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  1. Ah the RSI site was offline for a bit because 3.7 went live?
  2. I can't login to the site, it saying Forbidden. And the SC launcher is bugged.
  3. I'll see if I can join you guys by that time. Depends a bit on how busy I am with my kids.
  4. Well I haven't been around here for a looooong time too... and didn't play SC . But my oh my the latest big updates are indeed mind blowing. With 3.7 we will have caves and more! I see you posted your message a while ago, but still wanted to say welcome back.
  5. Hey Corbin, I remember you from a long time ago..in a galaxy far far away..okay I'm dozing off Still in this org I see, good ! We had some ship fun back in those days and recorded it on Youtube. I never forget those!
  6. UEE Citizen Record #767242 PROFILEEDIT Ridge Lock Handle nameRidge_Lock 2946 Pirate Aggressor MAIN ORGANIZATIONEDIT Tactical Advance Spectrum Identification (SID)TADVANCE Organization rankMember Apparently it's in my signature too..
  7. Thought I should share this with all of you. It seems no one else is talking about this game, so I will give it a whirl. I played this game back in the 90's. And I find this game one of the best space sims ever. The first installment of the series teaches you all about flying a spaceship. The second game is more "open world" like a pirate kind of game where you own a base and bring goods in with different kind of ships. I found both games really awesome with a good story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq8P_27BnQA
  8. FriendCalledFive - Yes I see the channel now. Thank you.!
  9. So do we have an org Spectrum page or something like that?
  10. Hey guys, came across this game on Steam. It seems a bit childish like Lego...but could be fun .. Available from 16 December 2016. http://astroneer.space/
  11. For me CIG does not have to make their releases "more polishing" and fitting to their vision or something like that. In the end after a release they keep ending to improve the builds. My point is, it doesn't matter if they release 3.0 now or later because they'll keep working on it. Bugs? So what? We are used to bugs. Release them. Just do it! Nice share btw ! I heard about this game a while ago, But didn't know when they're going to release it. I might check it out. The main problem with these kind of games is that how will the connection to the game server be? Are you going to get many disconnects? Or server errors? This is so important for stable gameplay.
  12. Wait, isnt that from Prometheus? Looks amazing though. In the movie it's HUGE!
  13. Took me a while to get this footage... was getting lots of game crashes. But I finally finished the new ICC mission and returned to the probe. It's not a vid, but had to show a nice gun.
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