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  1. I've played yesterday and even some BR's which i managed to win. First of all the Ship fights (with the Stock weapons) take far much longer now, all Ships have HP, & Shield buffs. The buffed Weapons now don't really feel buffed you need a lot of hits to kill a Ship now (not anymore 2-3 hits once Shields are down) Energy Particle Speed changed they are now faster, M4a Laser now can hit well and much easier. Example my SuperHornet vs another one: I was on Full Autofire with all the default Weapons after 5-10 seconds constantly hitting the Hornet it was still in yellow damage states, Hornets are now real Tanks! and with Size1 or 2 Repeters it will take a long time to finish the opponent off. I don't know how S3 Weapons/or Ballistics feel now cause there's a Bug even if you buy them from PTU-Sandbox-Store and equip them they wont be added in a Match. The Missiles feel overpowered now all of them hit very hard, a Size 2 Cs Missile nearly kills with 1 hit. If you evade incoming Missiles from the front, watch out after passing by the will return so evade a second time! Important note: Countermeasures wont work atm even Chaff does nothing. Keeping your Aim on the Target feel much better now seems ESP helps more to keep like a light Autoaim on the Target while following/moving. The Glaive got buffed on the Weapons you can now fire 3x Plasmas fast until overheat and the weak Lasers can shoot longer now but still the Weapons are very weak, and it seems that the HP and Shield is not been buffed it gets destroyed faster than an Aurora. ATM I'm really thinking of melting it, I'll wait for the Anny Sale and will see what else to get from it, cause I'm really disappointed in it...(it need far better evading speed stronger weapons, and the Missiles are so weak now you need at least 6-8 if you want to damage a SHornet with full Shields) A lot of Effects are added like Laser & Missile hits, or when landing you see dust and particles on the ground circling around. Some Character animations Laser Pistol got little changes too, and you can exit your Ship while in Space! Press CONTROL+F to exit To sum it up, fighting feels different now cause it won't end so fast, the Missiles for my Point need a little nerf, but all together I really like the changes so far lets see how it will change in the Public release.
  2. too big for me (I stay with my fighters and my Carrack) but utterly awesome ship, and happy many of you have one. Those modular Ships are really special & will be of great importance in the PU. In future I gonna fly by with my Glaive and try to brake the Glass on one of those Biodomes with my blades ok ? (Those blades work really fine against people and cockpits *gg*)
  3. Greetings Sam, Those Corsair Keyboard & Mice are very well made, can't remember that I ever used something better, (the Keyboard with the red cherry mechanic, the red one for faster trigger and shorter response per click) as well as the mouse. Superb handling (even left handed players can use it, I know cause I'm one of those!) If you want to save little money you can choose the NON-RGB-LED versions of those too, and get this superb piece: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/corsair-vengeance-mm600-dual-sided-gaming-mouse-mat or I would suggest to get another 8 GB RAM. For OS and Games I'm using 2 different SSD's from Intel. (I think its and 520 and a 560 version they are rather old 2 years+ and should be removed soon but those Intel work fine had an OZC before and it broke after 1.5 years...) For Data Storage I'm using a Western Digital Red 3000GB - best thing would be to have 2 of those in a RAID 1 mirror setting. (if your Motherboard Sata controller supports that feature.) but one is good enough the RED series is designed for NAS StorageSystems not the fastest one but most durable ones. (but still able to handle Games on my SteamLibary Backup (ok Games like GTA5 will take you twice the loading time compared to a SSD but that's clear) Can't give you any advice on Headsets I'm using a fixed mic from my SoundblasterZ and good quality headphones. Hope I could help little out, and happy deciding & buying have fun
  4. I know read about it too, it sounds harsh and chaotic but we don't know the details inside why/what happen'd and it's their business not ours, Of course its sounds a little suspect that people we know over videos and hear them talking get fired/or quit. But from my thought those 3 are not the Designers/Creators/Modelers or Engine Programmers, i mean if Gurmak would leave in an instant I would surly get suspicious. (don't know if i wrote his name correctly, but he's one of the leading Ship Artist/Designer) In one of the German Gamesites (original article found here: http://www.polygon.com/2015/9/25/9399345/star-citizen-is-reorganizing-its-teams-not-conducting-layoffs) it's mentioned that there are structural and internal changes going on at CiG. My thought is that some Positions which are not really required get loose and the team gets reorganized since most of the single Studios have finished their individual work so now they have to regroup their Teams to put know their pieces together, that is my thought. James and the Darth Girl from what I red were suspected telling inside CiG stuff to an outside source (you know that smarta** Guy, I won't mention his name here) (and that's something which is totally normal in any business or work, if you spread inside stuff your'e fired point, even if you talk too negative in & about your job and demotivate others you will quickly removed) About Lisa, yes its sad I liked her presence in ShipShape but you could see in the last Episodes that she had a total different behavior not energized like before and happy to talk about the Ships (we don't know why) but it was an indicator for me that she won't stay too long. There are many youngsters at CiG and many older veterans. I know from my personal exp. from IT work its really hard for youngsters to get respect and feedback back because the veterans are all on their works and things and don't have time to help much out the newcomers, many of those get disappointed and will leave, others work hard through to earn the veterans respect. Every business has to deal with these issues that's why the fluctuation in IT/Programming is high, most will leave after 1-3 years of work or even faster if they feel not compatible with the team at all. So no worries on that side. About your concern buying new Ships, for myself they have to show me what they have done in the meantime then i'll decide to put more money on them. Let's see what they have to show on Oct. 10
  5. I could not choose a specific one, they are all awesome - So I did the same. Cant wait enough for them to be Hangar/AC ready.
