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As far I remember the first game that make me WOW was Wing Commander and Out of this world (don't remember the exact order) from then to now only few exceptions have produced those same feelings. 

  • Age 39
  • Location Chile, in a small town, near to Valparaiso, I'm surrounded by small mountains full of trees but in front of my house there's only sand and the ocean.  
  • Star Citizen Ships and Interests: Explorer. Main ship Carrack. 
  • Other Gaming interests: games like Shadow of the Colossus, The Last of Us, Homeworld,  Out of this world, FFVII, the Dune rts games.
  • Real world interests: Family, Architecture, Painting, Music, films (Kubrick), Cooking, Greek mythology, physics, biology, philosophy, Friendship, Beautiful (outside and inside) Woman, Tasty food, CONTACT WITH NATURE INCLUDING THE STARS. 
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