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