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  1. Jeste added a post in a topic Arma 3 Pilgrimage scenario.   

    I've had difficulty launching the Altis and Chernarus versions, but was able to play one of the Tanoa versions. Its a bit like Escape scenarios, except with the added objective of finding your brother's body. If anyone would be interested in playing together, I would certainly be up for it.
  2. Jeste added a post in a topic Astroneer - another space survival game   

    Both Optix and I were playing this a month or so ago in general chat, it was pretty fun. Only problem is the game is really buggy (to be expected), and we kept losing trucks. I personally will comeback to it once its a bit more stable, or if there's a sudden impulse within the org to play it.
  3. Jeste added a post in a topic Goodbye, everyone   

    Goddamnit man, who's gonna fix my computer next time it breaks.
    Best of luck with your future endeavours, thank you for your time.
  4. Jeste added a post in a topic Joining tac org   

    Given the process, you can be accepted while still a member of other organisations, and a Director/Executive will speak with you to work it out and explain whatever is necessary. But it is expected, like Warpten said, that TA is your main organisation, and you are not affiliated with any organisation that has conflicting interests.
  5. Jeste added a post in a topic My dog died.   

    As someone currently studying to be a veterinarian, and have been learning about animal welfare this semester, you've made the right decision Tac, and I respect you even more now.
    Its a shame to see another loyal soul go, but at least they no longer have to suffer. 
    Take your time to grieve, as I hope everyone can understand that you need the break. We'll all be waiting for you to bounce back in high spirits soon enough!
  6. Jeste added a post in a topic Choosing an home world   

    It could be a nice little cosmetic addition to your profile/citizenship that other players could look up on the web, or whatever the equivalent is of the time. You're given a choice to pick from a bunch of planets as your place of birth, maybe the player is told a bit about these planets. Many MMOs have done this in the past, and often associate your decision with the appearance of your character (LotRO being a good example, where Men could choose to be from Bree, Gondor etc. and it affected their skin and hair palette). This is an MMO, player interaction I hope is going to be a big part, and these kinds of these could help to add depth and immersion to each individual. Unless of course you don't care about player interaction. 
    I reckon it shouldn't be about trying to perfectly optimise your character to suit the role you want in the Persistent Universe, instead, just make the character that you can make a lasting impression with. However, I guess not everyone is particularly interested in the roleplay aspect of the game.
  7. Jeste added a post in a topic How Do   

    Welcome aboard mate! Hope to see you around.
  8. Jeste added a post in a topic G'day from Australia   

    Too easy mate! Welcome aboard, hope to see you around.
  9. Jeste added a post in a topic Hej.   

    Welcome mate! Glad to have you on board
  10. Jeste added a post in a topic The names CJ..... Commander CJ   

    Welcome aboard mate! Be sure to contact the divisions you're interested, they might have something for you to do. Otherwise hop on TS and get comfortable
  11. Jeste added a post in a topic Dyllan Hunt reporting for Duty   

    Welcome mate! Glad to have you on board
  12. Jeste added a post in a topic Hi, Columbo reporting in.   

    Welcome mate! Be sure to get in touch with people if you want to follow up on your interests. A lot of people would be glad to help out.
  13. Jeste added a post in a topic Hello   

    Welcome mate! Hope to see you around
  14. Jeste added a post in a topic Citadel, Reporting for duty!   

    Welcome mate! Hope to see you around and about
  15. Jeste added a post in a topic Hey guys   

    Glad to have another mate from Australasia, welcome aboard.