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  1. Lunatek

    Not gonna play SC

    Regrettably selling a kidney is not an option here, certainly not for a pc, donating it to a SC pilot who saved me and was injured in the process maybe, organ harvesting now thtas an interesting career, is TheNOOBIFIER offering to buy the kidney?
  2. Lunatek

    Vanguard sale is LIVE!

    Just perfect, no no no no, now if i could park it outside in real life, well then it would be sold.
  3. Lunatek

    Not gonna play SC

    HI if its any consolation I have lots of issues with the graphics in SC, don't forget the game is not optimised, we have some ageing equipment especially graphics cards and are delaying upgrade, the hanger is really bad for me personally and a big issues in AC, due I believe to more graphics memory being required, I am set on low myself and have what was a reasonable setup, remember the specs are likely to change and we do not have the full game yet, hang on in there and in time you may be surprised, directx is going to be updated and Amd are at last sorting the drivers out, graphics cards prices will drop along with other hardware. I prefer to see what sticks before adoption and this equally saves some money and in some cases not all works out better in the long run. Although i doubt development on this game will ever stop you should find a point where upgrades work and are more affordable, this is where i am and I will address some of these issues only when we get stability in the releases and builds, this will be some time in the future, at present the game can only be considered a development platform and open for the test process, occasionally I see glimpses of the future, the very reason we all pledged Catch you online in the future, lots of friendly people who can help out with ideas on TA teamspeak, dont give up more than a few of us have disappointing PCs.
  4. Lunatek

    Forum Signatures!

    HI i would love a sig, anyone keen to have a go that has artistic ability?
  5. Lunatek

    4K monitor or VR Oculus

    ​Agreed time will change this and the adoption of both will become main stream, certainly I will achieve one but not the other i will vote when we have a few more results so as not to cloud the figures, interesting though, thanks for voting.
  6. To see friends in arena commander you need to add them, go here and search and follow! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TADVANCE/members
  7. Good call re times. Has anyone made it clear in a post how you see at present the org members in game ( Arena commander) ? Many people will not know how to do this, at least new members or new to SC, as far as I know at present you have to add individuals rather than orgs, lets hope this changes. You need to add them in the TA org search and follow them then you see them in Arena commander, this may be why so few turn up for events? I here a calender is on the horizon, this may help. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TADVANCE/members Done http://www.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/2576-arena-commander-where-are-my-friends-how-to-follow/
  8. I have asked a few people which way they will jump when Oculus launches. We can all see VR brings advantages, but equally so does a 4K monitor, without doubt which ever device chosen a new graphics card may be required by many. Upgrading your monitor if used for work has some real value, but oculus in the early days would not be a huge value. For gaming with a capable graphics card and supported game both win, but as cost is an issue to many only one solution may be viable, please vote l;ets see where the figures sit in resepct to which product you would choose assuming you have a capable graphics card but can only have VR or a 4K monitor and not both!
  9. So very neat thanks for the post, managed to get a model of this on ebay the other night.
  10. Lunatek

    What is your dream personal fleet?

    1 x Hornet (security)1 x Cutlass (security)1 x Constellation Phoenix (comfort and security after a hard days work.) 1 x Reclaimer (hopefully some alien wrecks)1 x Retaliator (security)Much the same as yours, deep space, exploration and reclamation.