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  1. firefly212

    The 600 Series concept Sale August 25

    I was weak, melted many ships... Now I have: (Origin Complete Pack) 85x m50 300i 315p 325a 350r 600 touring 600 exploration 890 Jump Prospector Merchantman Starfarer-Gemini Hull-C Sabre-Comet edit: I see there is a tenth ship in the Origin complete pack, I don't know what an Origin 1x is, or if it's referring to the Origin Rover but I sure do have it.
  2. firefly212

    CIG enacting zero tolerance policy towards cheating

    I'd like to clarify the CIG position just a bit on this, as I've had some conversation with them in the last week regarding the topic. Cheaters will be permabanned (good, f**k em). The video evidence request is because they want to look at the timestamps, and if the anti-cheat software didn't detect cheating and auto-kick/ban, they want to be able to look at all the different metrics to figure out if the person really was cheating, if there's a bug, if there's an exploit, or if there's just a salty loser. In the even the video does confirm cheating, they want to be able to go deeper into their metrics to try to enhance their cheat detection.... so the video request is basically "help us help you." Also, I don't know if any other TA people have any disabilities... but it's no secret that I have MS and am pretty cr*p at fighting... my hands shake, and I use steadymouse (https://www.steadymouse.com/) and voice attack to help compensate a bit... I've had conversation with Concierge support, who, in turn, spoke with some of the devs, and subsequently issued the following response: Hello Ken,Thank you for contacting Concierge Support.I've spoken with some of our Games/Tech Support guys, and they've let me know that right now, this won't cause any issues with us, as it's a program used to help you out and doesn't give you an unfair advantage in any way, however as we don't know how our anti-cheat software is going to handle this, it may cause some false flags in the future. I have however passed on the information about this particular program to the Dev team, so they can look into this more. We want to make sure that all of our backers can comfortably play, and any assistance that they might need will be usable with our games. I hope this helps. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. =) All the best, Azme Concierge Support - Player Relations Roberts Space Industries So... if you have mouse hooks for a legit reason, and they're part of a software package that plainly gives you no advantage over other players, their solution is just that if you get a false flag, to approach the issue with them so they can verify that the software you're using is not some kind of cheat-y thing.
  3. firefly212

    So....what ship do you have?

    Phoenix is gone... now my fleet is: Origin: 300i 315p 325a 350r 85x (separate) M50 890J Anvil Carrack Misc/Aegis Starfarer-Gemini Aegis Sabre Comet (will be using regular Sabre loadout, just liked the paintjob). 2x Dragonfly Likely coming (in the Buyback Pool) Reclaimer or Crucible (not sure which I wanna buy back) Misc Hull C or Terrapin (very different, but I have a Terrapin buyback, and also a Terrapin to Hull-C upgrade available)
  4. firefly212

    Documentation on the forum

    Something to the effect of spoilers = death penalty?
  5. firefly212

    Bjork Build

    The H440 is awesome for cable management... that said, it is way easier to do it right by getting a corsair power supply b/c they make all their cables in white. The only really hard part was that there are no black and white SLI bridges, so I had to buy a silver one, take it apart, paint it, then put it back together again.
  6. firefly212

    Bjork Build

    i7 4790k MSI X99A SLI Krait 2x MSI GTX 980 Ti Armor Kraken X61 on top NZXT H440 Corsair AX860 Samsung 950 Pro (M.2) 512Gb 2x Samsung 850 Pro SATA 1Tb
  7. firefly212

    Whats your Star Citizen number?

    I backed on the original webpage when the kickstarter thing was all jacked up... it was a wordpress thing at the time, I think ignition or something like that. It was a simpler time, there was no FPS, and my Connie (there were no variants at the time) was some hand drawn sketches on paper. It wasn't at all clear whether or not the game was going to get made, but I was still stinging from a couple of pre-orders from actual publishers... my money going to CIG was equal parts "I love Chris Roberts" and "f___ EA." Everyone uses "kickstarter backer" to try to indicate they were first, but the first iteration of the webpage (not kickstarter) had the ability to pledge... kickstarter happened because that first webpage was, kindly put, broke as f___. It was before Turbulent, and the website was frequently down, and even when it was "up" it wasn't ever really quite working. Subsequent iterations of the website have been absolutely fantastic, I mean, looking at the clean ui of the current website, the graphics, the feel of it... it's all just frickin magical. Anyways, there are plenty of people who backed at the same time or before kickstarter via the old, very broken webpage... iirc, at the time the kickstarter campaign ended, donations via the webpage were roughly equal to donations via kickstarter.
  8. firefly212

    So....what ship do you have?

    Just a Phoenix (and a Merlin if you count that)... I'll probably get something smaller for the anti-social days sometime though.
  9. firefly212

    Whats your Star Citizen number?

    Hey, whats up.