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  1. Rumged added a post in a topic I am leaving Tactical Advance   

    What reason would like to hear?

    Well I can't speak on behalf the other. So the reason I choose the "unmentioned" org. Was because of my time as a diplomat. I saw the good and the bad, like in any community. However, the problems I had with TA, wasn't there or its at a stage where I think it can fix it. Having Nato and now Calien there, might have been the deciding factor, however, I would have left TA no matter what. 

    The reason I didn't say which org I would join, was because I didn't know, when I left. 

    If you didn't think my answer covered your question well enough. Please ask again and I'll try and answer it better.
  2. Rumged added a post in a topic Little question from new member.   

    Go for it. However I don't know whom have the picture files
  3. Rumged added a post in a topic Upgrade a Cutlass Black   

    I don't think the cutlass, is going to preform the transport or exploration role as well, as the freelancer. However, it might be like the connie. Its just require money to do the conversation.
  4. Rumged added a post in a topic Little question from new member.   

    The Russian flag isn't the only one missing. Othen that its like Alpha say'd
  5. Rumged added a post in a topic (Request) Feedback on Huniken's adventures stories   

    Book night with Benji! That would be awesome! Where we sit around the fireplace and listen to benji read stories
    Its been a while since I read it. So bare with me if I don't remember it all correctly. I most things I remember that could be better are lay out. You where using smiles, a decent amount. Please don't do that, use your words instead. Part 2, I remember being bad for that.
    Also describe where you what does it look like, smells, sounds, some weird object. What does the inside of your 890 Jump look like. I've seen some pictures, sure. Small things like the texture of the rug, can add a lot to a story. 
    There also in part 3 you 'have the Chef ready me my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs and black coffee stright up with no sugar' Doesn't the chef know what your usual breakfast is? Have the read wait and see what your usual breakfast is. Also in part 3 have TA orgs history underlined. It made it really hard for me to read it.
    Huni out for the things i say'd here take one thing out of it. What I'm missing the most out of your stories are atmosphere. So when you in places. Describe them, at the race track, there are people, maybe some yelling f**k, because he was bedding on the wrong person. What are the offices like on the Gavelin. Your "standard" breakfast, what does it taste like, would it make a normal mortel drool, by its smell. 
  6. Rumged added a post in a topic (Request) Feedback on Huniken's adventures stories   

    Can we get an voiceover done by Benji? 
  7. Rumged added a calendar event in Community Calendar   

    General Meeting


    The general meeting will begin 1800UTC
    Executive Board Meeting begins 1500UTC
    Director Meeting begins 1600UTC
  8. Rumged added a post in a topic What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series   

    Of the sci-fi series I've seen, I'm gonna say Firefly. However, there a lot of great sch-fi series Startrack, westworld, starwars (both movies and tv kids series), babylon 5, the expanse & Stargate Atlantis just name a few.
  9. Rumged added a post in a topic Clock
    here's an small guide for windows 
  10. Rumged added a post in a topic Division   

    yes, you can be in all the divisons if you want. We use it more to tell us, what you want to do once your in game. So that we know which areas to have an bigger focus on
  11. Rumged added a post in a topic College Project - Please complete this Survey!   

    Just a bit of feed back on the survey it self. 
    an 1-4 scale doesn't work all to well, because there's not the middle of the road. 
    Don't force people to do "type it your self answers". I was thinking about not finnishing the survey because of it. Because that was easier.
    where is game mechanics. Sure the wicher had everything in your survey, however had the fighting sucked, i wouldn't have played it. D&D I'm sure is a good game, however the rules are really complicated. So I never got in to it
  12. Rumged added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Anniversary Sale details.
    A bit of details about the sale on freday 
    WEEK 46. Happy Anniversary, Star Citizen
    Greetings Citizens!

    Just some quick housekeeping notes for everyone.

    First, as usual the week of a bigger livestream, there will not be an Around the Verse or Reverse the Verse this week. Loremaker's will go out as scheduled on Wednesday.

    This Friday starting at approximately 1pm PST is our annual Anniversary Livestream. With a focus on ships this year, we're excited to take a step back from the major productions of Gamescom and CitizenCon and share a little more of what folks have been working on. 

    With that, we'll see you on Friday. =)
    Tuesday, November 15th
    - Lore Post

    Wednesday, November 16th
    - [1200 PST / 2000 UTC] Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - 

    Thursday, November 17th
    - Vault Update

    Friday, November 18th
    - [1300 PST / 2100 UTC] Anniversary Livestream - 
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  13. Rumged added a post in a topic MISC Hull Serie Future sales   

    Its most likely going on sale during the anniversary sale
  14. Rumged added a post in a topic I think I will get banned from RSI forums   

    from what I'm reading he understand what your suggesting quit clearly. He's just a troll
    Also Dario Ampuy might have a point with them misunderstanding your issue  
  15. Rumged added a post in a topic Hello there!   

    Welcome din djävla svensk =D
    is that graphic design? or character design for animations?
    ps. love the cats names