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  1. It might be cool to have a topic on the technical side of the game as SC uses some pretty unique and cutting edge technologies that are most often overlooked or under appreciated. I'm a pretty technical person and have become fascinated with how these games work underneath and needless to say...its fucking complex. I have been working on my own game projects for the past year and have have learned so much about how all the aspects of games work and thought it might be interesting to have a topic on it. After each patch release I also unack all the games assets and sift through them to see what is new which can also give an inside look into what the dev team is working on. I keep up with all the bug smashers videos as well and they seem to get a good amount of attention from viewers so there is an interest in the topic to some degree. Also we have one YouTuber in TA who sort of does this with some of his topics but its pretty cringe worthy how completely wrong he is about what hes talking about most of the time yet people soak it up because they know even less and assume hes right.
  2. That would be really cool if they did that, maybe some sort of anniversary trilogy.
  3. Got my hands on a very early build of cod4 that is dated about nine months before release. I have been through all of the files and there is a ton of cool stuff including test maps, and several canceled missions. Here are two levels I have made videos for so far.
  4. The level of detail in this game is simply astonishing. They put so much time into things most developers wouldn’t give a second thought to. And this is only the beginning…
  5. I pulled all of the sound effects from the game and wanted to make them available for those interested in using them for videos and other projects. I also added the music files as well. It looks like they are hashed so they do not have names unlike the sound effects. You will notice some of the tracks are broken up into separate files that are looped. A lot of developers are doing this these days to create an "interactive soundtrack" that can change based on events. Music: https://mega.nz/#!z51WVYxR!SD2igiLIDChpNUyIkKQb15GRI1ykcVXI2y85nKO6d9Q Sound Effects: https://mega.nz/#!rxlAlLIR!XxbWCsQ5-pRfz8f37puDxJejaAbFtUBSKkS-F9o8dUE
  6. Full article: http://www.pcgamer.com/mark-hamill-talks-star-citizen-wing-commander-and-star-wars/
  7. I found a way into the blocked areas in the new update for those interested in exploration stuff. It starts at the 7:30 mark.
  8. Just FYI, these are the source/hanger versions that have an INSANE tri count. I think the Cryengine can only display around 1 million total in an entire scene so even then with your ship/multiple ships and a hanger just wouldn’t work let alone out in the game world. The in-game versions have a much lower count for obvious optimization reasons. They are probably just future proofing the game just like they are with the 4 and 8k textures for when hardware can take advantage of it.
  9. I just wanted to show the absurd amount of detail going into the ships of SC. I know nothing about Eve Online but the Avatar is supposedly the largest in the game. I don’t know how up to date this model is but it’s the only ship I could easily find.
  10. Sifting through the assets in the new update I noticed this as well. There are also several new models including a few armored security guards and new female models as well.
  11. I totally missed that, I didn't realize your res was clear lol I just switched out my clear fluid for blood red and now I wish I just did colored tubing. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time. Also I was wondering if your using a fan controller for all those fans?
  12. Haha apparently so. And looks like I'm still there too! I think I might need to hire you as my publicist lol
  13. Here is something I put together over the weekend as an ending to a speed build video I did of this ship. As you may or may not know this ship is not assembled because of its modularity and code to assemble it is not accessible so I built it myself part by part. As you can read on the Media Division thread, this will be my last video for a while due to the enormously complicated process involved with making these seeming simple videos. Also here is another video showing some Constellation animations I managed to get working. I hope you all enjoy it. .
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