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  1. I think we can agree both are a lot clearer to read than this version that I will have on my wall when it turns up.
  2. A nice clear map for the persistent Universe (PU) tube train stylized.
  3. Can you link the wiki please. OK i found it lol big Yellow TAB! If you could let me know the position on posting links about any SQ42 material I would be grateful. I know Nuttyrob is looking into it for me.
  4. Malagos Redit reply thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/4ekf3d/malagos/ As soon as read the comment on Malagos i knew he would not take that from anyone with out a response. I have to say that as he is the creator of the database that has all item stats each patch and the fact hes been playing the game for so long that I doubted that he would need to resort to lag switch. I have no idea if any of the accusations are true or not about any of the players in their organisation but if i was a betting man and I am i would say Malagos is clean.
  5. No idea if this is true or not but one of our ex members Malagos who has joined Renegade Squadron is named in the forum chat on REDDIT heres the video and a copy of the comments. REDDIT COMMENT https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/4ehbe5/cheaters_clogging_the_leaderboards/ Its now a live topic on the General chat forums on the RSI web site as well. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/326428/somewhat-disappointed/p1 As someone who's flown against Malogos, this fills in all the missing puzzle pieces. Hope this is ban worthy. permalink [–]LoonkeyCivilian 16 points an hour ago* Watching the video of them play... They aren't even that good. They're about as good as me in my Aurora with me using Keyboard and mouse at 25 fps. Early shots... Trouble tracking a slow moving and close proximity enemy... What the hell?! permalinkparent [–]SmashedBugMercenary 1 point 15 minutes ago With all the desync issues and network problems I have seen since the game has released... It is honestly hard to notice that they are basically taking advantage of it. You just get used to it so much that it doesn't phase you. permalinkparent [–]zombiebagelScout 1 point 9 minutes ago Have you tried playing AC lately? The desync can easily be that bad, and I seriously doubt someone has been using a lagswitch on me in every high pop match for the past 3 months. More comments and Malagos response from REDDIT [–]MrHerpDerp 15 points an hour ago* /u/malogos get in here nerd. Personally I am not going to jump to any conclusions. The only way this is getting proved is if CIG analyse network traffic during these games. I heard AC has been pretty laggy recently anyway. I'm watching the other videos though. Edit: I don't know star-wraith's reddit username. Edit 2: that footage of malogos is from 1.3. Edit 3: I've watched both videos now, in full. I don't see an obvious lagswitch at work. Even if both videos contained obvious lag during every engagement, it's not logical to assume that this is the effect of a lagswitch. Some of these engagements don't even look laggy, they just look like someone forgot how to fly their ship and got destroyed during a 180 or slow turn. The ships getting hits on one another when their shots appear to be missing is a common issue anyway. permalink [–]malogosMercenary 9 points an hour ago lmao... I have latency in 40ms and a fiber connection. Anyone who wants to come to Colorado and watch me play can stop by my house at any time. It doesn't happen often, but that's just SC's crappy netcode in action, and anyone that actually played SC with any frequency will recognize that instead of making a conspiracy video. permalinkparent [–]polyinky 2 points 26 minutes ago Just make a video of you playing and film your hands and feet while you play. permalinkparent [–]TexanMiror 5 points 47 minutes ago As someone who has played SC and AC: What is seen in that video is not normal at all whatsoever. I don't know if a lag switch exists, or if it has been used here - but the type of flying and even ship physics behavior is something I have never seen. Even total noobs use their ship to make maneuvers - the people in the video actually (almost) stopped. That is something that simply does not happen normally. I agree that it might just be netcode - yes, the lag/desync issues in SC are so bad, it might actually be believable - but I have never seen such a consistently bad lag situation. Edit: Maybe this was from an old version of SC? I know that there were some issues in this direction in versions prior to 2.0, but I cant remember too much as I have not flown that much in those versions. permalinkparent [–]Hurkk 1 point 47 minutes ago How about just streaming and letting people watch you top the leaderboards while you stream? Would put an end to speculation. permalinkparent [–]MrHerpDerp 1 point an hour ago Wow, you invented a telepathic lagswitch and didn't tell anyone about it? BAN HE
  6. What is this new unit of measure "CARGON" capacity 100 SCU that Ben is talking about. Any how i have a feeling that you will be fitting a great deal more that 100 SCU on that ship.
  7. We need this for Star Citizen. Link to article. : http://www.mb.com.ph/the-shatner-voice-pack-for-elitedangerous/ http://www.tweaktown.com/news/51290/william-shatner-lends-famous-voice-elite-dangerous/index.html
  8. This Woman is what we need to lead us to victory in Star Citizen we just have to head hunt her from the Division. Some very impressive skills on show here! Warning its a little sweary!
  9. The Original The Travolta Edit Since I am stuck here I'll make the most of it Edit.
  10. I had a chat with a couple of people on the CIG web site chat room and a Moderator talked about them doing a complete remodel of the Blade since the leak last summer. But tellers videos are always worth seeing again.
  11. 2.3 update on stats from the main man Malogos. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10pm2GQQWHi2lhv8VF-1vJG_JIMA-wvGD9cB-Acbp8oA/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=998208401
  12. At 1:49 you can clearly see the words MISC embedded in the landing gear. Well a sort of mirror image of it.
  13. I hope your right. You can CCU from Redeemer to Blade right now but cant CCU from Blade to anything when i tried to buy a CCU. Not overly worried on that as i have multiple P72 Tokens that i can use to re-buy the Redeemer with if I melt the Blade in the future. I am guessing that they will add CCU from Blades in the store in the next few weeks Edit 1 OK I just double check and they seem to have a Blade to Warden CCU in the store but that's it for now. Edit 2 OK second thoughts you are right I just went and bought a Blade to warden CCU and a Warden to Redeemer CCU. thanks for making me think a little harder about this LOL
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