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  1. Please follow steps listed below: Open 2 tabs on your web browser (or just play them from the post, noticed that you can do that only after posting )put both videos in them and stop them immediately;Turn of the sound in the Lords of the Fallen video;set both videos to 00:00Play the music video and then the game cinematic(in full screen) as fast as possible and enjoy :DDMe and my flatmate found out this completely accidentally ( headphones are recommended) A new AMW for Lords of the Fallen was born
  2. Really......... we only know this nooow, Naahhh It can't be T.A's
  3. Most likely that the majority of you guys have already seen this. But for those who didn't.......... Enjoy! ^^
  4. Hello Tactical Advance community I would like to suggest a game that we could possibly enjoy playing . Personally I like this game cause its a good way to blow of some steam, u can quickly drop in, have some fun and then drop out. Hawken is fast passed mech fsp game. Its a free to play title on steam. The game has various mech types for various game-play styles. Here is a vid of some of the gameplay : Please tell me what are your opinion on this one
  5. Guuuuyyyyyyys whens the next patch?? Been looking for some info on that, did not find a thing. does everyone have the friendlist bug? Cause i can't play with TA at all annoying, as hell :/ pls share some good news
  6. #397221 strange ive been a backer only a month or so. ? but I had an account on RSI waaaaay before that, always thought that you get star citizen number only when you purhase a game package. it seems that thats not the case
  7. Those two huge spikes in fornt of the ship seems to be as long as the ship itself vanduul sure have thing for pointy objects I bet that ramming will be apart of their AI flight model.
  8. ​I dont have an org, i drop in to team speak from time to time to play World of Tanks with you guys dont have a SC package so therefore not an official TA member.
  9. Any hints of scale for the Hunter ship, cant tell how big it is
  10. hey people So I was over looking the the lore series in RSI recentlly, and have stumbleupon this nice piece . This series story was posted like 3 years ago but if haven't read it you should definetlly do so. A nice story from crimminals perspective, I was reading and picturing everything in my head, and can say that you could make a short action movie out of this . So 10 chapters enjoy https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/12744-Tales-Of-Kid-Crimson-Issue-1
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