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  1. Sorry, was absent for quite some time. I purchased the parts individually
  2. Switched the mobo, same result. Returned the CPU, replacement should arrive next week.
  3. If I disable hyperthreading it takes windows a little longer to crash. Sounds like a faulty CPU to me.
  4. Yes, exactly. Setting the BIOS to UEFI mode only did not improve the situation. As far as I can tell from BIOS CPU temps seem to be fine. But I need to test further. Question is what to buy next. CPU or motherboard?
  5. It wont boot with/without the videocard, so I can rule that one out. As for soundcard I can't tell. How are such diagnostics labelled?
  6. So I think I either broke my motherboard or CPU. While miming ethereum (just for shits and giggles) my PC froze completly. It showed a static image of the screen, not even the time would update. After a forced reboot I encountered the same problem. I thought at first it was a RAM issue and ordered a new module. It's not the RAM. PC will show the BIOS/UEFI but when starting to boot windows, it freezes after 1-2 seconds. Now I dont want to invest in a new PC in Order to find out whats broken and RMA that. So, whats broken? Thanks in (tactical) advance System Specs: i5 7400 GTX1060 500GB WD BLUE SSD 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD 16 GB of Crucial Value DDR4 2133 MSI 250M Pro VD EVGA 600W Bronze
  7. Would be nice if they actually sold flash drives in this look
  8. Didn´t know that. Thanks for educating me!
  9. Why? Would this be stopping you from cranking up settings and resolution or play in VR etc etc? Sounds ridiculous to me, more like:" Other people should not be able to play this game because they didn´t throw as much money at their PC than I did, so they don´t deserve it" (Maybe its because I can´t afford high-end hardware that this annoys me so much. No offense intended)
  10. So, you guys think it would be a good idea to now get a PC with a powerful CPU etc. but skimp on the graphics card (like a 750ti, which would still surpass my 860m) and then get a pwerful graphics card later down the road?
  11. Who is the sexy british guy? TAC? Sam?
  12. It is said, that the new cards will be released around the end of may. The 1070 would be relatvely cheap for its performance(380 US Dollars or 320 Eur.). As of now, a 970 costas around the same. Can I expect the price of the 970 to drop significantly, so that it would make up for the lesser performance? Or should I focus on the 1070?
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