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  1. Astroneer - another space survival game

    Great game, had it pretty much since launch. The devs are incredibly keen to make it something good, and have no intent on just finishing it and wiping their hands of it like alot of developers do. One of the founders of SES (The guys that make it) streams his art creation for the game often, check him out here - https://www.twitch.tv/ses_adam https://www.twitch.tv/ses_adam/v/115401194
  2. Taking leave

    In a nutshell, im depressed. I need to leave the internet for a while, but in order to do it fully I need to cut myself off for now. I want to thank each and every member of the community that I have had a pleasant interaction with. Even it was just once when I conducted an interview back in the days of HR, or if I still talk to you up until recently. Being part of this community has been an overall positive experience and has helped me grow as a person in many ways. There are however, some members that I want to point out. if you arent here dont take that as an insult, I just couldnt possible write about everyone. I want to thank Optix and co for the countless "discussions" that although agrevating at times, have always provided some form of entertainment. I want to thank all the members of the community that I have worked with in projects such as the wiki ( Max Warpten and AustinAir come to mind here). I want to thank the more forum based members, such as Zeus, RSL Taken and more for there amazing efforts in keeping the community updated with Star Citinen and tech news. Finally, I want to thank a special few members that have helped me outside of TA. That have been true friends when needed, and have always offered there support BristolBoy88 Huniken CorbinJones Roz Seabahc Ryker NuttyRob Deathrises Ashers Benji There are more of you, and if you consider yourself a friend of mind you should be on this list. Im just very tired and all. P.S. I want to personally thank Both Tactical Advance and Nutty rob for the masses of s**t they have had to put up with in regards to me. The personal conversations that weve had when gaming or otherwise are incredibly important to me, and I cant thank you enough for the things you have shared. Cya peeps, I hope you all continue to enjoy TA. If you want to contact me for any reason, I will hang about for a week or so to keep an eye on my inbox and this thread. Feel free to ask anything, Fly safe guys o7
  3. Go check him out guys, Support him as a fellow TA member! https://beam.pro/bristolboy88 https://www.twitch.tv/bristolboy88
  4. Pirate Swarm

    Good shout!
  5. Pirate Swarm

    seperate ship but you can CCU for free
  6. Merry Christmas!

    Thanks Michael, Merry Christmas to you and everyone else! See you in the verse o7
  7. Pirate Swarm

    I can try mate. Myself and Gavin pulled it off earlier and I am now the proud owner of this bad boy! In regards to time, give me a range in which you are available and we can discuss it on TeamSpeak
  8. My dog died.

    Fucking good job mate. Way to help him get past it by reviving an old thread.
  9. Grind Desert Online

    The key to leveling faster past 50 is grouping with others, the right kit and various food items such Milk Tea (for xp gain)
  10. Dillema solved - Merchantman
  11. So....what ship do you have?

    -Caterpillar -DragonFly Yellow Jacket and umm -Aurora MR (For the game package, I sware!)
  12. Hi all o/ As part of my current course in college, I need to complete a survey for my project. It would be greatly appreciated if you could respond when possible. https://goo.gl/forms/lXJG5sMhGYF1U3Mg1 Again, many thanks! Sam
  13. Organisation Stream

    Any update on this? Would be great for the org
  14. In-game names?

    This post holds ALOT of peoples RSI names (the RSI name is the one you add them by in-game or on the RSI site) http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/5028-rsi-handles/?page=1
  15. Infinite Warfare

    Also PICTURE

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