  6. Atm, its still quite hard to get in, besides doing other things i switched and tried for 3 hours to get in Arc Corp, so we still need to wait until more instances are created i think about 20 people fit in into an Arc Corp instance atm. & we dont know how many they have/prepared yet. I wont spoil or say anything other then that you all will be stunned by the high res textures and detail in it, hell yeah even the leaves on the flowers look nearly photo realistic which I've never seen before in any game still there's many things missing (some fine tune for animations more anims for Npcs and so on) I remember years ago in Mass Effect 1 exploring the Citadel but this this is a totally different level of detail and immersion. For my Opinion not even Witcher 3 comes close to this detail. I walked 5 meters and stopped and started looking around again & again. The chat and emotes work well those animations when dancing, saluting looks so impressive like in a CGI Hollywood movie. Also the Framerate was quite stable only managed to see about 5 people at once in my Fov still around 50-70 fps, but most of it extremely fluid, looking smoothly around at the scenario was really awesome. In total it looked very polished and well so I think the official release will be not long away. and for the Glaive owners: Weapons got fixed again plasma does now make damage against targets without shields and the duration and recharge rate mainly for the weak lasers got changed a little as well
  7. Just checked my emails, I also have gotten the invite, but the NDA is quite harsh, sorry TAC would like to help you out but its to risky for that amount of money i already spent in, and I don't want be the new "Derek Smart" with CiG I'm downloading right now, and if time allows it ill try to give some written impressions about it and the content. Hear you all later, MK
  8. Can't wait for next week, still need more info's about the new load-outs some say the Sentinel is the Electronic Warfare Version which sounds very interesting and the Harbinger maybe the modified Bomber/Heavy-Fighter Version with more/stronger missiles, but that's all speculation at this time, i didn't catch up "Reverse the Verse" maybe something is mentioned there. but I still don't know which Variant I should upgrade from the original Concept Phase one.... What about you Guys? who owns one or plans to buy one and which Version/Variant would you prefer ?
  9. Im one of the proud owners as well, congrats everyone who managed to obtain one. I just finished my 1st vanduul swarm with the glaive but its soo hard to kill things since the weapons are soo damn underpowered its hilarious On the other side the handling & is superb and its top speed with 240 as well. Hopefully they will buff the weapons in the next upcoming patches since its more like a training vessel with weapons made of wood. but its great fun to fly it. some pics: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=D83A4626EB046762!11702&authkey=!AKDnYlR_ZRqCm60&ithint=folder%2cpng
  10. I've got some pics on my live drive feel free to use. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=D83A4626EB046762!7140&authkey=!AGG2-1gVQfNzdpQ&ithint=folder%2cpng
  11. Greetings Citizen, Yesterday they made all the Military Variants available in Arena Commander. All Hornets Variants and the SuperHornet, as well the Gladiator and Gladius are flyable. I know this patch its a little bit frustrating cause of the crashing and freezing but at least we can try those fighters out. (I myself tried the Gladiator and i totally love it i must have one too bad i did not buy one...) Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14746-Test-Drive-The-Military-Ships
  12. For me as a foreigner HR Officers sounds much better it has a military touch in my opinion, CM's are all over the place HR sounds more unique in my opinion.
  13. Thank you for the update ! Downloading right now... too bad i have to keep an appointment tomorrow and can't be up through the night, once i get home i'll test it until my body faints
  14. Very Nice one indeed, I had to buy myself another Gtx 970 for Sli and the Wichter 3 bundle included so it was not the baddest deal and i'm pretty impressed about the performance too, but a TitanX is surely one hell of a card. (i spent the money first on input devices^^) @ Ryker: You should make more genius Pictures i'm pretty sure they will sell well.
  15. Greetings Phoenix Wing Members, Glad you mentioned about the "club state" since i applied for the Security Board i wasn't sure what's this all about, so i withhold my vote&appliance... But you said it clearly Security comes before PW and so i would gladly join up with you too as an Apprentice-Role-Type. And of course be righteous & helpful with my PW-Wingmen's, Oh Gavin is one of the Top-5-Men here too - like it - hope he likes my Mantis Guns too when i'm shredding him again & again if he's trying to kill poor Muffin from behind like last time. (of course only in Training). ;-)))
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