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  1. I am moving and sadly selling my flight chair. You can see the photos by clicking the below link. https://goo.gl/photos/3pN1vMVSsjuCaYQP8 If interested contact me at 83n3d1ct10n@gmail.com
  2. AnastasisEve

    Built my own Captian's Chair!

    Hey Guys!! Was pretty simple... What do you all think? Might be interested in taking special orders. email me 83n3d1ct10n@gmail.com
  3. Working hard to get things right

  4. AnastasisEve

    Phoenix wing all you wanted to know

    ANASTASIS Etymology: From Ancient Greek ἀνάστασις (anástasis, “resurrection”). Noun: anastasis (plural anastases) meaning: 1) A recovery from a debilitating condition, especially irradiation of human tissue. 2) Rebirth. 3) Resurrection I am the resurrection eve. The oncoming night of rebirth. The darkness before the flame. This is my formal application to Phoenix Wing.
  5. AnastasisEve

    Need Help on upgrades!

    I do run the GTX 760, The link has been fixed. ------------------------- So I hate to admit it but I do not really have a lot of money to really throw into a machine I build not more than a year ago. I did expect to replace components and planned for upgrading but its a bit of a shock that I'm hearing that I should ALSO replace the GPU. I was prepared to replace the CPU because that was what I expected to do. I could easily see myself getting into an i5 or i7. Sooooooooo.... Secondary question: Seeing how I plan to spend most my game time in Star Citizen, "IF" I just update the CPU and wait for new technologies to come out on the GPU (IE: DirectX12). I would want to get something I will not have to worry about for future upgrades. I love building computers, I just hate spending money year after year for new components... 1) For future upgrade-ability and longer lasting functionality I would want an i7, but which one? 2) How much of a performance increase could I expect to see with dropping an i7 into my current machine?
  6. AnastasisEve

    Need Help on upgrades!

    instead of buying a new GPU would it be more financially viable to buy another 760 and SLI them?
  7. Current System Intel G3258 (Overclocked to 4.2) Corsair H-60 CLC Asus Z-97a motherboard GTX 760 GPU 2x4 Gig 1866 G.Skill Ram CX500M Power Supply (500w) 250g SSD Generic cd/dvd burner Secondary HDD for storage My Question: I am finding as I get into the higher end gaming that some of my performance is not up to par. I believe it is because my CPU is bottle-necking the GPU or the simple fact that the CPU is just not powerful enough. On multiple occasions I have entered the task manage to see my CPU pegged out at 100%, With windows warning me about desktop performance settings. Respondents to this forum: 1) How badly is my processor bottle-necking the gpu? 2) If I upgrade the processor what would you recommend? I am currently looking into the following i5-4690k and the i5-4670k 3) What is the difference between Haswell and Devil's Canyon? 4) With the upgrade to the CPU, will I need to upgrade the power supply?