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  1. 3.0 Release Date Guesses

    Wave 1- some time in the future wave 2-2 weeks later PU-day after I die
  2. Ark server up again

    update? pretty please.
  3. Ark server up again

    please update the server. I need to catch a griffin
  4. Meet the MISC Prospector

    Got one at concept. Cant wait to wreck some roids. Or maybe cut open a ship, that would be awesome
  5. Ark server up again

    so how long before we all battle to the death?
  6. Ark server up again

    Clearly there is something I'm not doing. I have added the server but I can't find the server to connect to it. I have searched for it in official and unofficial What am I doing wrong
  7. Nox Sale is now live! ($40)

    Wait a minute...one of the specs is "anti-microbial polymer seat" ? So when you S#@! your self in battle it won't stink later???
  8. Nox

    couldn't help myself. Happy fathers day to me.
  9. Star Trek Bridge Crew

    Waiting to see some reviews
  10. Star Trek Bridge Crew

    I might actually get this. I bought the rift with the touch last Christmas and have only been getting the free titles, some of which are really good. This looks like a good trainer for large ship crew interaction. I'll wait and see more reviews
  11. SQ42 Release date!!!

    I hate you
  12. VR Space game to look forward to later this year

    Looks interesting. Glad I got the Oculus for christmas
  13. I think we are all insane. After purchasing the Prospector last week I looked at my RSI account and it said I have spent $300 so far.....WHAT?!?!?! That seems crazy to spend that much on a single (unreleased) game. Not to mention the cost of building a computer specifically for SC. Then I see posts like Huniken's that he he wants to spend an additional $7500. I sincerely hope that this game is worth all this blind hope. "You may find, after a time, that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical" Spock, "STOS. (Amok time)"
  14. Terrapin Q&A Part 2 (of 2)

    Starting to save money right now for one

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