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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen...I present to you, The Carrack! http://imgur.com/a/Xk2dR
  2. I'm also trying out ED. I just started to play yesterday so as soon as I'm more familiar with the game I'll catch up with you guys
  3. I will absolutely not going to "upgrade" my Andromeda to the Phoenix. I will gladly keep the Andromeda and I might buy another Aquila down the road. Phoenix just looks like a waste of hangar space to me!
  4. I'm quite disappointed with the phoenix and taurus variants to be honest! I truly think it's a waste of a variant for the Connie! I can still understand the Taurus, but the Phoenix makes no sense to me! I know about the potential VIP transportation missions and all that but still, wasted Connie variant imo. I was hoping for a more "military" version. Anyway, at least the Aquila and the Andromeda (original revamp) look great. I already own an Andromeda so I think I'll buy a new Aquila as well.
  5. I'm almost sure that the Andromeda isn't the base model. Just like the Freelancer, the base model has no name (Max, Dur and Mis...and "base" freelancer"). Besides, there most certantly will be a version more oriented to space fight, and my money is on the Andromeda model.
  6. How can you resign a role that only exists in theory at this point?! I mean, you talk about "conflicts" and "command" but the game is 1, possibly 2, years from release! And to quote Malogos "I don't see how that can be the case just yet"!
  7. I would go for the Avenger. You can go for multiple roles with it and it's reasonably priced
  8. The alien languages are great. I feel like a cast of The Big Bang Theory speaking Klingon (I know it's from Star Trek).
  9. I'm also passing on this one. Looks very cool but I'm happy with having just one single seated ship to dogfight.
  10. I stoped playing Dayz 3 weeks ago because I got stuck inside a building and cant leave! None of the usual crawl, jump and leave tricks work. Dayz is beyond broken, they really need to step it up to make it work.
  11. Good point! It's probably easier to get to wave 15 in an hornet but I prefer the handling on the 300i...I might start practicing with the hornet from now on.
  12. So, what's your best score on arena commander? I got to wave 12 with score: 84790 with 300i
  13. Well, i just got my X55 and this is the best configuration I found so far http://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/com ... _tweakfix/
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