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  1. So clearly I've missed something. How is it available for all? I get no PTU button in the launcher Never mind I figured it out
  2. So I just received an email from CCP stating that "Dust 514" will be coming back (to PC) in the form of "Project Nova". Did any one else play that. It was the only reason I bought a PS3 , just like how "Star citizen" is the reason for my current computer
  3. Wave 1- some time in the future wave 2-2 weeks later PU-day after I die
  4. www.youtube.com/watch?v=g41YhOfd7hQ Exploration and recon, The two are almost interchangeable. I really enjoy watching these guys, they have solid insight and practical experience . A definite must watch.
  5. please update the server. I need to catch a griffin
  6. Got one at concept. Cant wait to wreck some roids. Or maybe cut open a ship, that would be awesome
  7. so how long before we all battle to the death?
  8. Clearly there is something I'm not doing. I have added the server but I can't find the server to connect to it. I have searched for it in official and unofficial What am I doing wrong
  9. Wait a minute...one of the specs is "anti-microbial polymer seat" ? So when you S#@! your self in battle it won't stink later???
  10. couldn't help myself. Happy fathers day to me.
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