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  1. UEE Citizen Record #294242 I was part of the first 10K roll out for 2.1 though so maybe? Been a backer since 2013
  2. planning to add a Hornet in the background. This is a pinup of Elizabeth Maxwell who is the voice who keeps all of you Anvil Pilots company in flight.
  3. Thanks guys. Any info on logging back in? I will more than likely be playing with friends most of the time Optix.
  4. New Avatar I threw together using SC pictures.
  5. Has it been discussed how crew members of a larger ship will log in and out? Is it similar to the ship owner log out? I am planning on buying a Carrack and would like a regular crew for long voyages.If this has been discussed can anyone link me to the information?
  6. I do Artwork on the side. Im fresh into Vector art but I can see what I can do. I will wait till I get approval from up top to start. My art can be viewed on Instagram at @artbympetersen
  7. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE ( best Professor imitation). Either a fresh install or 1.1.1 fixed my issue. I must have reinstalled it right when 1.1.1 released, which explains not being able to connect. Thank you for your help Venn!
  8. I also forgot to mention Venn, I was able to play with my HOTAS perfectly until 1.1 came out. I then started having Issues with the HOTAS.
  9. Venn, I've played Arma 3 and Warthunder, ive also Calibrated all Axis in the X55 Profiler. Right now I cant do much diagnosing because I can no longer get into SC with this new issue. I have not tried any other Profiles, BUT, I was having this issue before I got a new profile. I was hoping it would help. Soon as I get SC back up I will try another profile.
  10. Well I've deleted my mapping in SC, I've ensured there was nothing assigned to "pitch up, down" only to pitch, ect. Nothing has worked. I deleted and re-installed Star Citizen only to be met by a "connection error" message every time. Just my luck...
  11. Any help with this? This is a SC only issue. Ive checked a few other games with no problems. Im only getting Pitch down and roll,rudder left on all directions of the stick. I have no clue what to do to fix this issue. Ive had several other issues with X55/SC, but a profile fixed all but the axis issue. I REALLY do not want to re-learn to fly with a mouse.
  12. My throttle issue was fixed with a profile I got from the RSI Forums. My only issue left is the one direction on all axis. My Throttle was only ever bound to "throttle", so Im not sure what fixed it with the profile I downloaded. I toggled Inversion and it never fixed it either. Thanks for the response TheNoobifier.
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