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  1. Alien

    Sandi Gardiner posted a Alien picture on Twitter the other day. Top pic. Bottom one is a bit older I think Ive seeen it before.
  2. Star Trek: Discovery

    Amazing seeing the captain of the ship and Vulcan wannabe boarding a damaged klingon ship on their own. Why Bother with å boarding team when the captain is å super Hero.... The space armor and Helmet of the single klingon warrior confronting the Vulcan wannabe in the outside of the klingon vessel looked cool, but the collar looking Chest and neck cover of the klingons in general just didnt look cool. Also hade a problem with the klingon Faces. In profile the Bend of the nose looked very similar to the engineers from Prometheus
  3. IF i buy å standard x1 with lti, can i upgrade it to å nox when they have nox on sale again?
  4. Got an error code EX0 trying to read Ichis post about the X1 racer

    1. SleeppingWolf


      same, can read other posts but not about the x1.,

  5. Speculative ships?

    I Wonder IF the next ship Will be the gamechanger. Gamechanging could be å ship that puts down basemodules planetside Gamechanging could be underwater capable ship. Cig has Said before that making underwater enviroment would take Long, but there could be underwater caves. The community has speculated about the carrack pisces ship being able to go underwater because of the name. (Might Seem far fetched to me)
  6. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    After first seeing starwars in as å kid, i think it was 1986 or so, the inpact of it Made moonbase alpha (as it was called in Sweden) and original star Trek felt very low tech and unmodern. Might be different IF i Saw the othes first
  7. Create Medic packs, stim and adrenaline injections and other fps boosts. Maybee You can make å stim pack that makes You handle g forces better before passning out
  8. I also got mine before the Price jump. Later i got the banu escort.
  9. My dog died.

    Sorry for the loss. Reading your text brought Tears, having å almost 3 year old japanese/german spitz i know the Bond. Are You thinking of getting å puppy in THE future?
  10. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    1: Farscape 2: Andromeda 3: battle star Galactica I hate startrek and dont like Stargate except the movie with Kurt russel I have tried to start watch the expanse so Many Times but the series is not for me. Same with space above and beyond
  11. RSI Spectrum Titles

    You got (Predator) when you beat the shootem Up mini Game hyper vanguard force were you flew the vanguard. To get (apex predetor) You must finish the game on Pink difficulty. I tried it so Many Times and Always died on the last boss.
  12. RSI Spectrum Titles

    You miss the Apex Predator
  13. Origin X1 preview (Dragoncon 2017)

    Nox looks cooler imo. I Wonder about the Price tag since this is å racer like the m50 and THE formula One looking racer
  14. Marketplace

  15. Marketplace

    I am wondering if there is an interest to start a marketplace just for tactical advance members. At the marketplace members can list what vehicle they want to buy or sell. I saw the marketplace at test squadron was really active with members helping members getting Lti ships that's no longer being sold on the cig homepage... l saw someone having 7 nox LTI for sale for the normal cig price + any paypal fees I think it's a really good idea what do you guys think.?

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