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  1. Warpten added a topic in Off-Topic Discussion   

    I'm fucking off.
    First and foremost, it was a brief but nice time hanging around with people as motivated about the game as myself.
    Hi everyone ! I guess some of you don't know me but my name is Max and I live in France and the age is 27. I joined Tactical Advance in the 30 Oct of 2015 with a firm ideer burried on my mind, i've seen the good, the bad, i've been a witness and part of some drama, learned about people and my ass and even while being a humongous troll i'm still lucky enough to be able to call some of you guys my friends, sadly, the direction being kept isn't the one i'm looking for, damage control have been operated but the root of the problem subside, i don't see me changing my way as much as i won't force people to do so, so a clash is impossible to dodge and i prefer to leave before creating more conflict.
    Here is my mail if you want to know more or have urgent matters to discuss (i'm already discussing and making a new file for the one taking the burden of French diplomacy)
    Now, Farewell motherfuckers.
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  2. Warpten added a post in a topic AMD Officially Announces Ryzen. Ryzen 5 Launches April 11th!   

    Oh boy, the hype is real.
    Will it deliver or is it once more AMD bullshit spearheaded by fanatic fanboïsm ?
  3. Warpten added a post in a topic Sound of the IDRIS GUN!!   

    Got dat Yamato goosebump
    Some Vanduul are having a bad damn day and i like that alot !
  4. Warpten added a topic in Off-Topic Discussion   

    Some anime philosophy yo.
    To all my fellow weebs (if you are a normie, get the hell out of this thread REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE )
    More seriously, I found a video that might give answers or at least make you think about previous and future Japanese animation (i know the title might be missleading and the tumbhnail click bait as f**k) it's well constructed and have a solid argumentation, so well i'm actualy making a post on a Star Citizen forum (which we all agree, is absolutely related right ?) so watch that s**t and/or flakk me.
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  5. Warpten added a post in a topic Cutlass maybe get air-shield   

    Thanks !
  6. Warpten added a post in a topic Intel may be working on a new x86 architecture   

    Enough of x86 ffs.
  7. Warpten added a post in a topic Cutlass maybe get air-shield   

    What in the nine circle of technology is an Air Shield ?¿
  8. Warpten added a post in a topic Returning from a long Absence   

    Another furry ?
  9. Warpten added a post in a topic Headshot cockpit?   

    This is weird.
  10. Warpten added a post in a topic I have a confession to make.........   

    Next on TA forum :
    How to be rad againt's non pc people while singing kumbaya.
  11. Warpten added a post in a topic Introduction - Rangertre   

    Greetings Rangertre.
    Welcome on the Tacital Advance forum, i see you are digging around to know if this org will suit you, do as you please and don't hesitate asking questions around, speaking of questions, i have some for you :

    May i ask from what org you come from please ? you can PM me if you don't want others to know, or sling me some if you see me on TeamSpeak.
  12. Warpten added a post in a topic CIG announces deal with Amazon Lumberyard   

    Holy s**t balls.
  13. Warpten added a post in a topic Goodbye, everyone   

    By the two golden hairy balls of Zeus, what in the nine f**k of hell is happening around ?
  14. Warpten added a post in a topic New performance test   

    Roy hijacking my thread and didn't even suffered the cancer from twitch chat ?
    Back on track, we don't even know what settings or basic stuff like god damn sample size AMD used for the blender test, as for gaming we don't know s**t yet, Ryzen might be the new sauce but by the twelve i do hate big comp shenanigans.