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  1. I have years of experience with Adobe products (Photoshop, After Effect, Lightroom, etc). I'd be more than happy to hop into After Effects and make you what you need. The intros, outros (what you're looking for), logo stings, lower thirds, etc. I make are done with After Effects. Ping me privately or get with me next time you're on and we'll get it knocked out for you.
  2. I love the idea of giving a Wiki a try for documentation. I'm willing to do a short tutorial/write up on wiki code to help people post to it.
  3. Like many others, I awoke to the horrific and saddening news. I made this image this morning while in General Chat on TS and is a message from all of us in the Tactical Advance organization. "We Stand Together" Full Size Image Here This image is free to use and share by anyone.
  4. And the Vanduul and Pirates have been cowering ever since.
  5. DESKTOP COMMANDERRRR!!!!! P.S. Calien wins the Interwebs for the day.
  6. Thank you for sharing this. Hopefully we become more unified in this area.
  7. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let it be known that while you are frolicking in the joy of CitizenCon I will be rummaging through all of your hangars, raiding your refrigerators. re-arranging all of your furniture/turning around your posters and using the head (toilet) in all of your ships (I've stocked up on burritos for that task alone). You have been warned.
  8. So, we were bs'ing on Teamspeak when I came across this little gem and we pondered if we'll come across one since we'll be exploring many planets each with different atmospheres..
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