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    Salutations Tactical Advance, I've been aware of your organisation for quite some time, but we have only been introduced formally as of quite recently. I am Admiral Altire Duskmoore, your resident Ambassador from ACES. The Association of Capitalists, Explorers, and Soldiers. I currently serve as Admiral. and first in command, of ACES's primary defence fleet, Nova. ACES was founded as the first player-made organisation on the RSI site, and we have grown steadily since, now representing over 500 members from across the globe. ACES is a democratic organisation, run by 7 Councilmen whom are elected to serve for 6 month terms at a time; these councillors are divided between our three divisions (Explorers, Capitalists, and Soldiers), with two councilmen representing each, with the last covering all areas and representing our inter-organisational relationships. We are a lawful good democratic organisation whom are committed to allowing our members to play how they want, when they want. I am also one of the founding members of, ambassador to, and legal advisor for, The Trade Agreement of Interplanetary Capitalists (TAIC). If you wish to know more, details are available here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SCTAIC Personally, I'm from sunny northern England, I've been an avid gamer for just about all of my short-lived life, and have a huge soft spot for space sims (go figure!). If you have any queries, or if there's anyway I can be of use please feel free to let me know.

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