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  1. I have spoken to the various members who have left, and impressed upon them the reality that many of those that are remaining in TA will by necessity be attempting to make sense of what has happened. The series of events many of these people will draw may deviate from the series of events that others may believe has taken place. This phenomenon is due to people utilizing a combination of lack of information, as well as political and emotional expediency. For both groups to move on, it is important that these points not be continuously litigated. As the next weeks and months can be spent arguing over the sins of the past, or it can be spent moving forward. While I may strongly disagree with many of the things said about me, I accept that it is inevitable that they will be said. As such, it is important for both parties to accept the inevitable, and put their efforts toward those activities and institutions that they believe has the best hope for success in the future. This should be the last post by former officers that have left TA to date. Farewell, Nato
  2. Well, I believe I may have found the answer to my windows 10 problems, the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB version. Looks like I will be able to get it through my usual sources as well. http://www.howtogeek.com/273824/windows-10-without-the-cruft-windows-10-ltsb-explained/
  3. I clicked accept on your application, so you are in. As your current org is most assuredly not a "small group of friends" you'll need to leave it. But yea, you are in welcome aboard.
  4. At this moment I am unable to connect.
  5. I figured we haven't done this in awhile so lets hash out some of our favorite brands and what we like to use them for when building our own PC's and assisting other people in building theirs. So I'll throw out some of my ideas/biases and thought you all might like to do the same... or tell me how wrong I am. Processor 90% of the time, I will recommend an appropriately priced and spec'd Intel. the only time I will usually say go AMD is if someone is looking for a "Short term, low cost burner PC", so if they say "I am in college now, and only need it to run 1-3 years, because once I graduate I'll have a proper paying job and will build something nice. As for Vrideo cards Home/gaming Any lower mid and up build I will usually go nVidia, for longer term budget builds I go with an New old stock nVidia, short term burners I will use AMDs. As for the various board makers, I don't have firm opinions on them generally gravitate toward Gigabyte or or EVGA. Had some the a couple of EVGA's recently though, not enough for a pattern, but enough for Gigabyte's gravitational pull to increase slightly. Professional PNY built nVidia Quadros, well built, long lasting, good support, and CDW always has them in stock. Motherboard Budget-Lower midgrade builds MSI- If price is a major concern, but usually not my first choice. Gigabyte, I used to hold them in higher esteem, but they seem to be slipping lately, I put them roughly on par with MSI Asrock, I have used exactly 2 asrock boards, neither were terrible, but they weren't good either. I plan to avoid them in the future. Midgrade-performance builds Asus, generally where I go for a mid to lower high grade build. EVGA, never used one, but they look nice and seem generally well received Other types Intel, the bums stopped making motherboards, they where always my go to for lower cost systems, and for budget mid grades,I generally use MSI or Gigabyte now Supermicro, my go to for workstation and industrial builds. I am planning to use one in my personal workstation/gaming PC in the near future as the Asus workstation MB's are starting to annoy me slightly with wank-ware filtering into the professional grade board line. Power Supplies General Purpose Corsair/EVGA, I have been generally happen with the ones I have used, they don't seem to have the longevity troubles that some others due, that said all PSU's die eventually. Budget Thermaltake, not bad, but not great. Ok for a budget build, but usually a corsair or evga is pretty close in price and the budget can spare the few dollars Errr Ummmmm Rosewill: I have used them but they seem cheap, and don't seem to last as long as the others Avoid like the plauge Athena Power Istar Redundant PSU's I generally use Supermicro or IBM PSUs for redundants, Dells are a secondary tier if needed RAM General Purpose Kingston (green board), my go too for pretty much personal and professional builds.... What can I say, I've been using them for over a decade without major problems. That said RAM goes bad, but kingston seems to go bad slightly less than others Other Corsair, if someone wants some sort of "pretty" RAM I'll usually go for a corsair, generally after explaining that the pretty plates don't make it go faster. Mushkin, I've used in a couple of builds for work (federal builds, needed US parts counts), it's one that I will probably start slipping in at certain points to see how it performs just so I have a backup to Kingston. Haven't used many others, have nothing against them, but if something (kingston) has been working for over a