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  1. Thinking of ending the game

    Alright, I'm just being honest. But I think you're letting your emotions get the best of you and not thinking logically. You'll more than likely regret refunding a lot of your stuff when the game actually comes out. 5 years is standard when it comes to building and releasing a game. 7 is even more reasonable when you first develop a completely unique game title. Most games that come out every 5 years reuse and recycle their technology. The reason most people feel this is taking forever, is because they only had to wait about a year or two for the game to actually release. They were blissfully unaware of the development behind the scenes. Take a step back, stop paying attention to the game, and simply do something else. If you still want to Melt? Fine, but this game isn't taking too long, it's right on track if anything.

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