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  1. Urgh, Stellaris ... One of the biggest disappointments in 4X in my opinion.
  2. Also, SE and Empyrion will stay small systems on small servers. Having something like that on universe scale is surely worth a sub, especially if there is no ship purchasing. I might upgrade to lifetime sub.
  3. Does anyone else have Alpha access for Dual Universe and will play the PreAlpha on Sept 30th?
  4. Big dog s**t. CIG once talks about store changes like when the Super Hornet, a non-permanent-on-sale ship, was going to change in price and then, without saying anything prior, they remove a permanent-on-sale-ship like the Redeemer which many people used for their CCU's (not only the 0 dollar ones).
  5. If you do any purchase until June 20th 2:59PM CEST, you get the great little space game Rebel Galaxy for free. So overall it's not free, but with their summer sale going on , you can get Rebel Galaxy and like one of the Wing Commander titles for example together for 1.49 USD. Here is a link to the game itself: https://www.gog.com/game/rebel_galaxy It's a great title to play until there is more to do in SC.
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/app/236150/Starpoint_Gemini_2/
  7. Hiding wallet, but CR will find it anyways.
  8. We should not get confused with other streamers or take their ideas. But good brainstorming Benji! From all of them, I like "The Escape Pod Show" the most.
  9. general: Intro: "Welcome to TacAttack, the weekly advance into the unknown world of Star Citizen. This week's topics are ..." - making a brand for ourselves (being different than other podcasts and weekly SC shows). We are competing with at least 10 other podcasts around SC and we have to get a sizable audience over time to promote the org. - segmented show ( This week in Tactical Advance, News around Star Citizen and the community, Introducing ( parts of the org ), discussion segment (big things, not esp related to this weeks news. Q&A segment) - fun and professional - focus on the whole TA community - not overloaded (big discussion topics and introductions are planned ahead (schedule wise) - host and co-hosts ( co-hosts are normally only a smaller part in moderation, but are trained over time to step in if the main host is sick or on vacation and are still able to keep the professional level up) - a weekly rotation of guests from the org and maybe other guests around the game (pact founder, CIG devs, big faces of the community) - intro with royalty free music, so we can put it up on YT - clean and maybe segment specific overlays (switched within short brakes in the show between segments) , possible segments for this week: - TA News: Writing contest, promotions, new members, member spotlight (VIP), promoting TA content creators - SC News: PC Games article, road to Gamescom, 2.5 and the future, Gurmukh Bhasin leaves CIG, Britizencon, Stuff from this weeks Lore Post, ATV, RTV - Introduction. Introduction of one of our divisions (task inside the org, size, leader and hierarchy, subsections, activity) - discussion: discussing one or more hot topics this week further or topics that have nothing to do with this weeks reveal like a game mechanic, ships or ship classes, general game development discussion, what's hot? (activities including other games), ... - Q&A segment: questions from the viewers
  10. Greetings, Greenmangaming.com has it's "Summer Sale Final Frontier 2" and quite a lot good space games are on sale. For people who haven't played the X-series and want a space game for bridge the gap for SQ42, i would suggest taking a look at https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/x3-terran-war-pack/ for under 5Eur.
  11. Definitly not for full price. I got a cheap copy at Kinguin for 23Eur, but i would not buy it for more than 30, even in the package with MoO 1, 2 and 3. With a lot of competitors from the last few years (Sins of a Solar Empire, Star Ruler 1+2, Star Drive 2, Endless Space incl. Addon, Galactic Civilizations 3 incl. DLC's, Distant Worlds, ...) and incoming competitors from this year (Endless Space 2, M.O.R.E., Stellaris, Polaris Sector, ...) it is definitly not in the Top5. While it is not a totally underwhelming game like some other recent titles, like Horizon or Lords of the Black Sun, it lacks at it's current state a lot of funktionalities, like Espionage, Government types, Heroes, Unit XP, tactical combat in MP,... . It has, at least in SP, more active and tactical battles than many competitors, but the empire building lacks a lot. Also from what i saw in the last days you get quite fast to the late techs, which is also a negative for me. There will be some changes before the release in 3 month, but i doubt they will add many core features before any DLC or Addon realease way in the future. Better get one of the other titles on sale.
  12. Got rid of the Taurus. New Setup: Idris-P - LTI Redeemer - LTI Mustang Omega SuperH - LTI Gladiator - LTI Vanguard Harbinger - LTI + W and S BUK's - 3y each BMM - LTI Khartu-Al - LTI Sabre- LTI
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