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  1. Quick question, will the 1080 be compatible with a 4th Gen Haswell 4670K, 16GB DDR3 Ram @ 1800mhz build?? Been thinking of an upgrade for my nvidia gtx 760
  2. Hi all, just thought I would share this positive experience I just had between myself and CIG. So I was abit gutted that down to my own incompetence I missed the opportunity to purchase a Black Concierge Card. I have ignored the issue since I missed it. However, since seeing all the pics of some of my org mates cards I knew I had to get one somehow (because why not). Anyway about 30 mins ago I emailed CIG Customer Service via the Concierge option for the first time. Within 25 mins I had a response relating to my question of possible future batches in different colours which sounds like it is happening but also the service assistant Amanda also enabled me the option to get one now! So now I have one on the way, this small little token of service really does fuel my aspirations and desire for this game. It will be more than a game as we know, it will be a fantastic thriving community built on the foundations of small stories like this. I know to a few of you this will seem really irrelevant but it really is the little things that count sometimes. Bran
  3. Very nice sneak peak, hopefully soon it will hanger ready for TAC to do a video
  4. Hi Dutchkhaos, Like you said the Orion is built for mining, no doubt it can transport the material it collected but it wouldn't as efficient as a dedicated hauler (possibly a smaller hauler to use smaller jump points). But in terms of escorting and doing the things you said, if it was me I would get an Orion and maybe a single seater of sorts, maybe a hornet or a 325a if your on a budget. Bran
  5. Welcome to the forums guys, pleasure to meet both of you. If you need anything feel free to PM myself or Deathrises.
  6. Fantastic! Been waiting for a new one if these images.
  7. After battling it out with the script kiddies tonight I successfully purchased an Idris- P Only ship I have now lol
  8. You you can never have to many Andromedas lol
  9. That was great! Fun to watch, can't wait for this random stuff to happen to me in the verse.
  10. Latest arrangement, subject to change muahahha RSI Orion Origin 890 Jump Aegis Sabre Mustang Beta
  11. Sounds very exciting can't wait till tomorrow will have a case of beers on standby.
  12. All (TA Members) are welcome aboard my ships to fulfil any role you wish. I shall alway leave port with a full compliment be it AI or player. You are welcome to share in the spoils and adventures with me.
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