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    Aegis Vulcan now on sale ($200)

    I put another CCU on top of the poor Terrapin ,LOL is living up to his name, and another on top of the MIS. There be lots and lot of Vulcans in the game, I'm geesing. You can't put a dedicated Starfarer to follow the lead ship of your crazy adventures. Except you have a very big ship to refuel, not my case.
  2. Ground vehicles can't CCU to ships.
  3. I like things simple as possible: - Industrial - Military - Exploration - Diplomacy Looks fine to me but the naming stuff is not my business.
  4. DaftOlll

    New drake ship

    You can vote till the 11th A. ENTRY-LEVEL DRAKE SALVAGE SHIP (CODE NAME: VULTURE) my guessing $80-100 A one man salvage starter ship, no drones but plenty of on-board storage to help with EVA salvage operations (space for cutters, charges etc) and space in a separate area to store/process the recovered salvage. Mostly designed for the player to EVA out and do the salvage, rather than sit inside and do it with tractor beams/lasers. Small enough to sneak into hostile areas unnoticed to recover fresh salvage. B. MULTI-CREW DRAKE EXPLORER (CODE NAME: CORSAIR) my guessing arrond $230 Drake’s competitor to the Constellation, the rough and ready multi-crew explorer. Differs from the 600i by its crude basic construction and from the Constellation by its lower missile count, but with a third turret to make up for it. Able to transport a vehicle and cargo (think extended/up-scaled Cutlass rear area) faster and more nimble than the others, but like all Drake ships pretty paper thin. C. DRAKE SCOUT CARRIER (CODE NAME: KRAKEN) my guessing, damm up to Freelancer size. Can't guess. Not cheap even being Drake. Drake’s capital ship entry, space to park and store a few medium ships (up to Freelancer-sized) and transport them around the verse. Serves as a mobile truck stop in function with a small hub of stores (some less than legit) to help restock.
  5. I really doubt that the DUR will end with the same cockpit of the freelancer line.
  6. DaftOlll

    Medical Condition

    Game development supporter. I guess? .... I hope? 11 ships, buying a herald today lots of CCU, on top of that crazy plans for buybacks in the future. Yep is a condition.
  7. Obviously not much can be done in terms of size when the design requires to accommodate spaces that wasn't apparent in the concept stage. But I can't see any benefits being a bigger target and having to maneuver a bigger ship through the asteroid fields. Having the same functionality.
  8. If your ceiling is $300 I would grab a money maker.
  9. Assuming you have a Carrack. We don't know how the Carrack snub is going to be. I bet nothing amazing. The Carrack hangar supposedly will hold 20 mts ships. With the planetary mechanics (aka: look down) I would get the ship with best visibility. The M50 is fine and a beauty but the floor window of the Hawk make me buy one. I'm also disappointed with the Terrapin they mention that could scan for minerals and s*#t. nothing that Carrack couldn't do by himself. I put a crucible ccu on the terrapin, if it ends fitting in the Carrack Hangar and the hovering atmospheric flight works in the future, maybe I will keep it, for the radar only. If you are playing around the 890J forget everything I just said.
  10. 100m x 40m x 20m at 195000 kg Upgrade unavailable Merchantman is not currently available for upgrade. Please check back later, limited ships can become available during special events. cross your fingers. On topic the Hammerhead stats on weight should be crazy wrong, at 195,000 kg for a 100mts ship with 2 large: power plants, coolers and shields. 4 large main thrusters and 14 maneuvering thrusters. The hull should be weak, but how much. Found nothing about materials in the brochure, but they mention that the first loss of a Hammerhead was due a torpedo from fighter-bomber (I'm assuming that was a small one) that hit the engine room and then the crew managed to detonate explosives not allowing the disabled spacecraft to fall into enemy hands. So in terms of weight this ship sits between (correct me if I'm wrong) the Prowler 34mts/171,700 kg and the Vanguard 38mts/238,616 kg. And can take a torpedo hit and survive. Kinda crazy to me.
  11. I grab yesterday a Crucible to help to maintain operational cost low. That's my wallet can resist for the sale. But the approach on the turrets on the Hammerhead, not mentioning the amount. I think this ship is a must. For any org.
  12. DaftOlll

    Ships, Careers, Roles - RSI

    Further Reading Ship Technical information. Good luck to all with thee nerf/buff lottery.
  13. DaftOlll

    What is this?!

    Clearly does not look inexpensive. STLYoungblood speculation make sense to me. Outpost construction ship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi9z8Nz4GPA
  14. DaftOlll

    Ground vehicles required.

    I have the Aquila from the Carrack and a dragonfly and I'm going to buy a Nox when be available. and all the freelancers except the max, Cutlass and a Starfarer.
  15. DaftOlll

    Space out with planets in Google Maps

  16. DaftOlll

    Signature generator??

    not working for me too, call me daft
  17. DaftOlll

    The 600 Series concept Sale August 25

    Modularity o yeah, don't take me wrong I really dislike the 600 series but I have a 890J to unmelt.
  18. DaftOlll

    Ark server up again

    got 250 ms. I will research around the building tools of the game I'm an Architect, if they are good for me . I'm in.
  19. DaftOlll

    New PC build

    a 1080 should be enough to SC aiming to a beta beeing arround 2 years in the future, depends on your monitor of course thinking in volta or navi cos amd realy didn't delivered for the gaming community with vega. I havent used a radenon in ages.
  20. DaftOlll

    Ark server up again

    Question. How much ping matters on Ark. I have 160ms to Chicago blizzard serves and 200 to L.A.
  21. DaftOlll

    Houston. Human nature. Must share Imho.

    And if you are unable to help on site, don't throw sympathy words to the vacuum off the internet, donate to an institution that you trust. In my country the nature hits us hard and often, freeaking shity geography, but is a small country and you can be on site. very cheap an quickly. I have seen an move dead people. not fun but happens.
  22. Don't care if anyone finds political content on this vid. I personally think that there's isn't.
  23. DaftOlll

    New PC build

    very nice, the 250 ssd is from your prebius build? I would go for a bigger one.