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  1. No tanks for squadron 42? We need the tanks in game now man 😎
  2. When is this sale ending? So i know last Day to buy ships!
  3. I got an 890 Jump and an Arrow game package Mercury star runner I´ll buy back some ships at a later date that i had to melt. My fleet right now ORIGIN 890 jump RSI orion AEGIS Reclaimer ANVIL Arrow CRUSADER Mercury Star runner Ships to get/buy back at a later date Carrack Merchantman Crusader star lifter
  4. Isnt it a differential skin reward for telling the uee or warning the smugglers? I Belive the skin is called Nightrunner or simething simular for uee and then something different for the smugglers skin... Anyway i got the ship by defender uppgrade and some store credit
  5. I really like the red One. Just something with that coloring.
  6. Cutlass red can only handle 1 Tier 3 damage att a time (lowest level of damage) vs Apollo: 2 Tier 1 damages at a time (highest level of damage), so dont count out the Apollo
  7. M2 has turret in front and rear but where is the third turret located.... Nm i found it. rear, bottom and Shin cannons
  8. Its not underpriced. The civilian version looks tempting
  9. Cool now i have a pistol, smg and a shotgun tha ts not bad ☺
  10. You cant upgrade a ship to the Hercules yet. Maybee when the real sale starts
  11. The civil version looks like it can take å massive cargo load. I think the gunship Will be priced like the 600 series or polaris... Beautiful ships all 3 of Them. Wonder IF THE gunship can Carry 1 tank
  12. Im getting One of these. But i want the Snow skin also :/
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