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  1. Did we have any word on when we'll get a redesign of the Mustang? My Beta is still horribly bugged in the interior. And I do love my tiny camping Wagon :P
  2. Deadnotsleeping

    Ships for living

    Most afternoon/evening times (from Denmark) usually. Just gotta get the current bug fixed, so I can actually play
  3. Deadnotsleeping

    Ships for living

    I got 2,4 installed and ready to go. Been doing some missions and stuff as well. Wish I had more ships I could try out, the Beta isn't exactly a combative monster.xD I do agree that the Carrack seems nice as well, though with the struts and such, it looks a bit "reaper" ish on the outside
  4. Deadnotsleeping

    Ships for living

    Nice, thanks. No PTU installed at the moment.
  5. Deadnotsleeping

    Ships for living

    That DOES look rather convincing. It's hangar(semi)ready at the moment, right? Any chance someone has it, so I can walk around?
  6. Deadnotsleeping

    Ships for living

    Yeah, been considering the carrack. Bit massive, though. I do like the rough, gritty look. 890 is way too high-tech looking for me. The Starfarer is nice, but a bit stuck as a refuelling platform. That would make it my incredibly-most-wanted-ship
  7. Deadnotsleeping

    Ships for living

    I'm thinking something like a family-like ship. "older, but steady" you know. Serenity, from Firefly for instance. It's around 100 metres or so (pretty large for a smaller crew, I know). But something akin to that. I love my Mustang explorer, because of the living area. It feels "me". But I'd like something larger, without essentially buying a warship.
  8. Deadnotsleeping

    Ships for living

    Heyas! Since I'm one of those "Browncoat" folks, I was wondering if there was a sort of residential ship in the plans, that someone heard of? There's sort of the cruiser, but that's a bit more high-tech than I like. Something like the HULL B with a living area configuration, would be extremely nice, but I don't think that'll be available?
  9. Deadnotsleeping

    2.0-2.1 stuff. How?

    Hey there! Haven't been around awhile, and wondering how to actually do the stuff that's open in 2.0 and beyond. Is there a written guide to it, I haven't managed to find? Like, how do I get my own ship to the station and play around with, for example. It doesn't seem clear to me (or I am, incidentally, extremely oblivious). Thanks in (tactical, ha) advance
  10. Deadnotsleeping

    Star Marine FPS Update

    I really had hoped there'd be some form of release window
  11. Deadnotsleeping

    SWTOR TA Headquarters

    Looks nice. Hopefully I can find the time to join you all on TS while in game soon. Currently levelling a Sniper. Any ideas on what to level as a tank, in current iteration of the game?
  12. Deadnotsleeping

    Hull series sale is LIVE!

    Looks like my new credit card isn't going to arrive on time. So no LTI for me, unless another concept sale will come along, in the Hull-B Price range.
  13. Deadnotsleeping

    Placeholder MMO SWTOR .

    So, would it be okay for me to level at my own pace? With the different timezones and all.
  14. Deadnotsleeping

    Placeholder MMO SWTOR .

    ​We might not all be able to play at the same times, though As I'm in Denmark we can't all level together, so some of us will eventually outlevel the others.
  15. Deadnotsleeping

    Placeholder MMO SWTOR .

    Any ideas on what I should roll? I haven't played any Sith classes from start to finish, aside from Inquisitor. BH Powertech or IA Operative was my thoughts.