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  1. Anvil Hurricane

    I wouldn't mind having one of those...but im poor
  2. Greetings from Atlas Defense Industries - ADI

    Hello welcome to TACs Forum! I wish the best of relations between our orgs.
  3. 10 for the Developers: Episode 03

    Great episode, interesting news on clothing and character creation.
  4. My name was used!

    So what was your name used in exactly?
  5. Building a simpit

  6. Idris M + Hornet using Kerbal

    That's pretty sweet!
  7. Xian Cargo Ship

    Seems like it's to big. Though still amazing!
  8. Tactical Advance bases

    I mean I think heard somewhere orgs can have some sort of impact or control on space stations, so I'm wondering if TAC will try to set one up as a hub for central operations, since it will be very hectic once the game nears release.
  9. Hello everyone! So I have been thinking about this for abit and I looked around our forum for anything about it, but what is our Org going to be doing for bases and the such. Will we be taking a space station for a hub of org activity, or is it possible to have a building on terra that we use as a headquarters? I'm sure we have an operation planned, but I'd still like to know what everyone thinks/knows about the topic of org bases.
  10. Hostage taking

    Seriously? That kinda sucks, i mean it can be abused very easily, but i always liked the idea of it, adds a whole new element to gameplay and it probably wouldn't be that hard to implement depending on how complicated they decide to get, but oh well. Blowing things up is still a good option!
  11. Hostage taking

    Science will be covered for ever, i guess any Q's or worries i had are pretty much gone!
  12. Hostage taking

    So the info i got is that Hostage taking will probably be implemented, but were not sure what TAC procedure is completely. I feel like taking hostages is a more lawful option than outright killing people, and i do know that you can choose to stop and not allow certain groups from spawning on your endeavor, which can be pretty handy in an all out war between Orgs! Now I'm wondering do we even have an endeavor in TAC?
  13. Hostage taking

    Hello everyone! This is my first time starting a topic, so its probably a little bad, but i wanted to discuss the possibility of taking hostages as a mechanic in the game, I'm not saying we should. I'd just wanted to know if this actually will be a mechanic where outlaws can take people for ransom possibly and be attacked/payed by a lawful Org or the UEE itself. The game Arma III has this in some of its more well known mods and it can add for really cool encounters. I also wanted to know TAC procedure in a situation like this (unless we have one already).
  14. Starwars Battlefront

    I saw the interview live for the star wars celebration thing on youtube streaming, and when i heard about no space battles and on rail AT AT's, and no Clone Wars Era, i died a bit. then they decided to say that this lack of content is because its a reboot of battlefront 1, which i have to say is really complete bull.
  15. So....what ship do you have?

    ​Yeah, you are right, by the way that merchantman is going to be awesome on game release!

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