decade... why risk it? HDDs I don't use HDDs for much of anything any in the past few years. But yea..... General Purpose Western Digital, yep... It's a hard drive and WD knows how to make them. Pretty much used them exclusively for the past 10 years. The seem to last long than seagates Seagate, While I have no empirical evidence, they seem to have more problems and die sooner than western digitals Other HDD mfgs.... there are other people who make hard drives? SSDs Pretty much stick to Samsung and Intel. Samsung for personal, Intel for professional. I have had a couple of problems with Samsung 2.5" cases lately, ones that the beefer intel cases don't have, so I might start to migrate my personal ones to intel as they seem to be catching up to samsung on performance PNY, I use them a lot for "clone shipper" drives, don't use them for much else Sandisk, another "clone shipper" if they are on sale, or PNY is unavalible Muskin: Have used in the past for a Fed build, seemed to work OK. Will keep my eye on it Optical Drive LG or sony usually, for no other reason than they are cheap and work well enough NICs In the land of Nato, there is only one NIC, and that NIC is intel, there are no other NICs than Intel, for whenever I have strayed from the one true Intel path with the heathens Broadcom, and netgear, frustration, pain, and hatred have eventually followed. Networking gear (routers, switches, modems) Home/personal stuff Linksys and Motorola are the old standbys, Ubiquiti is showing promise Work/Professional stuff Cisco Cisco and more Cisco. If I can some how get some cisco gear for my home, I will use it. Nortel and Netgear can go @#$% themselves Monitors General Purpose Dell, For all of their sins (and there are many) Dell does know how to make a reliable monitor Budget A smaller dell AOC/HP I have a Gaming type performance High end dell Asus seems nice and people seem to like them Samsung, pretty much the same as asus Professional Performance/ Workstation Ezio, what can I say, they make a good work station monitor Medical diagnostic systems Barco, Supreme image reproduction, and panel stability, they are also expensive as s**t, heavy as hell, and look like a brick painted black. But they have all the right regulatory paperwork.
  6. I am actually happy about this, WD has in the past had good support systems for the HDDs, something that has been lacking the SSD market aside from intel.
  7. The military does a slightly more simplified timezone tracking of military members, we look go by Europe/Africa, The Americas, or Asia. Trying to track player by their GMT +/- timezone doesn't really tell you when they are going to be on with any more accuracy than the continental system because everyone's life and schedule are different, and constantly shifting Then there are those pesky Americas who are constantly moving around in their 4 timezones. There are days I change timezones several times.... without even leaving my state. BTW from the new enrollment forms we have been using for the past couple of months
  8. If it is good, I wouldn't trouble yourself if you can't afford it. I am certain the Navy will have a few for naval ops.
  9. Personally I really like the saber, I have it set up as all gimbaled lasers and thoroughly enjoy that. In my opinion it's better than the super hornet, mostly because once all 4 weapons where on gimbals I am able to get them on target much quicker, and hold them on target longer than I can with the super hornets 5-6 guns. While the super hornet is more armored, it's sluggishness means that it is going to take every hit that is thrown at it. Granted, that is all my opinion, and everyone has different preferences, and it looks like a rebalance pass is coming so it could all change.
  10. Just a heads up, the store credit ship buy back token rollover October 1st.
  11. Nutty has been busy lately, I'll check in with him if he can't get into this immediately i will handle it.
  12. Generally speaking I refrain from saying one profession is more important than others. To use a military example, a fully pimped out iDisk battle group equiped with the finest fighters UEC can buy crewed by the best capital ship crews and fighter aces there are, is completely and totally useless without the start-g pusher who supplies them with fuel and ammunition. Or the crucible guys who fix the ships. The military has rebuilt itself around the idea that it takes all sorts of people to make an effective fighting force. So learn and follow whatever you want to do most, but don't get tunnel vision even the most gun-ho fighter pilots may want to take a day off and drive a star-g while listening to some podcasts. TA is a big tent and there is room for everyone, and there will be enough to do on a daily basis to avoid people from getting pigeon holed. i owe this thread a more thorough response, but I am dealing with a personal housing matter right now, and will have a proper response once that has passed
  13. TA Time The TA dual hour TA last week 1500 News stream (for 1500 utc) TACast.exe
  14. Oh yea, a sports clips that reminds me... I could use a hair cut... will probably do that later today.
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