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    Teddy here.
    Well, I figured I will just spill my emotions and heart out on the page for all of you. I've never really sat down and poured a bio of myself and it would be nice to vent to some people to tell them who I truly am. This may or may not be corny but regardless, It will give you a true idea of who I am.

    I am definitely the mix of an Introvert and Extrovert. I both love solitude and the company of others and equally dread it at times as well. I'm really just confusing even to myself. I find myself being both sides of everything in some way. I'm not bipolar; I know who I am, but I am confusing. I've come to notice I am a bit of a social drifter. I am friendly to everyone I meet but over time, I do tend to move on; I never really grow too attached. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it's who I am. I am no doubt the most honest person you will meet. I don't like hurting people that don't deserve it and I value teamwork above all else.

    Sometimes I think of myself as a modern day monk with a complex belief. I'm always fighting myself to be better and I'm always searching for inner harmony. Currently, I deal with a lot of evil inside me. A bad experience with drugs put me in this spiritually conflicted state. I found myself for the longest time conflicted with schizophrenia fighting off 'demons' inside me. But by some miracle I pulled through, though I have changed from the experience. I am no longer affected by this mental disease, but I do feel traces of it. I will talk to people then suddenly shut myself down due to things going on in my head. These are almost always some sort of disturbing image in my head or thought process that make me disconnect from everyone around me. So don't take it the wrong way if I stop talking.

    I know this was very honest and maybe a little too honest, but people shouldn't be afraid to speak up and express who they genuinely are. We've been caught in this world where fitting in is the only thing that matters at the cost of your individuality. So I hope you at least enjoyed this little read and come to know me later on. So I hope you all have a great life and a good day.

    - Teddy

    "Fight for everyone around you so no one will have to fight alone."
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