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  1. Congrats deathrises im really happy you got the position ! im sure you will be a great fit for the role!!
  2. The only way to kill my battleship is to crash your ships in to it but I Put money on the fact you will run out of ships before I die lol
  3. The only way to kill my battleship is to crash your ships in to it but I the. Put money on the fact you will run out of ships before I die lol
  4. Don't dude if I turn on all the systems on in my battleship in a world with other things in I get between 5 and 10 fps and I have a 3.3 ghz i7 with 16 gb ram lol I had to speed the footage up as the collisions slowed my PC down to much lol
  5. If someone wants to try and out do my time from hanger to bridge on the big gray battleship feel free to try , the last person took 40 mins and gave up :)
  6. so i built a battleship and wanted to see whatr sort of a kicking it could take lol 7QLf99mypbM
  7. In this case their is no insurance
  8. the below quote is taken from here http://starcitizen.wikia.com/wiki/Lifetime_Insurance RSI insurance FAQ: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/12820-Insurance-FAQ-And-Update Lifetime Insurance covers the ship hull and basic equipment only.[4][5] It does not cover modifications made or cargo acquired by the player after first receiving the ship.[6] Insurance for upgrades and cargo is separate from LTI or hull insurance and is priced based upon the risk level of the system entered. Above risk level 5, upgrade and cargo insurance are unavailable.[7] If a ship with LTI is destroyed or captured it will be replaced with an identical model in equivalent condition.[3] The replacement may not arrive immediately - it can take some time. The developers have indicated that the more often a ship is destroyed, the longer the wait until its replacement arrives.[8] A person can avoid the wait by owning more than one ship
  9. Single ships don't ship with anything unless it's listed on the screen . And the way I understand. Lti is that the ship has the basic cover and never runs out but it only covers the hull and not the add ons or cargo.
  10. i know this is the wrong place but i wanted this link to reach everyone instead of 1 or 2 people in the other forum . gog has their summer sale on and their are some great deals to be had http://www.gog.com/2014_drm_free_summer/thanksbigfree
  11. Most people don't like to be blind sided and ass raped like u do lol. Most of us want to protect our selfs :)
  12. That's fair point . don't mean you should kill off the post. Because of it, so my bugs don't matter because I didn't copy the laid out format word for word? As that's what was put across by the mod.
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