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  1. Would have been awesome if it was true. Go in to any Department Store and find some star Citizen commercial 😎
  2. When i bought the computer it was on sale so instead of 25k swedish crowns it was 21k. I thought about the ti card but i just didnt want to spend any more money really so i got abit cheap there. Ill have to comeback and upload an image of the BOSE speakers. They have been around for many years in my house but still works great. Cant remember the model other than its 2 small satelite speakers
  3. Webhallen assembles computers for sale here in Sweden called "Webhallen Config". I had one before so now after many years I went with webhallen again. The comp came with 16 gig ram but i got another 16 gig extra cause the price was pretty low. The speakers & sub i had before and just connect to the new rig. https://www.webhallen.com/se/product/291745-Webhallen-Config-D18-0407-i7-9700K-16GB-1TB-SSD-RTX-2080-8GB-Win-10 Processor: Intel i7-9700K Card: ASUS RTX 2080 8GB memory: 32GB (4x8GB) / 2666MHz HardDrive: Samsung 860 EVO SSD 1TB MotherBoard: ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F Cooling: Corsair H60 Power supply: Corsair TX750M 80+ Gold Case: Fractal Design Meshify C / Define C opsystem: Win 10 home 64-bit Speakers: BOSE 2+subwoofer
  4. No tanks for squadron 42? We need the tanks in game now man 😎
  5. When is this sale ending? So i know last Day to buy ships!
  6. I got an 890 Jump and an Arrow game package Mercury star runner I´ll buy back some ships at a later date that i had to melt. My fleet right now ORIGIN 890 jump RSI orion AEGIS Reclaimer ANVIL Arrow CRUSADER Mercury Star runner Ships to get/buy back at a later date Carrack Merchantman Crusader star lifter
  7. Isnt it a differential skin reward for telling the uee or warning the smugglers? I Belive the skin is called Nightrunner or simething simular for uee and then something different for the smugglers skin... Anyway i got the ship by defender uppgrade and some store credit
  8. I really like the red One. Just something with that coloring.
  9. Cutlass red can only handle 1 Tier 3 damage att a time (lowest level of damage) vs Apollo: 2 Tier 1 damages at a time (highest level of damage), so dont count out the Apollo
  10. M2 has turret in front and rear but where is the third turret located.... Nm i found it. rear, bottom and Shin cannons
  11. Its not underpriced. The civilian version looks tempting
  12. Cool now i have a pistol, smg and a shotgun tha ts not bad ☺
  13. You cant upgrade a ship to the Hercules yet. Maybee when the real sale starts
  14. The civil version looks like it can take å massive cargo load. I think the gunship Will be priced like the 600 series or polaris... Beautiful ships all 3 of Them. Wonder IF THE gunship can Carry 1 tank
  15. Im getting One of these. But i want the Snow skin also :/
  16. I joined tactical advance. I find it ridiculous and childish to change the name to imperial or all the other suggestions named. I like it simple if it works don't brake it....
  17. The Drake Scout carrier that can hold alot of ships inside with landingpads and room for a caterpillar to land on top of it to resupply sounds really cool. Very nice show
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