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  1. While researching this thing, i dont think i've ever come across a simpit that does fps, racing and flying without having to change anything at all. the closest would probably be the dudley simpit (http://dudleyprojectcentral.myfreesites.net/simpitstatusfeb2015) Please do make a post about it when you're done designing it On a sidenote the current cockpit, while fun to have and build, takes up way too much space for an apartment. I'm currently working on another design that is MUCH more compact and still allows fps/flying without rearranging anything.
  2. i actually found a pretty easy to make and cheap stand for that while i was researching simpits. As far as i can tell its made from a few meters of pvc pipe, some joints and 2 pieces of wood.
  3. Thanks, it was quite a learning experience as i've never really done things this big before. It's easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission Thats actually a good idea.. i might actually do that when i get a bigger place
  4. Final Update: It's pretty much finished all i need to work out is a type of closing system for the left side arm. Been thinking of something along the lines of this with an arm rest on top. . . All wires are routed through the cockpit. All usb's can be toggled on/off on the right-side control panel. All in all this was a great learning experience and definitly one of the most fun projects i've undertaken so far
  5. Yulin

    Lil' ABE

    yeah, the price tag means i wont ever buy the crosswinds.. i fly dual stick + throttle currently. i guess i'll try out the combat version if i decide the dual stick is impractical in combat situations 8)
  6. Yulin

    Lil' ABE

    are those combat rudder pedals any good? im very iffy about buying saitek again since the pro flight rudder pedals i have are the worst.
  7. Update #4: Solved the joystick issue by getting a saitek something something v1 joystick instead. I'm now done cutting and sanding every single piece. Also tested that everything fit together and it appears that it does. All thats left now is painting everything and putting it back together. .. Mounted the joystick to the metal piece, and then mounted the metal piece to a support frame. Last picture is how it looks with the outer layer attached. . Mounted the warthog by reusing the mount from my obutto revolution (which will be turned into a car simulation pit instead) . Making sure the outer shell fits. Seems like its taking shape. Also ordered a sports car seat to replace the obutto seat.
  8. I did. returned a Cutlass Red for it since my main focus is earning money and doing science. So a S&R ship isn't what i need anyway.
  9. damn, thats a pretty sweet paintjob. how did you do the SR-2 and NORMAND?
  10. What i do is, i basically barely touch the game.. i kinda keep up to date with it, do some prep work like building a simpit etc.. but i dont actually play the game at all atm. I feel like i'd prefer saving myself for when the PU is released and then go ham with the game.
  11. Essentially, the housing protrudes about 6cm on the right side, but the problem is really that the hall sensors in the joystick seems to be attached to the outer housing and not the part of the housing that holds the joystick. I also cannot move the joystick further to the left since my hand will hit the throttle when pulling the joystick to the left.
  12. Thank you. I'm actually kinda stuck atm. Was originally going for a T.16000 for the left side joystick, but after opening it up it seems its pretty much impossible to build a custom housing for it. The default housing is way too big to fit next to a throttle
  13. Update #3: Had to put the simpit to use before it being finished to free up some space. Building something this big in a 1 room apartment is pretty tough. .. The section that holds the seat is now assembled. Front section assembled. The painted areas are the ones that wont be covered with fiberboard later on. . Example of the fiberboard before and after being painted. It's painted with a layer of primer, a layer of black paint, and then a layer of black hammerite hammer effect paint. The first two layers are sanded thoroughly before the next layer is painted. .. Making the keyboard tray. It's simply a piece of plywood, with a mousemat glued to it and mounted on a keyboard sliding tray. . Electronics being put into place for temporary use. And this is how it sits currently. Next stop is making the arms for all the joysticks, throttles etc.
  14. I'm running my gtx 980 ti on a 750W psu with no issues at all. It's also powering an i7 3770k @ 4,6GHz, 2 ssd's, 2 wd blacks, a watercooling loop, 4 fans and some led strips.
  15. wow, that price is insanely good i think i paid double of that back when i bought mine
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