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  1. Zalkon-Lotharian

    3.2 PTU is up for concierge and subs

    Holy cr*p I got the 3.2 invite!!!!!!
  2. Zalkon-Lotharian

    3.0 Release Date Guesses

    Wave 1- some time in the future wave 2-2 weeks later PU-day after I die
  3. Zalkon-Lotharian

    Ark server up again

    update? pretty please.
  4. Zalkon-Lotharian

    Ark server up again

    please update the server. I need to catch a griffin
  5. Zalkon-Lotharian

    Meet the MISC Prospector

    Got one at concept. Cant wait to wreck some roids. Or maybe cut open a ship, that would be awesome
  6. Zalkon-Lotharian

    Ark server up again

    so how long before we all battle to the death?
  7. Zalkon-Lotharian

    Ark server up again

    Clearly there is something I'm not doing. I have added the server but I can't find the server to connect to it. I have searched for it in official and unofficial What am I doing wrong
  8. Zalkon-Lotharian

    Nox Sale is now live! ($40)

    Wait a minute...one of the specs is "anti-microbial polymer seat" ? So when you S#@! your self in battle it won't stink later???
  9. Zalkon-Lotharian


    couldn't help myself. Happy fathers day to me.
  10. Zalkon-Lotharian

    Star Trek Bridge Crew

    Waiting to see some reviews
  11. Zalkon-Lotharian

    Star Trek Bridge Crew

    I might actually get this. I bought the rift with the touch last Christmas and have only been getting the free titles, some of which are really good. This looks like a good trainer for large ship crew interaction. I'll wait and see more reviews
  12. Zalkon-Lotharian

    SQ42 Release date!!!

    I hate you
  13. Zalkon-Lotharian

    VR Space game to look forward to later this year

    Looks interesting. Glad I got the Oculus for christmas
  14. I think we are all insane. After purchasing the Prospector last week I looked at my RSI account and it said I have spent $300 so far.....WHAT?!?!?! That seems crazy to spend that much on a single (unreleased) game. Not to mention the cost of building a computer specifically for SC. Then I see posts like Huniken's that he he wants to spend an additional $7500. I sincerely hope that this game is worth all this blind hope. "You may find, after a time, that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical" Spock, "STOS. (Amok time)"