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  1. Galaxy_Express

    Crusader Mercury up for sale!

    Isnt it a differential skin reward for telling the uee or warning the smugglers? I Belive the skin is called Nightrunner or simething simular for uee and then something different for the smugglers skin... Anyway i got the ship by defender uppgrade and some store credit
  2. Galaxy_Express

    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    I really like the red One. Just something with that coloring.
  3. Galaxy_Express

    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    Cutlass red can only handle 1 Tier 3 damage att a time (lowest level of damage) vs Apollo: 2 Tier 1 damages at a time (highest level of damage), so dont count out the Apollo
  4. Galaxy_Express

    Around the Verse - Vulture Views and Weapons 2

    I like the looks of it. Like å Giant dragonfly
  5. Galaxy_Express

    Hercules series now on sale for everyone

    M2 has turret in front and rear but where is the third turret located.... Nm i found it. rear, bottom and Shin cannons
  6. Galaxy_Express

    Hercules CCU Available..

    I just got the c2 version 😅
  7. Galaxy_Express

    Around the Verse - The Labours of Hercules

    Its not underpriced. The civilian version looks tempting
  8. Galaxy_Express

    Subscriber Stuff for May

    Cool now i have a pistol, smg and a shotgun tha ts not bad ☺
  9. Galaxy_Express

    Around the Verse - The Labours of Hercules

    You cant upgrade a ship to the Hercules yet. Maybee when the real sale starts
  10. Galaxy_Express

    Around the Verse - The Labours of Hercules

    The civil version looks like it can take å massive cargo load. I think the gunship Will be priced like the 600 series or polaris... Beautiful ships all 3 of Them. Wonder IF THE gunship can Carry 1 tank
  11. Galaxy_Express

    List of active members?

    Ill add mine after work
  12. Galaxy_Express

    Tumbril have a tank!

    Im getting One of these. But i want the Snow skin also :/
  13. Galaxy_Express

    Fleet/ Organisation Name Change Suggestion

    I joined tactical advance. I find it ridiculous and childish to change the name to imperial or all the other suggestions named. I like it simple if it works don't brake it....
  14. Galaxy_Express

    New drake ship

    Dont miss your chance to vore for a new drake ship tomorrow
  15. Galaxy_Express

    Happy Hour Gamedev: YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

    The Drake Scout carrier that can hold alot of ships inside with landingpads and room for a caterpillar to land on top of it to resupply sounds really cool. Very nice show
  16. Galaxy_Express

    New drake ship

    That is correct it will be connected somehow, maybe like the observer test was. Just check the starcitizen homepage around 22.00pm swedish time
  17. Got myself a hawk and a orion
  18. Galaxy_Express

    3.0 PTU before Dec 20th

    1 wave of testers for cons and subs is å go tonight for alpha 3.0 😎 just got an email
  19. Galaxy_Express

    Chairmens club

    CIG told us in the chairmans club that Concierge members will get an exclusive whiskey ingame and they are working on getting the monacle and tophat wearable in game. Also for High admirals an exclusive arclight II laser pistol to use in game. On thursday Concierge members will get and email with info on the Pioneer ship. Cig is selling the black vip card. IF u want it, grabb it quick before they are sold out. Concierges Check your mail to see the original message
  20. Galaxy_Express

    Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    Bored gamer says 850 dollars and the size of an idriz acording to Bens day show
  21. Galaxy_Express

    What is this?!

    I´ll buy that for a dollar
  22. Galaxy_Express


    Sandi Gardiner posted a Alien picture on Twitter the other day. Top pic. Bottom one is a bit older I think Ive seeen it before.
  23. Galaxy_Express

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Amazing seeing the captain of the ship and Vulcan wannabe boarding a damaged klingon ship on their own. Why Bother with å boarding team when the captain is å super Hero.... The space armor and Helmet of the single klingon warrior confronting the Vulcan wannabe in the outside of the klingon vessel looked cool, but the collar looking Chest and neck cover of the klingons in general just didnt look cool. Also hade a problem with the klingon Faces. In profile the Bend of the nose looked very similar to the engineers from Prometheus
  24. IF i buy å standard x1 with lti, can i upgrade it to å nox when they have nox on sale again?
  25. Galaxy_Express

    Speculative ships?

    I Wonder IF the next ship Will be the gamechanger. Gamechanging could be å ship that puts down basemodules planetside Gamechanging could be underwater capable ship. Cig has Said before that making underwater enviroment would take Long, but there could be underwater caves. The community has speculated about the carrack pisces ship being able to go underwater because of the name. (Might Seem far fetched to me)